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Philips Hue Play 1 Pack $49.98 C&C + Delivery @ EB Games

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  • Note the dimmer switch has a new version

    • It's not really clear what the new switch has over the old one. The only thing I noticed is there's no off button at the bottom (replaced with a HUE logo), i'm guessing the top button now acts as an ON/OFF button and maybe you can assign a scene/function to the HUE button?

    • Never seen the new dimmer switch actually for sale in Australia, despite launching ages ago.

      Guessing it has something to do with the semiconductor shortage but if you need a dimmer now I wouldn't wait.

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    I bought a lot of lights today…

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    buying 2x single play bar for $49.98 each than paying The 2 Pack (Base Kit) is also on sale for $159.96

    • I did this too

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      That's weird pricing. Not only is two single units cheaper, but you get a three-plug power pack in each single unit too, compared to a single power pack in the double unit. You don't actually need two power packs, unless you were going to have the play bars widely separated, but always nice to have a spare kicking around.

      • -1

        But you also need to buy the bridge which I think is included in the two pack. Though it's not obvious on their listing.

        • +1

          The play bar packs don't include the bridge.

  • Thanks, just grabbed the $49 kit from my Local EB.

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    Are Amazon likely to match this price?

  • That hue go is a good price but I think it’s out of stock

    • Listed as OOS for me. Damn, I would have picked up a couple at that price, they make nice accent lights.

  • Are all bridges in these links ver 1.0? I didn't see any mentions 2.0.

    • +4

      They are all 2.0 bridges.

      The 1.0 is a round shape, avoid on the rare chance you see one. The 2.0 bridge has the square rounded-corner shape.

  • Can you connect two single play bars together on the one power supply?

    • +1

      yes the power supply can connect 3 at a time

  • Sweet, got 2 starter kits. Now I just need one more bulb.

  • Is there any difference in buying a 2 pack(base kit) or a 2* single light bar with adaptor

    • I would like to know too, as i'm thinking of getting x 2

      • +2

        No difference, you can use up to 3 single bars with 1 adapter.
        Buying 2 * 1 Pack means you have 2 adapters.

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    No stock in Melbourne west and CBD

  • expecting multiple shipments at 10 bucks a pop killed the deal :( and all local stores are closed in ACT.

    • Same, but charging me $15 per item using StarTrack priority shipping (in Melbourne) with no option to choose anything else :-(

  • Anyone know what version the bulbs are in the Hue White & Colour E27 3 Pack?
    Version 3?

    • +1

      Yep, V3 (no bluetooth) as they have the gold writing on the bulbs.

  • Hue vs cheap wifi bulbs? worth moving?

    • +1

      I had LifX bulbs and switched to Hue because:
      a) my wifi at the time was very patchy, which meant LifX downlights often didn't respond (and often different ones in the same room)
      b) Hue has cheap physical switches ie the dimmer. I don't want to rely entirely on motion sensors or shouting at my smart speakers, and LifX didn't work with Flic nearly as reliably as I wanted. The certainty makes a big difference esp if you live with less tech inclined folks
      c) reliability. Yes, Hue is overpriced usually. Yes, the downlights don't get as bright as others. But it works every time and while I accept a few hiccups with a smart home, it's nice to have one component that always works. eg I can buy an LED strip for my bathroom and know it will work every time with the existing Hue motion sensor and downlights.
      d) I didn't need RGB colour changes for my downlight. Tried it with LifX at Christmas and it was so buggy that it wasn't worth it.

      And it's clear that they discount quite a bit eg the white downlights often can be had on Amazon for about $50 each.

      • +1

        Yeah LIFX sucks! I have switched all my LIFX to hue thanks to Bunning's massive markdowns over the past few months.

    • At the price of the 3 pack + dimmer + hub, I would say definitely.

      Local control is the best thing about Hue, reliability and instant response - no need to send a signal to a server in China, a click on the dimmer turns off a bulb in ms not in seconds like my Yeelight and Sonoff gear. The bulbs also act as signal repeaters to each other so you don't have to worry about signal strength like Wifi based solutions.

      Different story if you plan to use a home automation hub (Home Assistant, Smart Things, Hubitat) as that mitigates a lot of advantages of Hue but as a standalone it's the best "set and forget" system out there IMO.

  • bought 3 light bars and a bridge, woohoo

  • Difference between the $50 and this $160? Can tell

    • It says at the top of this post. 1 light bar vs 2

  • Can't have 2 items delivered on the same order. $14.95 for shipping kills the deal for me.

    • Same:

      "We anticipate your order will arrive in multiple deliveries, as your items are in-stock at different fulfillment locations."

      • It won't even let me pay for 2 items on same order. Had to do it separately which is a pain

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    No stock or delivery around Hobart

    • +2

      Same for Sydney

    • +1

      Same around Northern Adelaide :(

  • +2

    Rubbish delivery cost, initially showing 7-95, now jumped up to 14-95

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    Why do i need these please…i want to buy them haha

    • If you can buy them at this price, then yes. Or even just get them and put them on marketplace to make some extra bucks for morning coffee

  • +1

    no stock Melb

  • This looked like a great deal so I tried to order three things: 2x light bars, motion sensor and dimmer switch.

    It wants to split the motion sensor & dimmer switch into two separate shipments (~$30 total). The light bars "are not in stock for delivery in your area" so I have to select Click & Collect, but there are none available within 100km of my local store.

    So, YMMV.

  • Looks like stock is mostly in Cairns.. you snooze you lose I guess! :(

    Edit: looks like the light bar single pack paid individually at $64.93 is the best value here. Not the historically lowest price but a pretty dam good price

    • For some reason now when I go to cart for a single pack there is an option of $9.95 delivery with Couriers Please to metro VIC making it a single unit price of $59.93. Thats the cheapest per unit I have ever seen it and on Ozbargain!!! Ended up getting two single packs for a total of $119.86, what a ripper deal!

  • No stock in Sydney (or for delivery) for the Play 1 pack. This is the link to see what stores still have stock of it

  • not bargain, no stock everywhere in WA

  • I wanted the GO lamp, no stock anywhere except CAIRNS. Also not available for Delivery.
    Unobtainable deal except for a few lucky ones.

  • +1

    Damn! I had one of the play bars in my cart - and at the end of the checkout process it gave me the option of free delivery. Bonus! Except when I clicked the final button to pay it had gone OOS >:(

  • +1

    Good Lord, everything's gone. you hungry people.

    • -1

      🤭 exsqueeze me, 30 up on ebay, wish me luck!

  • Does this need the $500 hdmi sync box to set tv scene lighting?

    • officially, yes.

      if you have a pc connected to the tv as an intended htpc, you can use the pc hue sync app for free.

      • Yeah exactly. For $500, you could pretty much buy a new PC to power the program.

      • BTF Lighting does their own version* of an HDMI sync box, but the complete kit, including lightstrips, runs for about $150 depending on how long the strips are. It has the same limitations as the Hue box:

        • doesn't support HDR
        • needs HDMI input therefore can't reading anything coming from the TV's internal apps or tuner

        but doesn't have the disadvantage of the Govee which doesn't always read colours correctly.

        And of course it won't integrate with the Hue ecosystem.

        I'm very tempted to give it a go. Something else to play with during lockdown…..

        *reverse engineered or copied from the Philips box, for all we know

  • Anyone who purchased either a motion sensor or dimmer switch and doesn’t want it pm me.

    • No, but you can have a bridge, I have about 5 of them now…

      Any point in having more than one?

      • +1

        If you exceed the device limit of the bridge - 63 bulbs and/or 62 devices (although the realistic limit is less than this) then you'll need a second bridge.

  • Nooo not in stock

  • damn too slow with the single play light and the motion sensor. managed to snag one of the 2 packs left.

  • Mostly OOS now. Oh well, back to yeelight.

  • The single play bars now OOS when you go to order :(

  • I ordered two seperate hue play lights and got a email refunding me for one of the lights. I bought it with gift card

    • Just got another email refunding me for the other play light

    • As long as you didn't buy that gift card specifically for these lights you have nothing to lose. The gift cards would be refunded too.

  • Managed a E27 starter kit with order confirmation in Sydney at 1600. Single Hue plays are oos.

  • My order got cancelled for Single Hue Play with below message.

    It seems the team couldn't find all your item(s). They searched high and low, but zip.

  • The new EB games, doesnt sell games. it sells lightbulbs.

    que incoming bankruptcy announcement

  • Says no stock for delivery in Sydney when you try to check out. Here's hoping Amazon price matches.

  • Made an order for 2x single pack of the lights bars at 2:30pm, I found them just before this was posted on OzB.
    Made a separate order for another 2 at 2:45pm, because I wanted 4 total but wasn't able to put them through in the one order.

    Received a refund/apology for the first order at 3pm, but nothing on the 2nd order yet. Assuming I will get refunded for that too eventually.

    • Cannot believe this.

      Just received confirmation of shipping on that 2nd order that I put through 15 minutes later…

  • +2

    I ordered two single packs of the Hue Play, 3 minutes after this deal was posted. Just got refunded. I wonder if there was any stock at all.

    • +1

      Same happened to me. Ordered a single Hue Play (delivery) within 10mins of the deal going up and just got refunded :(

  • Ordered 1x Play Light bar for collection. Called store to double check prior pickup and they just sold the last one on shelf (most likely my order).

  • +1

    It's still showing available yet most people are getting order cancellations from previous orders. What sorta dodgy tactics is this from EB? Why on earth put something on sale if you don't have enough stock to begin with?

  • Thanks OP I managed to price match at my local Bunnings for extra 10% off. Got some colour starter packs, motion sensors and switches.

    • Amazing haul, lucky and jealous!

    • If you are lucky, Bunnings have the old non-BT colour starter packs (1 bridge+3 lights) at the giveaway price of $35~ish. It should be a nationwide pricing as long as you can find stock.

  • So keen on this.

    Does hue play bar support dynamic lighting that sync with the content of the tv? Something like ambilight.

  • Does anyone know if the 2m strips come with a power adapter?

    • Yes, they do.

  • The dimmer switch just sticks on your wall? Does it take batteries? How does it get energy?

    • +1

      There is a backplate that you can switch to the wall, and the switch itself is attached magnetically to the backplate so you can take it away and wander around with it. It is powered by coin batteries which I've never had to change yet.

      • Sounds good, thanks for that, too bad I missed out on the deal. Come to think of it I think I had the Gen 1 version about 10 years ago, not sure what happened to it, completely forgot about that!

  • DAMNIT. One of my order of 2 starter kits cancelled

  • Ordered 2x Philips Hue Play 1 Pack.

    Looks like one got shipped and the other refunded.

  • The Hue Play Bar Single Kit is still available on the EB Games website via delivery. You can still price match at Officeworks/Bunnings

    • Except it is also OOS pretty much all officeworks and isn't sold in Bunnings.

      • Could try price match at JB Hifi if you're not in lockdown.

  • Does EB run their online sales from local stores?

    No stock at stores but online shows available and allows you to get right to the checkout payment section and after you enter payment details it rudely yanks the carpet from under you by saying no stock. If there is no stock locally really EB is it too hard to let the customer know once they enter their address?

  • +2

    Ok I just received a colour 3 pack today and this is clearly floor stock that's been sold and returned before. The tamper seal had been cut, retaped, and cut again (i.e. delivered unsealed), one of the bulbs was not locked into the vacuum packaging, and the bridge wasn't in the moulded cutout designed specifically for it. Can't say I'm happy to receive this, but they have no stock now so I can either keep these second hand goods, or give up the bargain…

    • +1

      Same thing here.

      Bulb model was LCT015, which appears to be an older generation. My most recent purchase from Bunnings had LCA001 bulbs.

      The bulbs also weren't able to be paired, as if they were already paired to another hue bridge. I was able to reset them though.

      They are missing the power off feature (e.g. You can choose what state they return to if you power them off and back on at the switch). Updating them may resolve this though.

      The bridge also has physical marks on it.

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