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Apple TV+ Free for Apple Music Student Subscriptions ($5.99/Month) @ Apple


I noticed this deal is back: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/493041

From the apple site: Students enrolled in degree-granting universities and colleges can join Apple Music at a discounted monthly rate for up to 48 months. And if you have an Apple Music student subscription, you also get Apple TV+ for a limited time. To qualify for an Apple Music student subscription, you must be a student studying a bachelor degree, postgraduate degree or equivalent Higher Education course at a university, college (US only) or post-secondary school (Canada only). Junior, technical colleges and special courses are also eligible in Japan.

The instructions weren't quite right in practice. I had to subscribe to Apple Music (was offered a trial, but if you are a current subscriber you can change to student), then go into subscriptions in settings and change it to the student rate (after Unidays verification).

You can check on Unidays if you will get through verification, before you commit.

I already had an AppleTV account, which I have cancelled. Hopefully free AppleTV kicks in automatically!

Second deal posted. Hope I did it right.

Getting Apple TV+ through this offer will give you a SINGLE USER account, standard paid for account or offer given with new apple device allows up to 6 users/watching at one time.


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  • Does an student subscription allow family sharing of Apple Music?

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      • Thanks

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          Also you can’t “pay the gap”.

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    Has Apple TV gotten any better over the past year? I had it as part of the iphone purchase and it was rubbish, i deleted it after two weeks of having it

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      Depends on what you're into.

      I love Ted Lasso, See, For all Mankind, Morning Wars, Mythic Quest and am super super pumped for Foundation.

      But my wife doesn't like any of those shows, she only doesn't mind Ted Lasso here and there, she prefers Netflix…

      So it's about taste.

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        Agree on Ted Lasso. I reckon it's probably one of the best shows on any platform at the moment. For All Mankind is also good

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          Season 1 was amazing, got me through lockdown last year with how uplifting it was.

          I know this forum likes shi'tting on Apple, and already seeing comments on it, but the quality of the shows on there are amazing.

          • @tightm8: The quality of the streaming as in video and audio quality is good. Problem was I found most shows very Woke / propaganda stuff. I hope they dont ruin Foundation as i love the books. I did enjoy Ted Lasso. I watched most of the shows except for Morning Wars (avoided that like the plague). Mythic Quest was good but it started to go down the same path as a lot of the other Apple shows. For All Mankind had some decent episodes and other episodes were just about Woke stuff.

            Trying first season was good and then 2nd season also became too man bashing for me when a couple are trying to have kids and decide to adopt, The mum doesnt decide they dont want a specific gender because of "Toxic Masculinity" If thats how a mum is going to go into adoption then she should not be a mum. Having a family member who struggled through this for more than a decade, I found this whole storyline absolutely absurd.

            I found Defending Jacob mini series to be awesome.

      • Yeah each to their own, as none of those grabbed me, so Netflix is my turn too. I found that something i wanted to watch, ended up having a price tag. So i could not understand why people would pay for AppleTV just to pay for stuff on top. Yeah sure some stuff is free, but imagine paying for Netflix, then paying to watch something on it, doesnt make sense, but for some it might.

        • What do you need to pay for on Apple TV+?

          The app can be a little confusing, as it acts as a hub for different services. But unless something has changed, you don’t pay extra for anything else on Apple TV+ (as in, ATV+, the service).

          But if you wanted to watch something from Amazon Prime, for example, then you would need to pay extra for that (unless it’s free it’s with your logged in Prime membership).

          Really, I get what they are aiming for with making the app a hub, but I do agree that it makes browsing for shows a bit tedious.

          • @Morien: when scrolling through what to watch, 50% of what i selected to watch asked to pay for it.

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        In the past year we've watched more of Apple TV+ than Netflix and Prime combined.
        Ted Lasso, For All Mankind & Morning Wars is incredible!
        Massively looking forward to Foundation, never read the series

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      I agree there is TV and then there's Appletv which was crap.

      I hate Amazon but prime video was a good inclusion.

      Back to popcorn time

    • Very lacking in content still compared with all the others (Although Paramount + has stuff all content also at this point), but the odd show here and there that is ok. I just subscribe when a good show starts, watch all eps then cancel the subscription as I struggle to find much to watch.
      IMO Apple TV is worth about $4/month with the size of their library.

    • Bottom of the barrel streaming service, on a par with Prime, without the free Amazon shipping, and it just wants to sell you stuff. The free 1-year subscription that came with my iPad expires soon and I won't be renewing, will just download anything good, not that I'm expecting much.

  • So you get Apple Music for $5.99 per month for 48 months / 4 years.

    How long do you get Apple TV for?

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    Is Apple TV+ any good? I was quite disappointed by the Paramount+ subscription.

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      Apple TV+ in my opinion is slightly better than Paramount+ but will never be as good as Netflix. Paramount+ is disappointing, it is just like TV shows without ads lol.

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      Prime Video is kind of a “this is a nice bonus with my prime subscription”

      Paramount + I would peg slightly below Amazon prime

      Apple + is below Paramount +
      - small amount of content - although a lot of it is really good, but it’s kind of a “nice bonus if it comes free with a new iPad” or as part of a larger apple subscription
      - like prime video I wouldn’t see anyone deliberately signing up for a subscription for a long time.

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        Damn Paramount + only slightly below Prime?

        Prime has great shows like Grand Tour, Clarksons Farm, The boys, all seasons of top gear, invincible as well as seasons of classics such as the office, seinfeld, community etc

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      Agree with the sentiment above re: woke agenda.

      If you are a lefty and don’t find that sort of stuff offensive then Apple TV+ will be far more to your taste.

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    I thought it is “free Apple TV”.😂

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    How about they sweeten the deal by offering $5.99 for a year.

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    With my wifes last phone purchase, got a free year, and haven't used it once in the months since activating it and looking what was available and finding nothing.

    Much like iPhones, Apple tv seems to be over promised and under delivered.

    That reminds me, got to cancel it before they charge me for that crap.

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    Apple TV+ is hardly worth any money - it's so limited. Would wait until Apple sinks more money into developing or adding more content to be worth a second look.

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    Last year I got one year free Apple TV Plus subscription which came with a product purchase. Had a look at their shows and couldn’t bother redeeming my free code.

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    there's barely anything on apple tv+
    it just doesnt even compare to anything out there

  • Thanks for letting me know, i deleted the app because like most people, would not pay for it.

    But seeing it is free and it is, just tried. I might keep it my phone again

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    The thing that turned me off Apple TV was no chromecast support ( I get they’re competition but still). So unless you have Apple TV box, built in app on your tv, your tv supports airplay or you prepared to chromecast via a laptop or pc then it might get annoying.

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      The Apple TV+ app is on my Chromecast with Google TV dongle.

      • Yeah I did find that but unfortunately I only have a chromecast v2 and v3 at home.

      • I tried adding it to foxtel now box but couldn't get it to work, streaming off the laptop is painful and the apple tv+ website is shit, they need to throw some money at it and make it a product worth paying for

    • I have Apple TV + app on my Xbox, that was a surprise to see their app on there but I think Apple knows they need to be on as many devices as possible if they want to start competing with other streaming services.
      Next, they are in dire need to add content if they want people to pay for it or at least keep their subscriptions running after binging on something good then cancelling.

  • you also get Apple TV+ for a limited time.

    Does this mean as a limited time offer you'll get Apple TV+ as long as you've got Apple Music student sub or if you have Apple Music student sub you'll get Apple TV+ for a undisclosed but presumed small time period?

    • I didn't click to confirm payment, so i assume it is "free" for as long as you have a student account for music.

      IF there is a pay gate and you authorise the trial, then it can be cancelled or billed at a later date.

      For me, it just works without subscribing anything

  • Website must be hammered can’t even log in to unidays

  • Seems alright now

  • the product placement makes for a good drinking game

  • -2

    Everytime i click on something, it requires money. I'd rather give it to Google, or someone else.

  • Is Apple Music better than Spotify? Don’t want too many streaming options

    • How do we know what you value in a streaming service?

      • I value music

        • you're in luck. they both have music

    • Apple would say have the best curated playlists from the streaming services I have used, and most playlists feature Australian artists. From kids music to metal. I use my streaming on way to work and on my Bluetooth speakers at home for 30mins, so been best for me.

    • +1

      Spotify has the best music discovery still, from what I've heard from a lot of people.
      It's the best at recommending music that you'll like.
      However, for me, that's probably because I've used them for the past 10 years.

      • I don't personally know anyone that uses Apple Music anymore, I know it used to be popular, but Spotify has by far the largest number of subscribers now.
        Not saying Apple Music isn't used by many still, I am sure it's popular with some groups, I've just noticed the shift with my group of friends who all share with "family accounts" on Spotify now. Plus Spotify is on a lot more devices.
        Each to their own :)

        • Yeah I prefer Spotify.
          Apple Music is doing some interesting stuff, like their Dolby Atmos/Spacial Audio albums.