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Ready, Set…Cook! Boneless Butterflied Chicken $7.99 Per kg @ ALDI


It's been a long time since I recall these being $7.99kg. Highly recommended. Comes in Greek Style or Spiced Mango, both equally good.

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    Literally get 1 of these (Greek style) every week. Whack it in the oven for 45 mins. Cut it up into pieces, add a packet of Aldi 8 large Wraps ($3.50), bit a lettuce, diced tomato, bit of greek yoghurt with diced cucumber, we get 8-9 Adult size Souvlakis out of it. Awesome cheap meal for 4.

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      sorry .. can u let me know .. the temperature you keep this at for 45mins .. also do you add any nandos sauce or any other sauce on it or is the marinate in the packet enough .. i need a punch of flavour for my indian palette ..

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        I'd add nandos sauce

        • The garlic one, they re-released again. Thus is coming from a Nando’s alumni who really enjoyed working there

    • Hey mate can u check the packet and see if it mentions it being halal anywhere?

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      I think I have better way than the oven to cook this. I had cooked chicken wings on a pan and it definately taste better than oven, boiler and air fried. Its because a crust is developed when the meat makes contact to as much heat surface area, which results in a deeper complex flavour. Will try to cook this in a large pan and cover on medium and flip.

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        Best thing to do is have really high heat on a grill/pan till its sizzling. Just sear both sides of the chicken till a nice crust is formed. Then load up a baking dish with diced potatoes, sliced lemon, add the chicken and fill up the dish about halfway with chicken stock, cover tightly with foil and bake it till it reaches 165 Fahrenheit internal temp. It will be amazing, the grilling forms a crispy crust, and the chicken stock will steam the chicken while baking, creating an amazingly juicy chicken,

    • How much $/kg are they normally? worth getting full price??

  • thanks for sharing OP! what do you normally have this with?

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      I normally have it with a side of salad or vegetables. I usually cut the left-overs into smaller pieces and use it in sandwiches during the week.

      For a family of 4, this chicken plus some garlic bread and a salad mix is dinner made easy.

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    Is this recommended for the illegal party I have with nadia this weekend? Also does go well with nose beers?

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    I need to go to Aldi today so I guess this is dinner! Thanks for pointing it out, always looking for quick dinner ideas.

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      For a busy family who wants a quick and easy solution for dinner, these chickens plus a salad mix ($3-$4) and maybe some garlic bread ($2-$3) is a family dinner. Thrown in these ice creams https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648400 for $3 and you have a family of 4 sorted for like $16-$18.

      • Thanks got one of each flavour to try. Have salad and bread already at home but thanks for sorting dinner!

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    I cut these into 4 and put them on the spit. Makes nice souvas

    • Great idea. I have an air fryer with a rotisserie which should be similar. Thanks!

    • How long on the spit usually mate?

      • 2 hours including prep time.

  • read it as butter chicken :(

  • Has anyone tried these on a charcoal Weber? Wonder how they will go

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      Cook it away from the coals, lid on, skin side down. Will be amazing

    • Yes, it was awesome, but due to the heating time for charcoal I moved back to my traditional barbecue. Both add that extra flavour.

      When doing on the barbecue, I regularly brush over it a sauce or spice.

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      Or even a Weber Q…

    • Create a hot side and a warm side with your coals then alternate, flip it and reverse it.

    • yeah mate. We put the raw chicken in a wide frypan first though, lid on, low to medium heat until cooked through, you're sort of steaming it. Then throw it on the barbie to charcoal up the skin. Nothing better.

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    The peri peri one was the bomb, but they no longer do them :( as good if not better than nandos

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      I think they do but they are not boneless. It's a different product and cheaper but it has the bones in it.

  • Are these any good on the bbq?

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      They are better on the BBQ because you get the grill marks. I've only done it once on the BBQ only because I hate cleaning up the grill after I'm done. I normally just do these in the oven in a baking dish, but yes BBQ is better.

      Instructions are on the back of the pack for both oven and BBQ cooking.

      • Use a BBQ mat. Keeps the grill from getting dirty. From memory, I think you still get the grill marks.

    • Fun to do once and its yum but you will absolutely hate the clean up on your grill.

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        you will absolutely hate the clean up on your grill.

        My clean up consists of blasting the burners so everything turns to charcoal, then just brush it all off. Same concept as a pyrolytic oven.

        • This only works if you have a hooded barbie.

          • @dust:

            This only works if you have a hooded barbie.

            I don't have a hooded BBQ, it works for me.

          • @dust: Something like this? Is there any distancing required or I just put her within the proximity of the BBQ?


    • HELL YES.

      I logged in just to comment. The Greek one (the only one worth buying IMHO) is absolutely stellar on a grill plate. It's impossible to get wrong. Put the whole thing on the plate, and char the hell out of it. Then flip the whole thing over, char it, then use a knife or whatever to chop it into a bunch of pieces, and cook it some more.

      Everyone I've ever introduced it to loves it. Alongside the $5 slabs of Tiramisu, it's one of the best products at Aldi.

    • we steam cook it first in a big frypan, then do bbq for the chargrill, little to no mess that way and the bbq isn't going forever.

  • Can anyone please tell me whether the mango one contains any wheat or dairy? (This is not “I choose to not eat this”, btw)

  • Will be getting 15KG for the weekend :) I wish they did the Peri Peri boneless

  • Anyone knows recipe for greek style marinade they use or something similar to it?

    • Its basically garlic flavoured

      • Nah, not really, you barely feel garlic there.

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    Has anyone cooked one of these in an air fryer?

    • Would love to know that as well, just received our new air fryer today

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      It would make a mess of your Air Fryer. Not only is it dripping in the Greek marinade, but it creates a LOT of juices when cooking. Which is great when you cut the chicken up and stir the juices through before serving but would make a huge mess in your Air fryer. I cook on baking paper on a flat tray. Cut up on the baking paper and serve. Dead easy, no mess.

    • I'm sure it would be fine. I buy aldi chickens, spatchcock them, add marinade and then into the air fryer if I'm too lazy to BBQ them. Usually quite fast to cook. I do them at 180C for around 10-15 minutes each side. Some parts may cook faster than others so it helps to have an instant read thermometer. If a piece is getting too hot I just hack it off and take it out of the fryer. These are bonelesss so would I would go 10min skin side down then flip and check every few minutes until done.

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    i'll try the spiced mango and cook it in the oven :)

    • IMO not as good as the Greek style. The Mango one has a flavor to it I don't like.

      • interesting, ok i'll try the greek style first then :)

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    Is this breast or thigh?


    • It's a WHOLE butterflied boneless Chicken

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      Would also like to know this. Purchased a similar style from aldi a few months ago and it tasted like all thigh and highly processed.

    • Its the whole chicken, without the bones

  • Any nasty ingredients in these or are they relatively clean?

  • Hey mate can u check the packet and see if it mentions it being halal anywhere?

  • These are great over charcoal. I didn't expect much when I first tried one but the marinade isn't overpowering or sweet as you'd expect.
    I always do 1 or 2 over charcoal and use for leftovers for the week.

  • Do these freeze well?

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      Yep, I've never had any issues when freezing these. Just take them out to thaw in the morning and you're good to go for dinner

      • Cheers thanks!

  • ALDI chickens always have too much hairs in the skin,I cant tell the different taste between coles/wws/aldi's chicken but ALDI always have hairs,thats why I dont buy from them anymore

    • Perhaps the epilation adds to the processing and therefore overall costs at Colesworth?

      • Could be

    • I think 'always' may be a bit much. It depends on what you buy. I have bought ALDI BBQ Chicken Pieces and they had a few hairs/feathers (as has Chicken from Coles/Woolies). I have bought maybe 40 or more of these Butterfly packs and can't remember seeing any.

      • Ive tried their whole chicken also this couple of times thats why I say it,but maybe Im just unlucky

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    Thanks, going to ask the mistress if she wants to try it Greek style

    • Let us know bro 😎

  • Just add crispy potatoes..

    Wash and big chunk/cube a few potatoes (skin on). Prezap the spuds in microwave closed dish (table spoon of water) to start them cooking.

    Then drizzle them in oil, some flake salt or herbs.

    Place in preheated oven in the pan, then place the chicken directly above on a rack or even in the pan.

    Spuds will soak up meat juices.

    Get timing right and spuds will be creamy on inside and crunchy outside.

    • How long in microwave, one minute 1500w?

  • Easy peasy in an instant pot. Add potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, a cup of water, soy sauce and good to go.

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