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Cocobella Coconut Water Straight up, 6x 1L $15 ($13.50 with S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


About this item:

Pure natural coconut water
Natural hydrating
Rich in 5 key electrolytes
No preservatives
Zero fat

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    thanks, time to restock. I am my last one

    • have you felt any difference by consuming this regularly ?

      • +1

        yeah I feel hydrated

        • +1

          Does it gives a different feeling than water hydration ?

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            @ChipsChicky: Also want to know, just bought one for $3 yesterday haven't opened it yet.

            • +1

              @lycheetea: tbh it's tasty too (although some people may not like it straight away). I think it works better/quicker than water when you're dehydrated. Obviously has some calories, but way better than drinking gatorade/powerade etc in terms of sugar. So good when you crack open one from the fridge after a day at the beach (when you can go to the beach of course).

      • +1

        I used to drink fresh coconuts from the backyard. So, it is more like a habbit (like drinking beer). There are certain varieties of coconut used only for drinking (orange/golden coloured sweet coconut), bottles of those are hard to come by and quite expensive. So, this (although it's from young green coconuts, tastes quite like sweet coconut) would be the closest thing that I can get here in VIC. Usually, young green coconuts should taste more sour.

  • what do people mix with this?

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      I liked the ones from Costco which tasted richer in taste. Not sure if it was good taste or the taste of additives. Due to lockdowns I started to get cocobella which taste good but lighter for some reason. Again could be my withdrawal from the Costco brand.

    • I go half coconut water half water for my workout fluid

  • +1

    Ordered 12 litres of this liquid

  • Bought two. Can taste added salt.

    • +1

      Bargain! Free salt!

  • +1

    This is pretty expensive no? Cheaper on normal price at Cole's worth

    Even cheaper when they're on special?

    Edit I was wrong. Comparing smaller size. Sorry. This is cheap. Free delivery. Price matching woolies basically but free delivery

  • OOS now :-(

    • Back in stock.

  • +2

    It's half price at WW this week so come out exact same price


    • +1

      this is cheaper with S&S, $2.25 per 1L

  • +1

    Back in stock now.

  • Got 2. Thanks.

  • Anyone know how long the expiry is on these usually?

    I could go check the pantry and find out myself, but too busy clicking refresh on the OB homepage so I don't miss any new deals. Thanks.

    And someone else might like to know also :)

    • +1

      Last month I ordered these and expiry was Apr 2022, so I assume that expiry would be that or later for this stock. Doesn't seem to be a concern.

      • is everything come from one warehouse?

        • +1

          I received some today and the expiry is May 2022. I am not sure if they come from the same warehouse.

  • +5

    The ALDI one is just as good imo. H2coco and Raw C suck however. Raw C is also owned by Paleo Pete so another no from me.

    • +1

      CocoBella is best followed by Aldi's one. RawC is piss. And H2Coco is just worthless.

  • +1

    Best Coconut water. Sucker for these.

  • +1

    How does S&S work? If I never cancel this, will it cose me 2.25/L for life?

    • +1

      First order that price and anything else whatever the “market” amazon price is.

      • What! That's not a great bargain then, guess people keep subscribing and cancelling, as these usually come at the same price every month on Amazon.

        • +1

          Yep. I guess amazon have the hope that some people forget to cancel etc. I’ve once done - forgot to cancel but that but luckily that week the item was on special otherwise I would be soooo mad…

          • +2

            @Baby Grogu: Little tip here - you can't use Amazon gift cards for the recurring Subscribe & Save, but you can use it for the initial purchase. So if you use gift cards to buy it initially, it will show up as a subscription error and you won't get the subsequent deliveries if you forget.

            • +1

              @Delphinus: I will try to give that a go next time! Thanks for the tip! I have so many S&S and sometimes I forget and when they said next S&S shipment with loads of stuff on it….I panic and cancel.
              Or I should just get into the habit to cancel after receiving the delivery.

              Have anyone cancelled a S&S straight after an order before it’s dispatched? I know most people wait till delivery to be on the safe side.

              • @Baby Grogu:

                Have anyone cancelled a S&S straight after an order before it’s dispatched? I know most people wait till delivery to be on the safe side.

                I'm also wondering this, or even after "Dispatched" (but not out on delivery) in tracker.

            • @Delphinus: I used gift cards fine with purchase

              • @Rakddon: Yeah I thought you could too. I think there is a tick or something to say “if gift card is available use it etc otherwise cc as back up”. If you have saved your card as payment. As default they untick use gift card as payment.

  • Got 1 thanks op

  • +1

    Doesn't coconut water cause diarrhoea?

    • no

    • Absolutely no.
      And you can’t use it for COVID treatment, albeit you will be well hydrated and that’s important.

      • Good to know, thanks :/

      • I wouldn't go so far as to say "Absolutely no"

        Have a read of this article - https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/coconut-water-diarrhea#...

        "Drinking too much coconut water may lead to excess consumption of potassium, which may cause diarrhea in some people."

        • What’s too much? As a kid, I’d used to have 1/2 dozen or so fresh coconuts a day as it was plentiful where we were. That’s what we have in our neighbourhood and community and I’d never heard of this issue? Having said that, I can’t imagine anyone binging on this stuff.

          • @TreeHugger: i wonder how much you'd have to drink, when i have it it just replaces my water hydration usually

            • @capslock janitor: That’s my point, drinking for normal hydration is perfectly fine. All the fear about causing diarrhoea is overstated

    • +1

      Doesn't matter, half of Melbourne still has rolls from the last panic…

  • was waiting for this to come back to this price :)

  • Bugger, OOS :(

  • Not OOS

  • available again

  • Nice, ordered after re-stock.

    These things have a good best-before date.

  • forced monkey labour?

    • Don't think so

      Coconut water is usually made from young coconuts which have softer outer husk. They are harvested by cutting off the bunch and slowly lower it to the ground to avoid bruising the fruits, so this cannot be done by monkeys.

      The monkey labour is for older coconuts use for making coconut cream/milk

  • +2

    Stripped Coconut water from Costco is currently on sale for ~$13.5 for a box of 6 for members that have access to a Costco with current restrictions.

  • thx OP.

  • Aldi ones taste much richer. I stopped buying Cocobella as it's no where near to the real thing

    • Aldi ones taste very similar but lighter/better imo - but hard to track how often it drops from $3 to 2.5

      But also Cocobella label mentions all quantities of Electrolytes/minerals

      Aldi tetrapak does not label any Electrolytes..

  • +1

    tip move to FNQ free coconut juice 365

  • Except that you don't get them delivered Woolworth's has them at the same price this week ($2.50 each).

    • S&S works out cheaper through Amazon - $13.50 vs $15

  • Why they cancelled my order for 2 boxes? 😪😭

    • Looks like am actually getting it this week

      I'm confused

  • +1

    Does anyone know where to buy coconut pulp like jelly? when cooled and drink with coconut water, it's next level.
    I was thinking whether I could buy a frozen bag of jelly like they have other fruits


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