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[eBay Plus, Afterpay] TP-Link Deco S4 (3-Pack) Mesh Wi-Fi $126.65, M5 $228.65, X20 $296.65 Delivered and more @ Wireless1 eBay

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  • Great device! Very easy to install and my wifi signal is very stable. I put one in the living room, one in the granny flat, and one in front of the house. No drops out at all

    • Which did you buy?

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        I got the X20 since it has wifi 6.

  • Good on you with the links and detailing!! +1

  • What's the major difference between S4 and M5? Is S4 good enough?

    • M5 gigabit network.

    • I can't find the CPU specs or amount of RAM used in the Deco S4. The Deco M5 might have a faster CPU and more RAM.

      A Deco S4 three-pack delivers Wi-Fi to an area of up to 370 square metres.

      A Deco M5 three-pack delivers Wi-Fi to an area of up to 510 square metres.

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    not worth it, isn't wifi 6

    • WiFi 6 not at that price.

  • Are these recommended if you have a combined modem/router? I recently got a set of tenda MW5 but they seem to really kill my speed and they set up a separate network to my existing modem/router and I would really prefer them to just mesh with the current one?

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      they set up a separate network to my existing modem/router

      I think you didn't set it up correctly, you may have set it up also as a router, so your have double NAT.


      • ahah awesome, that's what I was looking for, just one homogenous network.
        Now I'm guessing the rapid drop in speed is due to me using a ethernet powerline adaptor to get the primary node further away from the modem. Now in bridge mode is that even necessary? Can I just keep it full wireless or does it still need to be cabled to the modem/router?

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          Just connect the first one to your existing router by cable, the rest doesn't matter.

        • A simpler fix would be to replace the Tenda units with the TP-Link ones. What is your connection type and what modem/router have you got?

          • @albert0pia: Do the TP link units not need the primary one cabled in? That would be much easier. I'm using the default Nokia modem/router for Optus 5g. Glorious 300mbps download but on the extenders it drops to maybe 50 or so. I understand the limiting factor would be the powerline adaptor.

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              I understand the limiting factor would be the powerline adaptor.

              Why not just connect the first MW5 to the router? Why you need to connect it through the powerline adapter? For all Mesh you have to connect the first one to the router by cable, your setup problem is the first one you connected by powerline adapter cable which limited the speed for the whole WiFi network.

              • @superforever: Well I saw little point in having one node right next to the router which as I understand it would still be working as a modem/router as Optus locks down the settings pretty hard and you can't disable it being a router. So I figured I may as well get the first node a bit further away and gain more coverage area.
                I will play around with things on the weekend to see if removing the powerline gains any speed and results in any loss of coverage, might need another unit of the MW5 or consider selling it on and getting a TP link Deco as suggested. I just want to take advantage of the great speeds I already have with 5g

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                  which as I understand it would still be working as a modem/router

                  Nope, if you set it up as bridge mode what Tenda call it, TP-Link call it wireless AP mode, it will need your Nokia router for Internet, DHCP, etc. Tenda will act as wireless access point on your existing network only, you won't have another set of IP address, MW5 will get IP from your Nokia.

  • I need X60, cheapest I can find is good guys commercial for $309 twin pack. Anyone seen any better?

  • I need VLAN and those mesh wifi do not have that capabilities…

    • VLAN and those mesh wifi do not have that capabilities…

      So keep your router and set them as AP only.

      • I could do that but it means your wifi on one flat vlan?

  • I believe the Orbi are more expensive than those am I right? How do these compare to the Orbi?

  • Sorry for silly question !! I have really shit Modem router atm. If i buy the Deco x20 3 Pack its mean i can setup and 1 Router and 2 statelite. Or i need to Buy new Router to work with Deco X20. Thanks

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      You still have your router but you turn off the wifi on it. You then connect one of the mesh nodes via an ethernet cable and then turn on all the other nodes which create a mesh with each other.

      That way you are still using the router/modem to do all the routing and stuff but the wifi is adminstered via the mesh nodes.

      It should be pretty much plug and play.

      • Cause my Modem atm is old and very slow.
        Im really want to replace that. So one of the mesh become new router ? If its ok to do that ? Or i need to buy new Modem router.

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      Depends on what kind of Internet connection you have? If you have another NBN modem, you can use the Deco to replace your router. If you are on ADSL, VDSL, etc. you will need to keep the router and Deco as Access Point only.

      • I have current my NBN Modem provide from Belong. But i really want to change it as new Router.

        • NBN modem not the same as router.

          How many device you have now? Modem + Router or only one? What kind of internet connection you have? FTTN or HFC or what?

          • @superforever: My NBN is FTTN.
            The give me one Modem connect with Telephone line from the socket.

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              @thomas2017: If you can't set it to bridge mode you will have to keep it as a router and use Deco as access point.

              This Deco can't do FTTN

              • @superforever: Ok so if i want to replace that Router.
                I need to buy new Router and connect it with Mesh right ? Thank for your help

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                  @thomas2017: Yes or otherwise login to your router to see if there is option to set it to bridge mode, so you will use it as modem only

            • @thomas2017: TP-Link Deco X20-DSL modem can replace your Belong modem.

  • Which is a better device - TP Link S4 or Tenda MW3?

    • S4 has a gigabit ethernet plug so can output faster than the MW3 which I believe is capped at 100mbs. If you have faster than 100mbps you will be capped with the MW5.

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