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Lenovo Smart Display 7" $54.18 + Shipping / Pickup @ Officeworks


I saw this product on clearance list. I have the older version and find it really nice to have it in the kitchen to display family photos which can sync with Google Photo and also the kids can play with Google Assistance.

Mod Edit 1145am: Mostly unavailable, but still available in WA for C&C, at least once your store is set (thanks jamba):

Your store is:
Subiaco Officeworks
160 Hay Street, Subiaco
Click & Collect
Estimated collection on Wednesday, September 15, 2021

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    I have one of these. It’s very good for kitchen/dining. It can okay YouTube videos via voice command or casting but note it cannot play Netflix.

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      can it show recipes from google search?

    • any advantage over a tablet on a stand?

      • I guess less hassle out of the box, but a tablet can obviously do a lot more than this. Purely depends on your use case and what you want to do with it.

  • how is this compare to the old google mini (1st gen)?

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      I think this one has "camera" where Google one doesn't have.

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      If you mean just the standalone speaker, then much better. These smart devices are much more useful with a display. I had one of these and whilst overall it worked well, it died about a month out of warranty. Managed to wrangle a replacement but sold the replacement and just bought a google home instead. The main diff we find between the Google home and the Lenovo smart display is that the google home needs you to talk louder to it. The Lenovo was much better at hearing you at lower volumes. Other than that i im not sure how frequently the Lenovo updates compared to the Google Home. I suspect the Google gets more frequent and faster updates.

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    Called Officeworks. Already out of stock

    • 😂oos

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        Not everywhere

  • It doesn't support whole bunch of google nest features which is kinda annoying.

  • It’s a similar capability. Sound quality is similar too. It has a screen which is great advantage for time and also for videos.

    It can make duo calls with video using built in camera.

  • 1024x600 resolution 🤮

    I found that hard to use in 2011 with a Galaxy Tab 7". I couldn't imagine how bad that display is to look at 10 years later.

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      A higher res would be nicer, but these things are generally viewed from a bit of distance away so it doesn't really matter that much. Google Nest Hub Max is 10" and still only a bit higher res at 1280x800.

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      Imagine holding a 3kg smart home device up to your face.

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      Comparing apples to oranges. Its a smart display, it doesn't need a high definition screen. Remember these companies have to deal with financial constraints, part of keeping these displays as cheap as they are is by trimming the fat where it isn't needed.

  • Can't find any stock in Victoria

  • FREE delivery over $55 LOL…

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      Just order this and one pen

      • I added the insurance to make it more than 55 but no luck..i think its OOS in general..

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  • Still in stock for me (north Brisbane)

    • Which suburb please?

    • Tried Aspley, no luck

      • Strathpine, but showing unavailable now 🙁

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    It seems that still able to click and collect in WA

  • Add to cart and have click and collect op needs to check for any stock level since there's none to begin with
    Whole NSW out stock

    • since there's none to begin with Whole NSW out stock

      Not really when OP first posted it, it allowed C&C and online at Sydney but I skipped.

  • Can you use it as google assistant gateway?

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    i have alexa, she will be mad if i cheat on her. lol

    i have echo show 10, 8, 5, a few dots, and a studio.

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    Remaining stock in the country: WA/NT have 24 for delivery/click & collect.

    • Only 3 left now.

  • what do you use this for? (aside from an alarm clock)

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      Play music, check weather, calendar, etc. It's practically a dedicated Google Assistant device, so you can ask it for info on the internet and stuff like that.

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        ah ok. not for me then - i've always got my phone on me most times

      • Would it be good for younger kids as a Spotify player for the kids' bedroom (for them to manage their own music without having full access to whatever is on an iPad)?

    • Digital photo dispaly, clock screen etc

  • Can you load any android apps on this?

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      No. You have no access to the operating system.

  • Still available in WA for click and collect. I have ordered to pick up at Joondalup

  • Does this have a clock function so I can put it at my bedside table?

  • Thanks op ordered one last week will pick it up today in Sydney. Already have echo show 8 2nd gen in living room, echo dot 3rd generation in bedroom so this will be ideal for toilet.

    • A man after my own heart. Godspeed.

  • Can it play YouTube videos?

    • yes it can

  • +3

    Will wall mount opposite of toilet

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      make sure you angle it so the camera is not facing downwards

      • Has a physical camera shutter :)

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