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Woolworths Road Assistance $79 for 1-Year (Was $99) + 5% off any Woolies shop @ Woolworths Insurance


Woolworths Roadside Assistance is now available to everyone, and is normally $99 per year.
(You DO NOT need to hold any Woolworths Insurance product to have Woolworths Roadside Insurance.)

If you now use the code:


at "Promo Code" at the bottom of the Checkout, and you will get $20 off.

So, Total for 1x year of Roadside Assistance is $79

Also, add your Woolworths Rewards card at the Checkout when you join Roadside Insurance and get 5% off your shop once a month at any Woolies!

Woolworths Roadside Assistance Terms & Conditions

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    How many Woolworths Rewards points do you get for a flat battery ?

    • :) :) :)

    • Its Everyday Rewards pal…. :-P

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        i haven't updated my card yet.

  • Woolworths Roadside Assistance is run by "Digicall Roadside Pty Ltd".

    I haven't bought this Roadside Assistance myself.

    Does anyone have any comments on Woolworths Roadside Assistance?

    Is it better than NRMA?

    Will they help tow a car off a 4WD track in a NSW State Forest or NSW National Park?
    (NRMA will not - it's in their Terms & Conditions that they exclude Forests and National Parks)

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      Is it better than NRMA?

      NRMA doesn't give you Woolworths Bricks with each callout…

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      Have you found any companies that will do off road recovery? I didnt think anyone would.

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      NRMA roadside and their Service Centres are no longer owned by NRMA/IAG/CGU, they sold off that division years ago knowing that cars are more reliable and less likely to break-down as well as the 3-7 years of free roadside assistance that comes with most cars nowadays.

      NRMA receives licenses fees for their branding, and a profit-share of takings, but the true operator of these services is unknown to me.

  • Also, like NRMA, you need to wait 48 hours after purchase of Woolworths Roadside Assistance; You can't use it immediately if you breakdown and join on-the-spot!

    • Didn't know this was a thing, I joined NRMA a few years ago so I could get into 'my' car.

      I had no issues then.

      • Apologies, you're right.

        NRMA will charge you a $250 Joining Fee on-the-spot if you don't wait 48 hours.

        As opposed to Woolworths Roadside Assistance - it appears you have to 48 hours, there is no ability to use it instantly, for any amount of money :(

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        I knew NRMA were thieves

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      I think they all have that policy, RAA made me pay a extra $100 as my cars injector died when I just arrived at work.

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    If my maths is right, you could come out ahead if you spend $1,600 at Woolworths per year even if you don't have a car. You'd just need to spend at least $150 in one transaction every month. You'd save more with bigger transactions.

  • Will the 5% off on groceries stack on top of the 10% insurance discount?

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      It would be nice if they could match the same rate as other WWS products, but here are the T&Cs

      Customers who have a Woolworths Insurance Policy, Woolworths Credit Card or Woolworths Mobile account and are eligible to receive the 10% off offer once per month instead, and are not eligible to receive any additional discount.

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  • Does Woolworths roadside assistance provide unlimited callouts?

    • Yes.

  • Full Terms & Conditions are here:


    Key things to note:

    • 2.5 tonnes and over vehicles will NOT be covered.
    • Any car located in an area that a two wheel drive recovery car cannot access (eg: National Park and/or State Forest and/or Beach) will NOT be covered.
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      If my 2wd vehicle got there so should theirs