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Optus Realme C3 $29 (Was $199) in-Store Only @ Woolworths (Very Limited Stores)


Further reduced in price from $69 last month with severely limited stock.

Found some at Winston Hills NSW and Seville VIC. You can try another store and leave a comment about what you found. Good gift for your kid.

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    Excellent price! Optus chat will usually unlock this if you ask nicely. The phone does have NFC and is dual sim capable if you change the region. Some have also had success with custom recoveries and ROMs. There have been some pretty lengthy discussions in the previous deals here, here and here.

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      "dual sim capable if you change the region"

      How the hell is that gonna work if there is only one imei?

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        There's two modems, hence two imei's when you change it. I currently have the phone set to "Multilingual Version Ex", sitting on my desk, right next to me.

        • Cool. Thanks for the info.

          Are they the same imei?

          • @hex7272: Can't be the same

            • @Kiro: There is only imei on this phone.

              • @hex7272: Yes as advertised but once the second modem is unlocked then in settings you should see the 2 iemi numbers.

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        My oppo x2 pro single sim for au market works fine with 2 sims and one imei after changing region to Singapore

        Imei not related to quantify of sims, its just vin number of your phone

    • Will they really unlock if ask nicely?

    • yeah using pixelplus ui custom rom on this phone and the battery on this phone has really made it my preference for my main phone now, i rarely have to charge it at all, and the performance is pretty decent, the screen size is a good plus too!

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      What a day to be alive. A smartphone is cheaper than a KFC bucket!

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        Did someone say KFC?

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          I don't care, I love it

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          Shut up and take my money! 😂

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    Processor: MediaTek Helio G70

    Operating System: Android 10 + RealMe UI 1.0

    RAM: 3GB

    Storage: 64GB

    MicroSD slot: Yes

    Headphone Jack: Yes

    Fingerprint sensor: Yes

    SIM: Dual

    Battery: 5000mAh

    Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G , NFC

    Rear Camera: 12-megapixel (f/1.8) + 2-megapixel (f/2.4)

    Front-Facing Camera: 5-megapixel (f/2.4)

    Dimensions: 164 mm x 75 mm x 9 mm

    Weight: 195g

    • Micro USB charging.

      • Micro USB? Surely not. I haven't seen a phone with Micro USB in a few years. Do you mean USB-C?

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          Definitely micro

          • @phantom: Ok. I'll pass then. Thanks 👍

            • @SimAus007: It's $29 lol

              • @scottySK: Because it's locked. It's not always that simple to unlock (for free), despite what some say.

                Directly from the Optus website….

                Unlocking other Mobile Devices:
                Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, etc.

                A fee is charged to unlock the device, but the amount depends on how long your service has been active with us.

                If connected for *less than 6 months an $80 fee applies
                If your handset has been continuously active for more than 6 months a $25 fee will apply.

                Source: https://yescrowd.optus.com.au/t5/Mobile/How-to-unlock-Your-P...

                • @SimAus007: You do understand that people do in fact use Optus right?

            • @SimAus007: Loll.. Made me chuckle, the micro usb hate is strong with you SimAus..

              • @scud70: Micro USB in a PITA and every other Android phone on the market has moved away from this, loooooong ago. There is a good reason for this!
                If that made you chuckle, then that's a good thing, happy to entertain you with such simple things ;)

                • @SimAus007: Hehe I know it's not used any more… just what us ozbargainers expect from a smart phone that costs $29 makes me chuckle… 🙂 I wouldn't buy it either… But because I don't need it…

                  • @scud70: It's not $29, unless you intend on using it with Optus only.

                    It's $29 + $80 unlocking fee.

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          Definately Micro-USB, it's my deal breaker for this otherwise great cheap phone.

  • ITs a ripper deal, i am pretty sure it's store specific clearance though

  • Direct link https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/91603/optu...

    Let me know if it isn’t and I’ll remove it

    • woolie store stock level checker … pretty accurate right ?

    • Stock checker is for the red in the link above

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    none within 10,000 km

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      I would walk 500 miles

      • And I would (not) walk 500 more….

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        Dan Andrew: you're gonna wot now?!

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        and I would walk 5713 miles more

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        Da la lat da, da la lat da la lat da la lat da da

  • Damn good phone, this - my partner’s been through several of them (people keep flogging them).

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      Where is she going that they keep getting flogged?

      • Various places… he hangs around with some deadbeats, from time to time, & we live in a high crime area. He's also pretty shocking at keeping his phone in his pocket or somewhere else safe, so he's a sitting duck for anyone who's looking to grab something…

    • Multiple times? Suspicious.

  • I would just abuse this as a cheap webcam then or a cheap dash cam.

    • Use Alfred Camera to make it into a security cam

  • This is an insane deal. I'm so tempted but I don't even know what I'd use it for :D

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      If you had a bike, ebike or scooter it would make a good gps nav and gps aided speedometer? :) Also music on the go…. If you loose it or damage it….. not the end of the world, right?

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        Firstly, thank you for replying. Those are fair points and I do in-fact have an e-scooter which I LOVE riding. I also conveniently have a phone holder for my scooter :D

        The truth is, I would much rather use my main phone for GPS Nav as I can simply put my phone into the holder when I want. If I used this C3 as the GPS Nav, it would require me to be carrying my main phone and this phone with me everytime I go on a ride. On one side, this would save the battery of my main phone, however the con of having an extra phone with me outweighs this benefit.

        Additionally, music on the go can be done on my phone. If I used this 'side-phone' for music, it would make my current phone a bit of a wasted purchase since I'm now using this inferior phone instead of my main phone.

        The loosing/damaging bit is fair however this seems a bit too far. This phone is FAR inferior compared to my main phone. This use honestly seems a bit too far as it's similar to a situation where you have a brand new MacBook but you continue to use your old laptop because you're scared of loosing/damaging your new device.

        My Opinion: This is a situation which explicitly defines two different types of people

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          Haha tell us more.. please !! Sequel, on why you specifically wouldn't buy it!!

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            @ilikecheapcrap: I saw the trailer for the sequel… It was just one scene showing a micro usb port….

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              @scud70: I hate that you're actually making a good point there. Wouldn't wanna using a Micro USB again :)

              • @Zackeroo: Haha that credit goes to SimAus… Assumed you'd probably feel the same as him with micro usb…lol.. Also you should be proud to have written the reasoning at midnight… I can't even speak coherently at the best of times let alone at midnight 😂

          • @ilikecheapcrap: Lmao in hindsight idk why I wrote such a long reply :/

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    Great deal but no stock availability:/

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    Found some available at Newmarket Plaza (VIC). Won’t let me order for pickup or delivery so good luck tomorrow if you want it.

  • Stock available in SA:

    Echuca (Near Bendigo & Shepparton)

  • how do you see where all the stock in nsw is?

    • Searched post codes randomly around city, suburbs etc nothing in my lga.

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        You need to check Woolworths not IGA

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          For a moment you had me there pulling a Jimmy Giggle. (I hope)
          let me capitalise it, LGA.

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            @reilu: Thanks to covid, we added the lingo LGA to our vocabs

  • OP- I can't seem to find stock at Winston Hills NSW.

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    Screenshot the page that has half price $29 was $199 then screenshot a store in your state which has stock, Renmark in SA then take to a store that price matches and depending on their price guarantee policy should honour it. I'm giving it a go in the morning so will let you know how I go

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    Great phone for the price, even for the normal price.
    Build quality surprised me. Even camera is not half bad for this price range.

    Few cons:
    - Wifi maxes out at 50mbs when I try Speedtest, even next to router
    - Micro USB
    - 720p screen (but looks pretty good)
    - Widevine L3 so no HD in Netflix

    • Might add that the soc is mediatek so cfw support while existent isnt great.

      • WiFi is woeful on mine.

    • the highlight of this phone is the processor, its around twice the speed of any other phone under the $150 price range

  • Might buy this few left in Sydney to pick up.

    • Whereabouts did you see this mate?

  • no stock anywhere in the whole of Australia! Impossible to get it!

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      Clearly for measurements

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    Says there's stock at Narrabeen NSW, there isn't. Don't bother trying there.

    • Was going to try later today. Glad you posted this. Thanks fellow LGA ozbargainer

    • I was about to go to Narrabeen now. So were you at the shop and there was no stock?

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    Nowhere to be found :(

  • Watch e Bay influx

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    no where in sydney

  • Is this such a good deal when your having to pay $80 plus to unlock, even in older post people was buying this and phone is locked right?

    • You can just it as a wifi device.

  • Does this phone work with boost sim which is Telstra if obviously unlocked? I’m sure I read somewhere it does not work with boost but find it weird as most phone work with any sim.

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      So many times members comment and say it has restricted bands, but then whenever anyone asks which ones are missing they can't say.

      I own one and here are the bands it has.

      • Im sorry but aint got a clue about bands what does this show me you sent? All good for telstra boost or not suitable as dont think i have heard of phones not being able to use certain sims or networks but then i dont have much a clue

      • Band 5 is the vital one for Telstra network, and is on the box photo.

        But Optus has a history of disabling it in the firmware on other models.

  • I think my local store has one, thinking about getting one as a backup device. Can someone confirm if you get the unlock code for the network that this phone still can't use Telstra?

    • I have telstra boost im asking same question if can be used on this phone hopefully someone can give me heads up as dont have much of a clue of the bands etc.

  • This phone is out of stock at every lga I could check under in nsw if you really want it officeworks has it for $59 and Wetherill park Nsw has some stock


    • I knew of one from there i last night, i could not make up my mind if to buy or not and was even still available this morning.
      I decided to go order it online and it has changed to limited stock called store and none left. The one i was thinking of sold today.
      So must have been someone on here.

      Sometimes you just have to grab when you get the chance, not as good of price as this Woolworths one but still good price.

      I take most places who would have sold this will have already sold cheap stocks in past? Im sure others said target in past and maybe bigw. But prices are high now wonder why.

      This was from another state never mind you win some and lose some.

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    jesus that's a steal

  • I can’t see any stock in OW either

    • There had been and one showing online to buy in store in my state but stupid me should have purchased and ask questions after. It was available on the evening i seen it and next day in morning and by afternoon i decided to go buy it but it got sold.
      It was a 52km drive to store and same back which put me off but im surevi could have made it worthwhile by going to few other places.
      Can't see there being much deals like Woolworths or ow with others as i think most places have already got rid of these ages ago.
      Amazon sell them and im sure others but at $200 plus