Sunbeam KE9750 Maestro Dual Wall Glass Kettle $69 Delivered @ David Jones


Regular price $99+shipping on other websites I have searched.

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David Jones
David Jones


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    The review on the David Jones website doesn't sound promising

    • i was thinking the same thing

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    David Jones in general doesn't sound promising.

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    We have/had the older KE6450 (I suspect the main difference being this has dual walls), and the thermistor died recently after three years - so it would not shut off once it started boiling. Liked the look, needed to accept that it was heavy due to the glass, and it could be noisy when the heat plate started to get mineral build up (easy to remove by dropping in some cut up lemon, boiling it, let it rest for a while, empty & wipe down the base, then rinse out again).

    With the dual walls I expect it would be heavier again than our old kettle, but with the advantage of being a bit safer as far as being cooler on the outside, and maybe a bit quieter. Too late for me though - already got a Russell Hobbs ​RHK302 from Amazon (currently $47.20 delivered with Prime -, and it seems decent enough.

    • That Russell Hobbs looks pretty good. Not dual wall is it?

      I’m after a dual wall unit as it’s cold in the morning and pouring a couple of cups even a minute apart, the second one has lost 10-20C of temp.

      Not many on the market.

      • Nope - single wall, so you need to pour faster. ;-)

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    Can anyone comment on quality? I thought Sunbeam was generally medium-to-good quality…I have a sandwich toaster which is great & has lasted ages.

    • Pathetic quality. we bought a london series kettle from Myer (about $100). It started leaking water after 18 months.

      Meanwhile, my Target in house brand kettle is still going strong after 5 years. Never again.

    • Ive had mine for about 12months. So far no probs. Double wall is heavy. But keeps water warm reasonably well.

    • My previous sunbeam kettle lasted just over 10 years.

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    my kettle and toaster are about to die. any recommendations on brand and type would be appreciated. i always seem to buy Beville products

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    I bought a Braun toaster on Amazon UK, which is basic but good quality. I’ve never had anything Braun be of bad quality. Only thing is it has a UK plug.

  • Looked around. The majority of reviews are negative and fairly consistent with their commentary. The killer comments for me were:
    * lid doesn't always open
    * poor pouring - the last thing I need is to not be able to accurately control the pour of water at 90-100degC. apparently can be somewhat remedied by removing the strainer
    * one person mentioned overflow when boiling more than 1L (max cap is 1.7L)

    Damn. Have a DJ gift card and I need a new one, too. :/

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    The reviews make this a deal breaker.

    I'll be waiting for a price drop on Russell Hobbs 1, Russell Hobbs 2, or Kambrook

    • Yeah. I /like/ the double wall design. I just wish it had been done competently and for that price it should've been pristine considering I can get a $7 kmart plastic kettle and it'll just work.

    • Went ahead and bought the Russell Hobbs 1(RHK550).
      My Kmart one finally died after about 4 years.
      With 3% marketplace discount from Macquarie bank, this comes to $53.54 delivered(RRP $79.95, Amazon's price $55.20).
      I can see people have used it by removing filter and filter housing, so I am expecting it to be fine. Not planning to buy filter cartridges. If any major issues, I will update this post.

      • Thanks Covid19! (Not a sentence I ever thought I’d be saying)

        Yeh, I’d be removing the filter as well and just use it as a standard kettle