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70" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV $799, 6 Way Powerboard $29.99, 20V Drill Brushless Motor $79.99 @ ALDI Special Buys


Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Powered by WebOS
Prime Video
HDR – High Dynamic Range
4K – Ultra High Definition
REC – Record Live TV
ARC – Audio Return Channel

SWING ARM TV Bracket $59.99
Fits 32"-65" TV's
Max Load 60 Kg
Supports upto 600x400 VESA hole pattern

6 Outlets
Overload protection
175J surge protection
4 x USB-A ports
1 x USB-C port

20V Drill With BrushLess Motor - Ferrex Pro
13mm metal chuck
2 speed gearbox
No load speed: 0-400/0-1400rpm
Max torque: 50nm
Comes with battery and charger

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  • +5

    I suspect HDR doesn't mean what it used to mean.

    • +8

      Yeah, I’d rather pay the extra $150 and get a 65” name brand

      • what name brand are you expecting for $950?

        • you can buy a 70" 4k brand name for under $1,000?

        • +1

          Quick search: You can get a 2021 Hisense for under a $1000 at JB right now. But when the big sales start, there’ll likely be several brands available at this price point.

          • @Simbooo: hisense is hisense

            jb do have a sony 65 on special for $1,200

            unfortunately isnt it just sony lg and samsung as 'premium' brands?

            • @tonyjzx: Having owned both an Aldi and a Hisense (returned the Aldi) TV, the Hisense is far more premium.
              The screen quality, the interface, the build quality. Much nicer on the Hisense (55p6).

      • +1

        70" is 16% bigger than 65" in terms of total screen size (1.16m^s vs 1.35m^2), pretty substantial difference if what you want is a ginormous screen more than quality. Plus the Hisense isn't doing HDR either, peak brightness is 250nits

        Granted, Hisense do pretty good display quality on a cheap screen, particular the A7G is well reviewed, in terms of colour and such. I have no idea what this Aldi screen would spit at you,

        • +2

          this 70 does not say what the peak nits or cdm2 is either but if they dont quite it then its 250-300 at best

        • I guess the one other thing to keep in mind. Depending on how close you sit to the TV, you would probably want higher picture quality on a very large screen like a 70" or larger. On a screen that size, you are going to start noticing problems a lot more easily.

  • +1

    Post the full catalogue?

  • +2

    If ARC and not eARC, then, not HDMI 2.1.

    • Would WebOS imply an LG cast off?

      • Not really. it seems 3rd party vendors can use webos open source edition

      • No, webOS has been open sourced.

        What it does imply is higher odds of stability; historically speaking.

      • I'm pretty sure this is a rebranded LG TV!!

        The Bauhn instruction manual can be downloaded here:


        On page 18 it says the tv is compatible with LG ThinQ app and even the remote control looks exactly like a LG remote control!!

  • +1

    Any details on the powerboard?

    • +1

      Added to the post.

    • Looks like one I bought a couple of years ago - the 4x USB-A ports are 2A each, and the USB-C is 3A - total of 6.2A across all of them.

      Unfortunately the USB-C port died on mine, so I'll be grabbing another one, as I used that a lot.

      • +1

        Does it have individual on-off switch?

        • +1

          No, and if you want to use more than 3 of the GPOs, you'll need a fair bit of space, probably around 250mm at a minimum. Note that the surge protection is really low, so it'll handle maybe one surge and that's all.

      • USB-C port died on mine, so I'll be grabbing another one, as I used that a lot.


        • Faster charging of higher powered devices like a Macbook Pro and power bank. Most power boards only have 2A ports.

          • @Nukkels: I wonder if port died because of you charging the MacBook? Usually a MacBook would require at least 30w, what’s the output on this power board 15w? Just wondering. Also doesn’t it come with 3 years warranty?

            • @fozzie: I mostly used the Macbook plugged in, so it wouldn't have been pulling more than 10W most of the time. All the other ports still work so it's not worth a warranty claim.

              • @Nukkels: Why isn’t worth it? They just would replace/give you money back so why not?

                • @fozzie: They only have stock available to replace it for 1 hour per year. The rest of it is still good, so I can keep using it.

  • +1

    This is on sale online Saturday 25 Sept. 2021

    Able to check shipping costs before purchasing


  • webOS doesnt have KAYO support, if that matters to people. fu(king LG/Kayo wont make an app for it annoyingly.

    • +1

      LG has nothing to do with the apps. Kayo are choosing to not support

  • I have WebOS on my LG and I like it. Fast response, easy to use, my wife actually prefers it to our main (Android) TV.
    The pain in the rear of not having native apps lasts as long as it takes to hook up and streaming device. I have Voda TV but if I didn't I would leap on a Google TV unit asap.

  • in 2028 they'll have 100 inch for 1000 bucks. they keep growing and growing!

  • ok ok ok - I know that OLED is better, and that "brand" 65" QLED/MINI-LED/NANO-LED/ency-wincy LED/next weeks LED………are too - but seriously, to replace a 2012 55" 1080p LG LCD to have 4k for general gaming and 4k viewing - mostly Netflix/Disney and the like……..

    But I'll never make the 65" OLED price…..so I try to make the pennies reach to $2k…

    I try and try to save up for the magic $2k mark for most decent TVs; Sony X900h/LG Nano91 (2020) and now Sony XR65XRJ and the like…….but money comes and goes very quickly in this world…

    Should I keep dreaming of decent 4k? - or bite the bullet and try one of these???

    …..and GO:

    • +1

      bite the bullet and try this one then if you dont like in couple years time buy the expensive one

      • Cool - agreed.

    • +1

      Get this.

      If you have a cinema room with perfect angles, or the ability to a-to-b the TV's, yeah you'll notice the difference.

      But if its in a multi purpose room, where there will be glare part of the time, odd lighting, etc. Then the difference will still exist; but you likely wont see it.

      Also, WebOS is much better at 'getting out of the way' than Android, so if you want to throw a firestick in there for emulating games, and watching streaming stuff; neat.

      Added bonus that Aldi dont argue change of mind refunds; so transport costs will be your only concern (pro tip: maxi taxi)

      • Its a general lounge area - bad lighting facing it - western sun/window.
        I do like WebOS - mostly we use the 4k AppleTV (of course not in 4k currently) - or the XBOX 4k Player.

        Ohhh good idea on the return.

    • +1

      nah dont do it , $800 is a lot of cash …… your only up to 6 mths away from clearance time , something will come up along the way a lot better for your budget …… maybe buy gift cards so its harder for your savings to disapear

      • also true……
        Funny enough I also just checked the ebay plus day sales on referb 65x900h - no stock - but would have been around $1272.00……hmmmm

        • +1

          Yep. Exactly. 50% extra cost.
          Considering the poor room conditions you've described, do you really forsee yourself noticing a 50% image improvement, for your 50% cost?

          Most of my content in my lounge is streamed, not HD BluRay, so the quality is limited by the source already, not by the TV quality.
          Your use case may differ.

  • How is this a special? Mine still have these on the racks (apart from the tv)

  • anybody have any idea what sort of input lag this tv has? haven't been able to google much

  • Anyone have any idea how this TV will stand up as an outdoor tv?

  • Anyone know what ozito pxc brushless drill would be equivalent, and if bunnings is going to match?
    I can only find a 'skin only' in brushless

  • This TV or

    • Another model around this price range (I was thinking EKO 58” for $599
    • Wait until November sales
    • Keep my 10yr old 50” Samsung Dumb TV

    I’m in no rush to get a new one but was thinking of replacing the main (above 50”) and shove that in the bedroom.

    Thoughts ??

  • +1

    I'm pretty sure this is a rebranded LG TV!!

    The Bauhn instruction manual can be downloaded here:


    On page 18 it says the tv is compatible with LG ThinQ app and even the remote control looks exactly like a LG remote control!!

  • Hi, dont know much about TVs. am just looking for advice - Aldi 70" vs Samsung Samsung 75-inch AU8000 Crystal UHD 4K LED LCD Smart TV
    UA75AU8000WXXY 8806092055193 - Besides size and price difference over $1K. Does Aldi one last it for 1 year. Have got Samsung aged >10yrs. still going strong. Thanks

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