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PlayStation 5 Disc Version $749 Delivered @ Amazon AU


PS5 in stock @ Amazon. Go fast. More words required.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Looks like they had only one in stock

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      Nah - there are bots setup to purchase these on multiple accounts when they come back into stock. It's an easy flip to double your money, so even if they had dozens in stock they go in a very short period of time.

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        Not always bots.

        There are 1000s of people who follow twitter/discord bots so they jump on the deal as soon as it gets posted. They usually get sold out under 30s - 1min once you get the twitter notification.

        By the time its posted on OzB its too late.

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        Anyone paying over retail from some scalping scumbag is a peanut as well.

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        I'd rather wait 12 months than buy some bloated price from a scalper.

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          I've waited almost 12 months already!

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            @cykezero: Good on you! Me too. Let's keep on waiting! I have the PS4 and still enjoying it with PSVR games! Cheers

            • @vinni9284: I have PSVR in Sydney left by my brother when he went o/s. Keep meaning to grab it. He left a PS4 Pro as well.
              Just a note, I managed to grab one of these PS5 more out of FOMO than anything else.

              • @cykezero: I understand. There is too much FOMO going on at the moment for many things, housing, cars, etc which is driving the market in an upward spiral ridiculously. Give it a year, and you'll see the PS5 and the others in cashies selling for $450 when we reach covid normal/vaccination

                • @vinni9284: That was my thinking last year. Do want to play Ratchet though

                  • @cykezero: It's excellent but if you pay a premium for it, you'll be sorely disappointed. It's quite short.

                    If that's your #1 game to play, don't pay above RRP.

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                    @cykezero: Don't know of the game tbh. Will research. I just want one to upgrade as I have a 120" 4K projector

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      If thats the case, I feel even luckier to have actually got the one! LOL

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    And it's goneeeeee.

  • Failed to add to cart.
    I think it is now finished.

  • gone already!

  • Gone! Already !

  • Damn, and I thought I was quick. Missed it!

  • I bet the bots got to it first

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    should sign up @ twitter ps5 alerts australia

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      Yes, that's how I got mine from EBGames. But no point if you are hunting one from Amazon.

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        i got one must be lucky

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      This is the way

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    Sick of this sh*t

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    I clicked "Buy now" 30 seconds after the twitter stock alert and it already was OOS.

    Must have only had a few in stock.

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    I’ll wait until ps5 slim or pro come out in 2023.

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      it will be the same issue by then "currently unavailable"

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      2023.. That's not happening lol

      More like 2024-2025.. Covid or not, there are many variables, gaming is as popular as ever, the mentality of FOMO in tech is now a thing especially with scalping at an all time high, that is here to stay. I guarantee you that once a Pro releases, it will be the same thing all over again. With the rise of social media and online communication people are more in the know now then ever. It's evolution.

    • I actually had this in my cart at checkout and cancelled. I only want to play one game which is The Last of Us, and apparently its being remade for a 2023 release anyway. May just wait out for the Pro you're doing, more games will be released by then too. Need to buy new HT speakers anyway.

      Demon Souls, Returnal, God of War, Uncharted and FF7 were all leaked coming to PC soon so will pick those up instead.

      • The ps5 digital edition will play those games and isn’t hard to get

  • Amazon doesn’t restrict to 1 units these snicker flippers use bots bought them all.

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      Yes they do.

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    So quick! 515 link clicks in 10min as well

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    Your best bet is to go to JB or EB regularly until they start putting your name down for a preorder.

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      Yep, that's what I did. Eventually was able to put down a deposit at EB in mid-May, console arrived almost exactly 2 months later in mid-July. Bit of a wait, but at least I didn't have to pay a cent over RRP.

    • Yep put my name down at JB and had my PS5 within 4 weeks - this is recent too, picked it up yesterday

  • oof

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    Gone in .60 seconds

  • That's insane

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    Got one from the twitter alerts

  • Why is it that I get an alert only 19 minutes later on my mail? T_T

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      need twitter bro so u know when to buy ps5 and Dogecoin

  • sigh… so fast.. bots? scripts?

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    Got one a few weeks ago from the PS5 discord channel. Instant alerts which will beat any OzB post FYI. 1000's of people and scalpers in the channel with their trigger finger ready and pre-made user accounts on all the sites that stock the console. If you really want one you need to be in their Discord channel.

  • Where’s the stock? Are people actually reeling these

  • Yeah just ask the retailers when in store I was in jbhifi a couple of weeks ago asked if they were in stock and walked out with one. Don't seem to be taking preorders when they sell straight away. I was also purchasing a new TV so not sure if the keep stock to entice a new TV purchase as well…

  • Oh well, I'm enjoying my XBox Series X from the earlier Ozbargain EB Games posting.

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    Are these the stealth drop revision models or the original you think?

    Not that it matters since they are just about identical and Austin Evans is a clown

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      They'll almost certainly be the 1100 series and as you mentioned, Gamers Nexus and Digital Foundry testing found no real world difference.

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        The real solution is preventing ebay and the like from profiting off these gross scalpers that sell dozens of consoles. That or selling only instore.

        • Unless it's outright illegal, the dogs at eBay and Facebook don't care. Even if it is, they won't do anything. There's money to be made. Why else do you think they let all those "PlayStation 5 Console Disc Edition Brand New Opened Box" auctions where it's actually just the box?

          • @Kyanar: Some show thumbnails with dozens of boxes all lined up. They really don’t care.

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      The new version actually runs cooler

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      Even now the latest revision is running hotter with some cheaper components used

      The new revision is fine, stop listening to hacks like Austin Evans and follow real experts like Steve Burke @ Gamers Nexus.

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        I just watched the video. My bad. I didn't know who Austin Evans was but that's the exact video I saw. Shouldn't have jumped to conclusions.

        My bad.

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    I feel for you dudes, I got mine from Big W via an OzBargain post in January. I can't believe people are still going through the struggle in September!

    • yep took me 6 months of trying from Jan 2021 to get it from big W till I finally got it. keeping it in the cart helped alot.

    • All I want is to be able to get it below RRP

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      It's crazy, I ordered mine on day one from EB thanks for OzBargain community reminding me, traded my PS4 Pro at collection time. I'm glad about that as I missed out on getting 3000 series GPU's because I thought I'd get them when the prices were come down, so I understand PS fans frustration.

      Scalping seems to be on all tech at the moment, it would be great if stores did an in house purchase only occasionally where lock downs aren't on. So drop stock at stores on same day, you could queue before store opens and everyone would get a chance rather than a bot whipping it straight away online and reselling at a higher price.

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    It's about a year to the day that the PS5 became available to preorder. Crazy to think 1 year later and it's still a struggle for people to get their hands on one.

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      According to my emails it's exactly 1 year since I ordered mine. I was lucky and got a unit on release

  • i thought this thing just cost $1…

    it's like selling peanuts.

  • Too many words.

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    Click bait for a unit that was already sold before advertised

  • Wow this console has been so hard to snag. It’s been a year and still no improvements.

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    In Sydney, there is no stock in stores anywhere. At least the inner city JB stores from East gardens to Broadway and Leichhardt have advised me they will not receive any stock during lockdown. JB East Gardens has a waiting list with 150+ names on it. I've heard a JB in Blacktown has many many more names on a list.

    I called a JB Hifi store near where a mate lives in Adelaide and they had stock in store which almost caused me to think the guy on the phone was joking, which he thankfully was not. So I got my mate to walk in, buy one (disc) and post it to me.

    I gave up on trying to snag one online, there are bots all over the place and it's nigh on impossible to get one.

    Good luck everyone! Hope this helps someone get one to actually play on.

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    FYI for those wanting a SSD to upgrade the storage because you will need it.

    • Samsung 980 Pro 2tb is going for $579
    • you can pickup a heat sink for about 20 bucks but most seem to be sold out.

    all in one options with heatsync bested priced is the Gigabyte ones

    • Gigabyte 1TB SSD AORUS Gen4 7000s PCIe 4 - 329 to 350 delievered. depending on where you go.

    other single drives with no heatsync or with a heatsync below.

    • WD 850 1tb ssds with out a heat sync looking around teh 300 mark.

    most of the 2tb drives are sold out they appear to be the most popular.

    IF YOU RUN A 1440P display and you want to run at full resoltuion of 1440p importantly buy the EVanlak Hdmi Edid Emulator

    other than that you will be all good.

    • Thank you for all that info, can you please link me to the EVanlak Hdmi Edid Emulator, i have a 1440p screen with my ps5

      • https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07YMTMMH5?pf_rd_r=YXBJ...

        I have this they work very well, you won't have HDR if you care about that though.

        • thanks for the reply, i see there is heaps of different options. i have dell s2721dgf and my ps5 connected. so i go with the 4k uhd one you linked and i should get 1440p resolution from that. sorry for so many questions

          • @speersy31: yep i have the exacte same 165hz monitor you have, this works a treat.
            when you get a 120hz game it automatially switchs to 1080p 120hz and then when you close it it goes back to 1440p 60hz. Its so good!! for games like red dead redemption 2 playing it at full 1440p 60hz is great!!

            So what it does is that it will feed a 4k 60hz single into the device, and it will down scale it for you to 1440p 60hz

            so the playstation will think its 4k 60hz but you will see it in 1440p 60hz bcause of teh device.

  • It has been one year. Still scalping/out of stock? What a product! Lucky that I got mine at January.

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    By the time you actually buy one of these a 2nd and 2rd gen will be out lol

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        Took you 6 days, 23 hours, 30 minutes.

        I am impressed!

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          haha this is true

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    Sold out in 7 minutes. Or roughly just longer than it saw me to see the alert, leave my desk, try and quickly order one, get to the checkout and find they were gone before I could click a button.

    (profanity) this console cycle, (profanity) the clueless distributors, and (profanity) digital scalpers so hard in their goddamn faces. I will never, ever, ever pay a marked up price on an ebay sale for one of these consoles. As much as I want one I will wait it out no matter how long it takes purely out of spite.

    • +1

      7 min? thats a long time usually it sells out in 1 min. it took me 6 months of trying before I got one. it is possiable you just have to keep trying. follow the twitter feeds and keep the pages open, if you use big W keep the item in the cart at all times. Being very active and prepared for it will get you a PS5. If you not prepared or not keeping an eye on it you won't get one.

    • 7 minutes. Or roughly just longer than it saw me to see the alert, leave my desk, try and quickly order one

      Why are you leaving your desk if you are receiving an alert already presumably on your phone?

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    I bought the PS4 a year after it came out and just walked into JB and got it. Sony not doing well with production this time round.

    • +1


      Sony sold more PS5's than PS4's in the same time period, so they are selling more this time around. Covid lockdowns are preventing holidays and people are stuck in doors so they are buying more technology than ever. There is a global chip shortage at the moment negatively affecting stocks of consoles, GPU's, cars, and many other industries.

      • yep the PS5 is going to surpass the number of Xbox series X's sold too, it is the most wanted console, even nintendo are looking nervous, we may see it over take switch sales too.

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    How is this a deal when the first person who commented can't even get one.