Received Unwarranted Pamphlet with Amazon Order

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I received my $10 echo dot 3 order from amazon. I opened the box and there was an additional pamphlet inside that looks like its from the federal government telling me to get vaccinated.

Maybe the trend of online shopping is that advertisers pay the company to slip in some ads but this was unexpected and the 1st time i seen this from amazon.

Has anyone else got this from their Amazon? Does amazon somehow know people's Vaccination status? This is quite scary.

Now people might say getting vaccinated is positive so its not an issue, but that isn't the point since whether the content is positive or negative is based on someone's view/opinion. E.g. a neo-nazi can add a anti-semitic pamphlet or a muslim can add a islam pamphlet. Although they accept the content doesn't mean it is appropriate.

Should i complain with amazon? Anyone else has this experience?

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    I don't think they know your vaccination status, it's just a pamphlet. Throw it out and move on with your day

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      You're not listening.. this is "scary"!!

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        only if you are paranoid

      • I've just realised my Telstra carrier thingy at the top of my mobile phone screen says to get vaccinated. However, I'm already vaccinated. Is this proof they're using the Bill Gates chip they injected to track me?

        • I got an amazon delivery today and it has the dreaded pamphlet about getting vaccinated.

          Naturally I jumped out the window and died and now exist as a ghost. Don't need no vaccine now. Checkmate fascist oppressors!

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      McDonalds put a pamphlet in my order the other day saying they were hiring, do you think they know that I don’t have a job!

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        to be fair, you are eating maccas…

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    Should i complain with amazon?

    Bikies. but pick a group that has international links.

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      Some people just like to complain about anything

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        I take offence to this comment. Who can I complain to about it?

        • I'll witness a stat dec if you want to talk about the incident

      • just clouds but thats most likely age related

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    Put it in recycling and move on. It's just an ad leaflet, it's less common here but has been happening elsewhere for years with online orders, especially with those wine voucher ads.

    Also, get vaccinated.

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    Not the most helpful comment.

    "Does amazon somehow know people's Vaccination status" - You are super paranoid man.

    I get those naked wine pamphlets with a lot of my orders, shit, do they know I drink wine?

    I got a Jehovah's Witness pamphlet in my mail the other day, I just laughed it off.

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      I got an ad for a penis enlarger on my browser. Now I'm really sad.

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      Once I got asked if I wanted to be a Jehovah's Witness.
      I told them "no, I didn't even see the accident!"

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    Simular to this post

    Remember, Correlation is not causation.

    Has anyone else got this from their Amazon? Does amazon somehow know people's Vaccination status? This is quiet scary.

    Seems more like a strawman argument you are making.

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      I don't think somebody who refuses to get vaccinated understands difficult concepts like correlation and causation.

      • Ah yes, and their debate rages on.

        Do vaccines cause 5G OR does 5G cause vaccines? So much misinformation out there it's hard to say for sure.

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    Best do as they say or your Prime access will be cut off.

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    Just throw away the pamphlet if you don’t wanna got vaccinated.
    You’re scared of Amazon knowing your vaccination status? Wait until you start using that Echo Dot…

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      Oh yes, the trojan horse echo dot, is a very useful device :)

      EDIT: it rhymes too. Must be a conspiracy!

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    You might want to add this to your cart from Amazon next time too.

    Should i complain with amazon?

    You could chat to them?… you already got your echo dot… so… what else do they not know about you :)

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      SF3 should get bonus points for the efforts of this post.

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    You have too much time Karen. get over it.

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    Take their advice and get vaccinated. Might save your life or that of an elderly relative
    You probably already have a 5G phone so you should already be trackable anyway!

    If you don't like advertising in your packages, email Amazon and they'll stop.

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      Newsflash, all phones prior to 5G were also trackable.

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        Mentioned a 5G phone as the vaccine has 5G microchips (or whatever) to help track you!

        • I think the vaccines cause you to become magnetised (see 1:07 for the best bits), which causes your 5G phone to stick to you, which makes you trackable.

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      Get it right!
      5G towers were put up to give people covid.
      Then they want us to get 'vaccinated' which is when they inject the tracker.

      Oops, I've said too mu

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    Orders an Echo Dot
    Complains that Amazon knows things about them

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      Haha classic. OP probably still thinks the government is to blame.

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        No, clearly Bill Gates

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      Orders an Echo Dot
      Complains that vaccines have tracking micro chip

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    I was surprised to get one too, but no big deal. They're the only company that have sent a vax leaflet out with orders that I know of (nothing from DJs or Mecca for example).

    Fully vaccinated as of this morning!

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    Lol Amazon have been including ad pamphlets in their packages for 16 years now.

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    I hate when people leave phamphlets on my bonut.

    • That's been illegal for years since that "get your hands off my bonut" campaign came out.

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    They are tracking your Ozbargain posts :p

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    just put it in the bin

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    This is quiet scary.

    Like A Quiet Place scary?

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    Do you also complain when you get election material in your mailbox?

    • I do. :) But also i legally have to vote so i can see that this would be useful to some. Also i get election material based on my location, not from areas that don't apply.
      Covid has caused so much stress, as a random thought, think about if a family member had become severely ill or died from Covid and you opened up this package and saw that. If someone hasn't decided to get the jab then getting some marketing in their Amazon delivery isn't gonna make em jump up and go get it.

      • think about if a family member had become severely ill or died from Covid and you opened up this package and saw that.

        Yes, people who lose loved ones to things are famously against preventing others from also dying of the same thing.

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    Surely this is way better than the countless Naked Wines ad cards that i get with almost every online order these days. Or Hello Fresh.

    • +2

      We get those all the time too, and we even get advertising brochures now with things like our car registration and insurance renewals (not the wine ones though LOL).

    • They should be asking Amazon or Google whether I drink wine, and send more appropriate advertisements.

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    Wow, chucking a tanty over a pamphlet….

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    You know that free shipping you are getting?

    Well it's not actually free. It costs someone and it has to be paid for somehow.

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    You're scared of Amazon knowing if you're vaccinated or not (they don't) but you purchased a $10 Echo Dot 3?

    I agree it's a bit tacky getting pamphlets in the delivery for things not related to your order, fair enough for the boxes that advertise Cinderella (their new show), but I've received vouchers for those cooking-boxes and wine subscriptions too, like come on.

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    Any one know any deals on foil hats?

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      I guess those kind of orders get such pamphlets slipped in.

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    This is precisely why the pandemic is going to last longer than necessary.

    • -2

      Cause of a pamphlet ?
      You learn things every day in this place.

      • Things seem to escalate so fast :)

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    OP. Don't listen to those people above.

    The federal government knows that your vaccination status and thus has commissioned a private company to guilt trick you into doing the evil thing.

    Don't be a sheep. Remember big brother is watching.


    • +4

      Remember big brother is watching.

      Or listening. The advice would be not to get Amazon Echo. Oh wait.

    • +2

      I don't think he's going to understand the /s and will take your comment literally and ignore everyone elses.

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    I received an Amazon order the other day and spewing I missed out because I didn't get one. Here's hoping todays expected delivery has one.

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    I got this pamphlet yesterday in my Amazon delivery, and I am vaccinated. It's a blanket pamphlet… so nothing to worry about.

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    I received my $10 echo dot 3 order from amazon

    I must have missed the deal. Sure it wasn't a government subsidised dot? I'd only be worried if the dot started reminding me every day to get vaccinated.

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    Good job comparing vacc to neo-nazis. Next time also include stuff like STASI.

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    If you're worried about Amazon knowing things about you, why did you order an Echo Dot 3 to use in your home?

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    Does amazon somehow know people's Vaccination status? This is quiet scary.

    No, but I think we all now know your vaccination status given this reaction lol

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    get vaccinated ya muppet

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    A government issued pamphlet advising you of the latest public health measure to help overcome a global pandemic is inappropriate and unwarranted? Yeah sure.

    Hate amazon but good on the federal government for finally getting off their backsides and trying to actively educate and promote these measures.

    • Is this just a Victorian thing?

  • I make a lot of purchases from Amazon, that leaflet has been included in every one of my packages for the last month or so. PS I’m fully vaccinated even before I started receiving them.

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    Does amazon somehow know people's Vaccination status? This is quiet scary.

    I received a Woolies' catalogue in m letterbox the other day! How do they now where I live? This is quite scary.

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    E.g. a neo-nazi can add a anti-semitic pamphlet or a muslim can add a islam pamphlet. Although they accept the content doesn't mean it is appropriate.

    Presumably Amazon screens the content of the pamphlet before they agree to distribute it. Just like media outlets screen advertisements eg channel 7 wouldn’t screen a neo-nazi ad just because someone was willing to pay.

    • +2

      eg channel 7 wouldn’t screen a neo-nazi ad just because someone was willing to pay.

      Are you sure that they would even have to pay?

      Channel Seven 'crossed a line' with neo-Nazi interview

      White-supremacists and neo-Nazis are feeling emboldened and energised, and are searching for every opportunity to insert themselves into the public square. On that front, Channel Seven has failed us all.

      • +3

        Wow! Well that’s not great…. I just pulled channel 7 out of my head as a random commercial station not thinking they actually would have - I stand corrected.

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    Received the same vaccination leaflet today, along with a coupon for 40% off a firestick.

    It's not targeted, it goes out to everyone.

    Edit: and $60 off an echo show 8. If anyone wants the codes, PM me.

    • +6

      I got the same ones but didn't get the same paranoid reaction! My drugs must be working better than the OP! :D

    • +1

      I got that. Didn’t work on the new firestick preorder :/
      I’ll try again after it releases on Oct 8th or if the old firestick RRP comes down after then.

    • Codes gone

  • +4

    seriously dude??

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    I received said pamphlet and thought it was a novel idea to reach people who the government may miss being able to advertise to via other mediums such as TV. I’m not on social media and don’t watch much tv so I thought it made sense. I’m already vaccinated as we all should be if we can. No skin off my nose. Amazon also included a pamphlet to purchase one of their own devices as well. Both were unsolicited like most advertising really

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    Interesting insight into your mindset, OP; watch out for the Nazis and the Muslims under your bed.

  • +3

    Bro… you're over reacting. It's just a piece of paper, you don't have to blink an eye over it.. just recycle it. Cmon please

  • +1

    Received them in my two recent Amazon orders.
    I'd probably take greater offence in the boxes being coated in the advertisement for the Cinderella film!

  • +3

    Are we doomed as a universe when people complain over the smallest things instead of just getting on with their lives. My parents wouldn't have given a second thought about a pamphlet in their shopping cart.

    • Your first sentence should have ended with a question mark!

      Now, where can I get some counselling after being exposed to such depravity?

  • +6

    Not surprised this post was written from an unvax'd. If this was prior to the pandemic, I could have sworn this was a troll post.

    • +1

      Someone worried about Amazon knowing their vaccination status posts online about their vaccination status in a roundabout way. Niiiice.

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    Ok so you are afraid if amazon knows your vaccination status and you've bought hired their best special agent to spy on you?

  • +1

    These threads are honestly here for the sake of it rather than being a real issue.

    Like, there are honestly REAL issues going on in the world.

  • I hope you don't buy any food items from Amazon. You're just experiencing the first wave - a government leaflet in the box. The next wave is a government vaccine in your food.

  • E.g. a neo-nazi can add a anti-semitic pamphlet or a muslim can add a islam pamphlet. Although they accept the content doesn't mean it is appropriate.

    those sentences. duck me!
    dont even hide your bigotry.

    • Yeah, pretty nasty shit; I mean, OP could have included Manna Beans, the CCP and the global Zionist movement in for good measure…

  • I’m shocked you took the time to make this post.
    Our lives are full of unsolicited advertising, you just toss or delete what you don’t like and move on.

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    'a neo-nazi can add a anti-semitic pamphlet or a muslim can add a islam pamphlet'

    They could but they won't, and in this case, they didn't.

    It's a pamphlet from the government asking you to get vaccinated - where's the problem?

    Just get vaccinated.

  • +10

    Way to go putting Muslims in the same basket as Neo Nazis. Whatever the equivalence to anti-semitism is against Muslims, you are it.

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