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TEFAL Ambiance 6pc Cookset + 3 Utensils $119.95 Delivered (Was $299.95) @ Harris Scarfe


Cheaper then this deal. Unlucky i pulled the trigger on last deal.
This one is free shipping as well. Also try CELEBRATE10 for further 10% off and see if it works or not.

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    Good deal - FYI these do not work with induction cooktops.

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      Ungle Roger doesn't approve of induction cooktops anyway :D

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        I got an induction cooktop and aside from wok cooking being impossible it's amazing. So I bought an outside wok burner and it's a game changer. Better than smoking up the entire kitchen and a much better result than any stovetop gas I've ever owned.

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          I'm on my second induction cooktop and tbh hate it. I'm going to get a gas line put in to use a gas cooktop.

          I like the simmering etc of induction but even with my heavy cast iron pans find it's too "pin point" in terms of heat spread. And my new one has like 8 zones vs 4 on my first one but still not brilliant.

          And I hate that it has all these heat checks. So it gets too hot on a high sear and cools down. Great when cooking a high sear. Not.

          I do like it's a lot easier to clean than gas though.

          I'm going back to gas and will use my portable induction cooker for simmering etc.

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            @tonydav: Interesting, wildly different experience to mine. What brand induction do you have? Sounds like badly designed heat checks honestly. Mine has never prevented my cast iron getting smoking hot and staying that way, but has turned off when I accidentally left a pan on it with nothing in it.

            I agree with you re pin point heat, but I don't find that a problem with the stovetop sizes we have. Only my massive cast iron doesn't get hot across the entire base, and I take that one out to my outdoor wok burner if I need it.

            The big thing for me is boiling water, making soups, curries etc. It's a billion times better than gas in terms of control, responsiveness and the ability to quickly heat up big quantities of liquid.

          • @tonydav:

            I'm going to get a gas line put in to use a gas cooktop

            You could also put a BBQ gas bottle under your stove and use an LPG cooktop.

            LPG burns hotter than natural gas which you might like it you use a wok.

          • @tonydav: Might not be your cooker, might be your induction pans they vary in quality. I love my induction top it's a Smeg but some of my induction pans are useless.

            They need to have a solid magnetic base none of this dotted magnetic bits

        • How is it impossible? I have a cheap carbon steel wok which reaches smoking point at setting 7/10, I use it frequently and it makes excellent stir frys. I did however warp my previous one because I used it at max power.

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            @klonky: The pin point heat is an issue for me. The base gets extremely hot, but you don't get enough heat up the sides to get a good balanced wok hei across all your ingredients.

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        Uncle Roger is a moron whose opinion is worth sfa

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        Uncle Roger only approves of what the CCP allows for him

        • Who is Uncle Roger?

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    CELEBRATE10 works

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    Tefal is hit and miss.

    I've had some Tefal plans that a very cheap quality, worse than the cheapest pan you buy from Kmart or the supermarket.

    I've had others that have been better.

    But mostly pretty crap for the price. The pans tend to warp under high heat.

    I have one green life pot (from the other deal) that is significantly better quality than Tefal.

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      You shouldn’t be using them on high heat, though

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        Maybe you're right.
        I've used every other pot and pan I own on high heat and they have never warped.

        But definitely different qualities of Tefal out there. Don't buy for the brand only

      • You're right. They're like the cheap k-mart pans. Aren't made to handle high heat and will warp.

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    Thanks OP, 10% off code also worked ! + cashback, cheap for a generally good brand !

  • The pro grade any better?

    Seems like a better deal. $254 off.

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      This is for induction cooktops.

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        Says can be used for any including induction?

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      with my experience Tefal is slightly above Kmart.
      they make you think its a good product because of the super inflated rrp.

      i use calphalon and all-clad. now i really know the meaning of, "buy nice or buy twice." but for me its buy 3,4,5 times. lol

      • they make you think its a good product because of the super inflated rrp.

        Well I'm no chef, but I have a $200 Scanpan and a $20 Tefal and I prefer the Tefal.
        FWIW I'm onto my 4th Scanpan (replaced under warranty) so I don't buy into the idea that more expensive is better.

  • Thanks OP got one!

  • Someone please recommend a frying pan with non-stick that lasts.
    *Also if you have any good tips on what to do/what not to do, to make the non-stick last longer, I will appreciate you.

    (Recently got this coles frying pan. It's non-stick is getting notably worse in less than 1 month…)
    Before that I had a Raco non-stick frying pan that lasted a few good years. It's still OK, but can't really use it for eggs >.< -(even with lots of butter or oil)

    **I have a gas burner 4-stove cooktop.

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      I bought the cooks collective pans from Myer. Really like it. Much better than the Tefal one I had.


      Doesn't burn and food doesn't stick

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      The ultimate and original non-stick: cast iron. Once properly seasoned there is minimal maintenance and it will last forever.

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      There is no such thing. I've tried everything from $300 pans to $5 pans. It's just a matter of time until they stop working.

      Some are definitely better than others but my approach is now to buy good non-non stick pans (cast iron, blue steel, tri-clad etc). These will last forever. And for things that need non-stick buy something decent. The aldi frypans are pretty good and often half price after they've sat there for a year. If you can get a pan for say $20 and get 1-2 years out of it I think that's good.

      But don't try to sear your steak on non-stick. No matter what they say it will kill the non-stick in no time. They'll tell you "our special diamond coating means you can sear over low heat". Yeah pull the other one it plays jingle bells. Use cast iron for searing. Save the non-stick for simmering and medium heat stuff.

      • Thank you for all the replies. I will get a cast iron and endeavor to learn how to "properly season it"…
        I do have a stainless steel wok that I need to do this again on… (I don't think I seasoned it properly the first time).

        • I got a BK steel pan from myer. Works pretty well and not as heavy as proper cast iron.

      • There is no such thing. I've tried everything from $300 pans to $5 pans. It's just a matter of time until they stop working.

        I'm with you on this.

        After trying expensive pans I now use cheapo pans for regular cooking and they do the job nicely. They all fail eventually, at least with a cheapo you can replace more often without breaking the budget.
        If you want something to do high temp searing, use the BBQ.

    • I have also had many fry pans and need a no or minimal oil using pan, I always try random ones and surprisingly equip brand from spotlight has lasted for ages and also got a random pan with lid at woolworths it has very light griddle looking lines on it and I barely use any oil or none at all I used many times on high heat. I got it least 6 months ago now. Good luck.

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      Just to add the fry pan from woolies that I have had no issues with and is non stick is 30cm sautee pan with lid (has 2 small handles on side instead of long one) and it's currently on sale for $9.60. https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/807334/min...

    • to get non stick pans to last, you can't use high heat on them. And follow instructions.

    • *Also if you have any good tips on what to do/what not to do, to make the non-stick last longer, I will appreciate you

      Wash by hand with a soft sponge, do not put in the dishwasher.

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      I've moved on from the Tefal range which Big W has 50% sales regularly. Even tried the Jamie Oliver series (manage to sweep them up cheap on Catch), and the non stick coating wore off quite quick. Non Stick + Gas has just never worked for me, even when taking good care of it making sure the pan was hand washed etc.

      I've since converted to Ikea pans and woks - cheap but surprisingly not bad.


      The Hemlagad range + Tolerant is what I currently use.

        • 1 on Ikea

        I similarly have had a bunch of pans over the journey, varying qualities from high end, to tefal, to $6 discounted woolworths brands, but far out the BEST value pans I've bought are crazily enough from Ikea.

        My wok, that I bought, maybe 7 or 8 years ago for probably next to nothing is only now finally starting to lose the non-stick. It's probably my most used pan (several times a week at least) and that thing has been such great value.

        I bought this deal above as, for $100, it's pretty good. I don't expect everything to last that long, but if I can get 1-2 years out of this kit I'll be happy. I have a few other Tefal pans that have lasted around 2 years that are starting to lose the non stick so probably a good chance to replace.

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    wasn't this a deal last time and everyone's order got cancelled?

    • Same one, and this one gets cancelled too

      • Did with me as well. Im never ordering from them again

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          I've tried buying it twice in the last month, both times cancelled

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    Great deal - swooped in and picked one up. Thanks for the spot OP!

  • At least it’s not like those tool kits where each cable tie is counted.

  • Electric cooktops OK?

    • yes

  • thanks OP great deal

  • +1 for the deal and +1 deal for myself.

  • Thanks! Code worked too for the additional 10% off.

  • Isnt Non Stick the AIDS of cookware

  • For $100 not bad pulled the trigger

    Hope it's worth it

    Otherwise I'm gonna get a tell off from the Mrs (she doesn't know yet)

  • great review at their web. Ordered one, thanks OP

    • Funny that out of 130 of reviews only two 1 stars and one 2 stars. I bet those 3 people paid full price of $300.

      • order cancelled! sad

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    just got the "sorry we cant fill this order" email from Harris Scarf :(

    • same here too

    • When did you order? I ordered at 9:30 am no email cancellation…yet.

      • my credit card notified me that my purchase had been refunded

        • Probably same thing as what JC1986 said above.

          wasn't this a deal last time and everyone's order got cancelled?

  • Thanks OP good deal indeed

  • Ordered at 10am, order was cancelled 10:15. Good deal if it went through.

  • Don't bother. They are offering refunds now.

  • Just ordered now

  • Dang it. Slept on it.
    I await the refund

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    There was a similar deal before and all orders got cancelled. Apparently it's happening again.
    I am not going to try but if they all get cancelled seems to be a unfair practice by Harris Scarf to increase their users database.

  • Thanks OP! Moving into first home soon, and I was looking at this at Big W for $300.

  • Ordered 9.30am - no cancellation email yet.

  • Just got my refund email…

  • +3

    I thought It was a good price to share. sorry for all that got cancellation emails. not a good practice at all by HS.

  • Myer has 50% off selected cooksets today only.

  • Ordered at 10:30am AEDT

    Awaiting the refund email.

    • +3

      Refund received.

      Time to start Negging this seller

      • Do it now!

  • just received the refund email.
    Rubbish website for hs

  • Got refund email too

  • "Thank you for your recent online order with Harris Scarfe. Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill the item(s) shown below as part of your order."

  • Wonder if it’s a location thing?

    10:33am order, awaiting cancellation.

  • +1

    Anyone know what you can do with old cookware? Donate, recycle etc?

  • -1


  • Thanks, just put my order in. I hope it works

  • +1

    My order 10:33am from NSW.
    Just got email

    “Good news, Order ready to ship”

  • I put my order at about 9am and I have a notification that its been shipped.

  • I marked as sold out but mod marked again as available as some people still managed to get the orders in and shipped/ready for collection.

  • I got refunded

  • Ordered early this time round (9:10am) and seemed to work this time.

  • Don't bother. Received refund email 1.5 hours later

  • If you are after durability, get from the Tefal Everest Titanium range, lasts longer than the other variants I have tried, I usually buy it when it is on sale at Target. I had some from this range, those did not even last 1 year from occassional frying, started peeling off washing it using the normal soft sponge.

  • Ordered at 10:43 (WA) time, was refunded in 15 minutes

  • refunded, took about 10min for email.

  • I ordered at around 10:30, just checked and got a ready for collection email and sms at 11:20

    • which state are you at

  • I ordered at 930am, had the confirmation of the order.

    It's now 1:30pm (I'm central Sydney based fwiw), and no email notifying of cancellation. Hope that means it's gone through.

    Seems like others cancellation notices came through relatively quickly.

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    I bought one- for $149. I don't think it is worthy the money. Doesn't seem to of good quality, specially of the three utensils included in the deal. Would never buy them again. So for those with cancellation orders please don't despair, no love lost here.

  • In Queensland and had my order cancelled and refunded as well. It took them quite a few hours to cancel it. Poor form HS. Time to start boycotting any of these Harris Scarfe deals, it seems this is not the first time they've done this.

  • Received order confirmation then short moment later cancelled.

  • +1

    Why is this still live on their site if they refund straight away? Poor form.

  • Ordered at 9:30am Sydney time and confirmed at 2:47pm. Shipped at 4pm.

  • Have some French made tefal, and that metal plate that is supposed to accelerate heat up has peeled off.

    Anyone had similar issues?