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[Android] Free - Weather App Pro (Was $6.49) @ Google Play


Weather App Pro is free at present

Weather app for you with the main features are weather forecast (real-time, hourly, daily, 7 days), weather radar & weather widget.

Pro version: Full features & No ads

1) The main & summary weather information

2) Hourly weather forecast

3) Daily weather forecast:

4) Weather radar

5) Manage location

6) Weather widgets

7) Unit settings: App support various unit

8) App settings:

There is mention of "Paid & subscribe: App may be expired in three months, in that case you will need to subscribe to continue using." but having installed the app I am yet to find where further payment can be made.

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  • +7

    This vs BOM?

    • +34

      BOM because you've already paid for it with your taxes (it's by the Government)

      • +14

        bold of you to assume he pays taxes

        • +9

          Everyone pays taxes, it's called the GST

      • +1

        Hahahahahaha so good

      • -1

        Can I get 10% of a French submarine?

        • What do you do with the left over 90% of the submarine?

    • +5

      how accurate do you like your weather?

    • +25

      BoM. Obviously. How dafaq does this have so many upvotes? Just because something is free, doesn’t mean you use it.

      • +2

        You realise this is OZB don't you. It's free! I don't care if it's a pair of rusted sheep shears, its free I want it……… actually some rusted sheep shears would be good. Does anyone know of any deals on rusted sheep shears?

        • +5

          Not a great mentality to have with Android apps. Not saying there’s anything wrong with this particular app, but in general, just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to install it.

      • +2

        If it's free, it's for me.

  • +38

    BOM is the only weather app you need,and free!

    maybe also subscribe to Higgins if you rely on advanced weather warnings.
    The free service is already good

    • +3

      subscribe to Higgins if you rely on advanced weather warnings

      lol. No


      • +7

        Hey hey, don’t knock Higgins. They’ve successfully predicted 25 of the last 7 major storms.

        • -1

          You get that was a joke right?

      • +1

        wow, that bad huh. TIL. I stand corrected.
        I know he's jumped-up as (profanity) and a prolific beggar, but his free posts usually tells me early in the day if I need to get the car parked undercover when I leave for work.

        On other hand, the warning sms I got from here and reading BOM alerts are usually too late to be of use. A warning 50 mins while its going to take me 60m to where I parked my car in an open lot.

        • I get sms from Woolworths Insurance when there is going to be a storm in my area.

          • @Agret: Nifty, hope its just a friendly reminder and they don't sneak anything in the T&C w/regard to it

    • +5

      It'd be great if the BOM app could represent the hourly forecast in graphical format like the Weatherzone app. It's much easier to read.

  • Good conversation over at HotUKDeals about this app.

    • +5

      With comments like these?

      I honestly think you're best off just sticking your head out the window, or standing outside for a minute to judge things.
      Maybe lick your finger and stick in the air, for good measure.

      I'll stick with BOM either way!

      • If the reviewer is from UK, he shouldn't even bother sticking his head out of the window or download a weather app for that matter!

  • +2

    I like BOM

  • New app by a Melbourne based dev called Local Weather (Australia) for $2.49 was released this week and he's taking feedback and suggestions on WP's Android/Weather Apps thread. It's not free but it's a nice looking app and uses the BOM API.

    • I find the 5 day forecast much harder to find/read quickly on the new BOM design than the old app, now you have to scroll down to see it :(

  • +1

    Just use BOM or Willy Weather.

    • +15

      My willy tells me when it's warm or cold.

      • +19

        When your willy is:
        Curly - it's hot
        Wet - it's raining
        Hard to see - it's foggy
        White - it's snowing
        Moving - it's windy
        Still - not windy
        Missing - it's a cyclone

        • +2

          Damn you! I spat my drink all over my screen!!

        • Thanks Willy the weather man from down under!

        • You left out 'cold'

        • +2


          Oh no. No no no. No no no no no no no no no.

        • Username checks out … at times 😂

        • Missing LMAO

  • +5

    BoM is the BoM….b

  • +1
  • +5

    Nothing beats Aus Weather Australia. Beautiful widget. Uses BOM data, and always free

    • +2

      I haven't used Aus Weather.

      I do use Willy Weather - has it all - tides, wind, humidity, UV, etc. in a beautiful interface. Ads in the free version are pretty unobtrusive.

      • A while ago I was looking for a replacement for the popular-but-then-went-defunct Pocket Weather app / alternative to Dark Sky on my Android smartphone … and after looking on a few forums, I came upon Aus Weather Australia.

        As xiangtan mentioned, it uses BOM data, and I've been pretty happy with its uncluttered and easy-to-glance-at interface on both the app UI, as well as its widget variants (3 to choose from)

      • re ads, if you use Adguard, there are no ads in the free version of the app.

        • how much does adGuard cost?
          is says 7 days for free but then what?

          • +1

            @ripprind: I bought a lifetime license years ago using a VPN and it was quite a bit cheaper than it is now. Adguard appears to be asking about 90$ for lifetime.
            I only bought adguard android, I don't use the PC version, it really is worth the money. It removes ads from almost all apps, not just the browser.

            You could look for coupons or VPN options to get it cheaper, but it's worth having in my opinion.
            I did just find this https://www.g2a.com/adguard-premium-pc-android-mac-ios-3-dev... for about $21 AUD.
            There might be others

  • Don't most weather apps just pull the BOM data anyway?
    It's just a matter of the app usability

    • +10

      Surprisingly no, most don't. They get weather data from some US company and it's rarely accurate.

      • +4

        Australian weather from US data is just a massive inaccuracy and delay waiting to happen.

        BOM for life.

    • +2

      No, IIRC BOM charges some large fees to use their data, so it can be harder for app developers to justify using BOM

      • don't know if the charges are "large" but definitely hard to justify for a free app.
        I support BOMs decision to ask for a licence fee though.

        • BOM is already funded by our tax dollars so i'm not sure why they would charge for API access. It's not like they are losing ad revenue since their app has no ads.

    • A lot of them use The Weather Channel (Weather.com) as their data source which is US focused and often incorrect for Australia.

  • +14

    I miss pocket weather so badly. Nothing will ever beat the UI.

  • +2

    Design looks like it's from Lollipop Android era 😐

  • BOM for the weather and Windy for the wind forecast.

  • +5

    I just use https://weather.bom.gov.au installed on my Android phone as as lite app (essentially a shortcut to the webpage displayed in full screen and without the address bar etc). Nice simple layout and does everything I need - hourly forecast, seven day outlook, warnings and radar.

    • That's actually pretty good

  • +1
  • 1.89 to me not free

  • +6

    There's weatherzone as well however that developer killed old version which people paid full price all reset to nothing and get Ads.

    Prefer Willy

    • Yeah that did annoy me. But I still use WZ.

    • I still use the old weatherzone.

      It hasn't been updated, but still works fine on 10, although location following is flaky.

  • +4

    I use weatherzone. Better presentation for my taste but the widget bugs out not updating and now has ads… still looking for a similar replacement.

    • Yeah but like I said before don't pay for it. Who knows what the developer will do with your purchase. Google or Apple shouldn't allow that to happen. You have paid for app you should have full version for it forever. However developers abolish old version release as new with same app name so they get more money. You should not support these developers

      • You still have access to the old version.

        It's not in the main Google store, but it's still in your app list. You can install from there.

        I'm still using the old version. I really dislike the new version, for lots of of reasons.

        • +1

          Yeah but I changed phone and widgets not compatible with new

  • +1

    what's wrong with the default one, for instance, Weather one on samsung?

    • Yeh I want to know this too

    • +4

      If it doesn't use the BoM for weather data then it's not worth using in this country.

      That goes for all weather services (Apple/Google stock weather apps, Windows weather app, etc) and not just Samsung.

      Just compare the forecast between BoM vs any of these apps to see the accuracy difference.

      • Yes, that's right and to answer my own question, I am not sure if Weather app on samsung uses BOM weather data as many times as I can recall, the weather data was inaccurate.

        In short, BOM is best and from my experience, Weather from samsung is inaccurate.

  • Is this any good? I've been using the sense flip Clock and weather.

  • +1

    Tried on one of my phones. The temperature is not accurate. It shows tomorrow's temperature for Melbourne is 8-17. Definitely not using BOM data


  • +2

    I must be the only person using Elders Weather.

    • Second this. On my 2nd year with them. Worth the $2.99 annually IMO.

      • Same here. The only app I've ever stumped up a few dollars for! And I've even become accustomed to the red colour :)

    • Third this

      It's one of the very few weather apps that run in landscape as well - a bonus for the pad.

  • +3

    not free .. *Paid & subscribe: App may be expired in three months, in that case you will need to subscribe to continue using. The free period is same as advertising

  • +1

    Just FYI in case anyone else would find notifications for when it's going to rain soon then rain alarm has been working super well for me, it's pretty much always accurate and gives me enough notice to go and put my tools away, if you require a lot of advance notice it's not that great, as you get maybe 30 mins at best, also don't bother buying the alarm settings feature because there's nothing remotely useful in there.


  • +1

    I've been using Weatherzone for some time, would like to find something as good or better that also shows thunderstorm on radar without a subscription needed.

  • thank you. downloaded it

  • For anyone who likes weather analysis - check out flowx.

    Brilliant presentation.

    Interactive maps with rain, pressure, cloud, wind etc forecasts for up to 15 days

    Subscription, but well worth paying for imh.

  • -3

    I usually type in weather forecast on Google. Tells me everything I need to know; UV, precipitation, temp, what it feels like, humidity etc. And Google is free anyways…

  • +1

    I've been using WillyWeather since PocketWeather shutdown:


    I like it. Gets info from BOM and displays the info nicely. I do miss Pocket Weather though.

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