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Circles.Life 12-Month Mobile Plans (Monthly Postpaid) - Bonus 40GB Data + $10 off - 48GB for $8, 60GB for $18, 140GB for $28


Optus 4G Plus Network

Please note the following features are NOT available on the 8GB for $18/mth SIM Only Plan

  1. Roaming services (data, voice or SMS)
  2. IDD Calls and IDD MMS services
  3. IDD SMS will be chargeable as per the rates here (IDD rates)
  4. Referral perks
  5. Data add-ons (20GB for $10 Add-on)
  6. IDD SMS will be chargeable as per the rates here (IDD rates)
    To get access to the above features, you’ll need to upgrade to the 20GB or 100GB plan.

How does billing work?
You will receive your bill within the first week of each month.

Your first bill is higher than usual, which is completely normal. This is because it includes charges for two billing cycles:

  • A part month (prorated) charge which starts from the time you activate your SIM card (if you got a new number) or from the time your number was successfully transferred to Circles.Life till the end of that month.
  • Any additional charges for that month (e.g. roaming charges)
  • The monthly charge for your plan for the following month.

Bill Shock Protection
When you run out data on your plan, you'll get 3GB added at no extra charge.

Referral Links

Referral: random (107)

$10 Bill credit for referrer, referee (new signup) receives $10 monthly credit applied for 12 months.

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    Can't find the exact PDF for this promotion (seems to be an exclusive with One Big Switch), but if you look at any of their current or past promotion Ts&Cs, you'll find this:

    Your first first bill will only include 1 x waiver as your first bill includes your first month of service which is prorated to your date of activation (and not considered a full month).

    If you look elsewhere, you'll also find this:

    $X waiver per month for first full Y months

    So you will be paying the base price (i.e. without the promotional discount) for the first month and the promotional discount period does not start until the month after you activate. Best way to get around this is to activate near the end of the month so you only end up paying for a few days for the first month at full price.

    Also, since this is postpaid, you'll have to be super anal about when to port out if you want to keep your number. Set a reminder for the end of your promotional period.

    If you use a throwaway number for this, then that matters less, since you can just tell them to cancel the service without having to worry about ordering a SIM from another telco and whether or not it will arrive on time.

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    Circles is as recommended as kogan.

    • Aww, thank you for your support! Much appreciated! Cheers

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        I have found Kogan mobile utterly horrible, their service/delivery abysmal … thus I can only imagine he was being sarcastic.

      • When does the 60GBOBS promos end?

  • Thank you OP, when is this promotion till ? Wanted to activate closer to end of month to pay lesser.

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    FWIW I've been on Circles for about 2 years now, and never had an issue, in fact my original promotion is still going on when it was supposed to be only 12 months.

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      Sounds like you might stay with Circles for life.

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        I see what you did there 😂

      • Nice.

    • You're right about that, mate! We'll keep giving discounts/promotions so please don't leave us, okay? On behalf of Circles.Life, I'd like to thank you for your continued patronage. Cheers!

      • Its the reason ive stayed :P thanks for the good deals! And your app is actually really good too.

  • Moved from Telstra 15 months ago and never looked back. Very responsive support too. I think there’s a promo this month where the referrer gets $100 and the newbie gets $38. Unsure if targeted.

    • Welcome to Ozbargain.

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        Thanks, long time lurker, hope to post my first bargain soon

  • How does changing providers actually work these days?

    I've been with Optus for years, do I just sign up with these guys and it will automatically switch over and cancel with Optus, or do I need to do something else?

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      switch your number to them and wait it out. It all automatic if no issues arise during the port change over.

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      G'day, mate! If you want to keep your existing number, just give us a few details during your signup and we'll do the rest!

      To ensure your porting experience is as fuss-free as possible, please make sure that:

      1. Your number is still active with the current telco
      2. It is under a consumer/personal account (We are not able to transfer a number under business)
      3. Your existing number belongs to the correct account number (if postpaid)
      4. Information is entered correctly (such as name and date of birth that matches with your current telco)

      In case you'll be needing more information and for a better visual reference of the topic relevant to the concern, you can head on to our FAQs page provided, too:

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    FYI, void if you are looking for a service with voicemail as circles doesn't offer this as a feature.

    • Hey gooner14 :) Do keep in touch with our social channels as we're hoping to bring this feature in soon.

  • Damn, purchased a plan using their other promo code displayed on their website a week ago but not activated yet. Anyone know if its somehow possible to get on this offer?

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      You may ask them to cancel that order first and then reorder using this code?

      • Thanks for the suggestion, having ordered a week ago the sim card is already delivered. I've sent a message to support to give it a shot anyway. Cheers

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    3 months free with AGL mobile, offer expires end of September.


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      Yep, signing up with them today.

      In that post (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/642307), splingee mentions that "So while You don’t need to have or take up an AGL energy service, to be eligible for the promotion(agl.com.au) you won't be able to manage your account online if you don't.
      You can't see how much data you've used, so unless they send timely data usage warnings you may be at risk of exceeding the allowance and automatically being charged $10 for a 1GB Data Boost (up to three times in a billing period)".

      So is this correct?, not being able to do so sounds like a hassle/issue.

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        Tracking your usage
        We’ll provide you with SMS alerts once you’ve reached approximately 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data allowance. You can get details about your call and data usage on the AGL app, by calling 131 245, or by visiting here.

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        This is WRONG.

        You can DEFINATELY view your usage in AGL and don't need any other accounts (Gas, Electricity or otherwise).

        Go here:


        I've just done it now, it works great (used 7GB out of 50GB so far) and I am only an AGL Mobile customer with only 1x AGL SIM and nothing else.

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        It’s incorrect info, you can easily track, I use the app and works fine

        • Thanks to hashash and amshopping for taking the time to reply.
          Good to hear, was thinking it was odd.

          I do like Moose & IInet website the best, better than others that I've used so far.

          It's taking awhile for the account to be set up, cant log into my account page, says
          "If My Account does not load after this time, please message our team to manage your account", did so then contacted them after a few hours, was told it could take sometime til my account page is ready.
          Signed up for new #.

          Seems other people also have had this issue too.

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            @OrbDaggerZ: I had the issues after porting, calls were working but no text, but was fully functional within 48 hrs, no issues thereafter, already on the second month.

            • @amshopping: Thanks.

              How long did it take to get the sim card?

              Kinda in a rush, lost track of my data usage on both of my sim plans (Moose 6Gb & IInet 40Gb) and used up 98% of my data allowance with them, both reset in 10 days or so.
              Previous 2 plans for data (Kogan) have been recently used/expired.

              Might need to get another Kogan $4.80 plan/sim tomorrow to tide me over.

              And I missed out on this deal too, could not decide if I should port out from IINet.
              I hope Circles does this deal again, maybe in 6 months time, would be handy then.

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    Spewing, just came back to circles again last month for $18 - 50gb

    • Heyo Jakeo, really appreciate the support. Cheers!

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    Thanks OP. Just signed up with circles, too cheap to pass up!

    FYI I have been with circles before but ported away to Telstra to access one of the JB Hi-fi deals. Didn't have any issues with the port that some people get.

  • That is per month not for the 12 months of service as I read it on the link…i.e. 8gb for $14/month…or does it change to 8gb for $14/annum once you put the code in?

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      The 8gb for $14/month now becomes 48gb for $8/month. It is a different code.

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      You have to change the code to 60GBOBS and it becomes 48gbfor $8/month for 12 months

  • Everything I'm seeing says it's for 6 months, no lock in. Does the OP's code make it 12 months?

    • Yep, on face value it does. Hopefully Circles won't have backsies for this ;)

      • Sorry do you mean you think I'm correct, or yes the OP's code makes it 12 months?

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          yes the OP's code makes it 12 months?

          This. I signed up today and it says this in their email to me:

          $120.00 Bill Credit ($10.00/month for 12 months)
          Bonus 40GB (12 months)
          (Bonus will be added from the second month onwards. Pro-rated first month is excluded)

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    Does this need to be activated within 30 days of signup to get the benefit of the offer as stated for the other offers on their website? Thanks.

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      Hey mate! Yes, you can sign up and order the SIM ahead and can activate it later as you have 30 days from when you order the SIM to decide when you wish to initiate the transfer of your number or activate the SIM. Only when the number transfer is complete and/or the Circles.Life SIM is active, will your subscription start. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to visit our FAQs page as the answer you are looking for might be there: https://circlesaustraliasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

  • Once signed up can you hop around among their plans and keep the bonus data and $10 per month?

    Just found out - in the FAQ-
    'The best part is, any promotions that are currently available on the plan you upgrade or downgrade to will be automatically applied once your plan has been successfully changed. Please note that the promotion of the new plan will replace any remaining bonuses/waivers you have on your existing plan.'

    Which means you may lose the bonuses.

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    No Wifi calling with Circles.life for those who live in a cellular dead-spot.

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    As with SuBw00FeR comment, not mayor issues with them.
    The 2 things I like about Circles is their data add-ons (20GB for $10 Add-on) & 3GB bill shock.

    The first time I was with them I did have a minor issue with signing up (ID info limitation) and was about to cancel my order/sign up when they countered with a bonus 20Gb for a few months.
    I was with them for 4 months or so, and no other issues.

    I then ported out to Kogan (I think, too many sim hopping), no issues with doing so.
    They then offered cheaper/more data plans on their site barely 2 weeks later, as well as during that first 4 or so months and after, which was a bit annoying.

    Went back to them a 2nd time for a few months, then recently switched to IINet $15/40Gb for the first 6 months plan, better deal then current Circles/other telcos plans at the time. So 2 port outs from Circles and no problems doing so.

    Now Circles offer a even better deal, cant decide what to do now, stay with IInet or switch again.
    What would you do?

    I will also sign up to AGL plan today.

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    Thanks OP.

    Also, these deals expire Offer ends 17 September. 12pm AEST.
    Would be handy to add this OP.

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      Added. Thanks.

  • I'm surprised that no warnings have been posted about this mob, they would need to drastically improve their billing methods before I'd ever go near them again, an absolute shambles in previous promotions..


  • I just looked now on Circles, looks like the have extended this deal, shows now as "Offer ends on 01 October, 12pm AEST."
    Same codes & prices/data from what I can tell.
    Maybe the rep can confirm?

    • Hey there mate! The promo that got extended that's shown on our website is for $28/month for 100GB/month, $18/month for 40GB/month and $14/month for 8GB/month all good for 6 months. Please don't hesitate to reach us via our live chat support channels for further assistance. Cheers

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        And that is not even close to the above deal.

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    Does the plan come with the sim card? also since it is a no lock-in contract, can someone confirm that we will receive 48GB per month for up to 12 months at $8 (since the promo lasts for 12 months)?

  • Thanks op for this post, I just signed up for one of the deals. Sim came in 48hrs, very good app, all is good and seamless so far… Plus tracked on shopback for $12 back for nice bonus

    • Good for you as they now increase the price. Not as cheap as before but including VoLTE & Wifi calling now.