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2 Units of Led Panel 1.2x0.3m 3500k $88.95 Delivered @ Eeet5p eBay


Size: 1200 x 300mm (approx)

Panel depth is 9mm + 30mm for the fixed driver

Watts: 36W

Lumens: 3260

Input Voltage: 220-240V

Power Factor >0.95

Estimated usable life: 65000 hours

Color temp: WW (3500k)

note: this is for 2 units including free delivery

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  • Just wondering is the connector on the panel plug-in or hardwired in to the transformer ?

    • Also can they be daisy chained ?

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      Check the images, 3rd and 4th show a driver with plug in cable on back of unit

  • what's the CRI rating?
    are these dimmable?

    anyone put these through a shelly dimmer or similar?

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    No idea what these ones are like but I have recently bought 2 Dawnlux panels @$60 each delivered. Got the switchable ones with a choice of 3000/4000/5500K and decided that 4000K worked best as an over bench light for me.

    If you are thinking of using LED panels for lighting in a workshop, garage or like, it is an excellent move.

    • Oooh, gotta link?

        • so you installed these in your garage?

          how many panels did you go with?

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            @impoze: Workshop for me - one over the bench in a surface mount frame and the other suspended from the rafters over the shelving.

            For a garage you do not need to buy a mounting frame of any sort. The Dawnlux came with 4 hooks on the rear of the panel so you can suspend them on a wire hanger. No dies if the ones in this thread have any sort of attachment on the rear.

  • Was considering a spot on our deck above the bbq for one of these. Would install in the eaves and unexposed area so not subject to any moisture ingress but wondering if they would be suitable?

    • No IP rating on these and my Dawnlux are only IP20.

      Not sure that I would want to hang an IP20 rated unit under my eaves as that rating has NO moisture protection at all. Are your under eave areas fully protected in a a high wind rain storm?

  • Yeah it is pretty much an outdoor room with protection from the elements but probably makes sense to choose something more suitable