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[eBay Plus] Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz $116.22, Samsung 980 1TB SSD NVMe M.2 $145.86 Delivered @ Futu eBay


Highest rated DDR4 RAM from our good friends at PC Part Picker.
Was about to pull the trigger on Amazon for $125 delivered, but here's a cool little saving.
Can save an extra few bob on shipping with eBay plus.

Also grabbed myself a 1TB SSD NVMe M.2 Samsung 980 PCIe Internal Solid State Drive for $145.86 with the very same code.
No Steam Gift Card redemption possible for the 980 however.

Happy building!

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    Thanks OP, was waiting for some ram and SSD deals

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      Same here. Held off, because if the component isn't on OzBargain — the build can wait.

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        Hahah same, I got all my current parts from OzB. Now waiting on a case (Lian Li/Phanteks P400A DRGB) and PSU deal

        • Have a squiz at Futu's PSU's — link.

          Something may just jump out!

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            @QW3RTY: Thanks! Seems like some of them are inflated like the Corsair RM850x/related series

          • @QW3RTY: Super inflated

        • Same! Please pm me if you find this

      • Not when you have a wasted RTX3xxx card sitting on your bench, burning a $2k plus hole in your build process.

  • Is that 980 compatible with PS5? Would be a good deal if it does.

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      I think it's pcie gen 3

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      Nope it's not PCI-E 4.0

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    hmmm good price for 980 1tb

  • Thanks, grabbed an SSD. That's quite a good price!

  • A dump question. Is the ssd compatible to AMD 550 series mobo? Thank you.

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      Hey there, if it's a AMD B550 series motherboard, it is highly likely that NVMe compatibility will be featured on your board.
      If you can find the precise model of your motherboard, give it a Google and look for "m.2 NVMe" in the features list.
      Message me directly if you're having trouble!

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      Yes it is

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    This might be a better RAM deal for some:
    Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory, 2x8GB (16GB Kit) DDR4 3600MT/s CL16 Unbuffered DIMM 288pin Red, (PC4-19200), DDR4, BL2K8G36C16U4R, Standard: 16GB (8GBx2)



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    • Bought 2 of these kits on Tues 14th (Prime member), still hasn't shipped, est arrival 25th Sept. So if you're in a hurry, keep that in mind

    • If anyone was wondering the ones i purchased a few weeks back are E die.

      • If this bad?

        • Nah micron e-die is pretty good for value memory.

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        To those that are confused, basically it's about Single Rank (SR) or Dual Rank (DR):

        To simplify, DR has better performance out of the box for Ryzen series (dunno if it's also a thing for Intel as they kinda take everything that got offered). And currently, if you want great performance out of the box, you better go with DR RAMs. Crucial Ballistix 3600 CL16 kit used to be guaranteed DR, but now it's a silicon lottery. I don't know if the problem plagues the 16Gb kit but on the 32Gb kit that I've been looking at, it's a lottery. Basically you pay for a chance that it will be SR or DR, and given how significant the DR performance is compared to SR, people are furious about that.

        The SR uses Micron rev.B and the DR is Micron rev.E. According to mix response from Crucial's customer services, they sell both so there is no way you know what you get until it's in your hand. There is a way to check it in the aforementioned post without having to plug it in. Basically, when you receive it, look at the heat spreader through the plastic on 2 sides and look for the SKUs, there will be either a: M16FE1 or M8FB1 next to it. If it's the former, you're golden, if it's the latter, I guess it's return time, rinse and repeat til you hit the pot.

        It's a known problem for 3600 CL16 kit with 32Gb, I haven't checked if it affects 3200 CL16 or other speed kits. Good luck if you decide to go the lottery road.

      • how can we find which die is in the RAM? in CPUZ it shows Samsung as mem manufacturer for my RAM

    • Surely Ballistix > Vengeance LPX. The latter doesnt come in CL16 3600, and so you should be able to tune tighter timings on the Ballistix. Its no b-die tho.

    • Got these for $76 last year. Heres to hoping it'll drop this low this prime day.

  • does the 980 have dram?

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      The 980 PRO has DRAM, the 980 is DRAM-less

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      No DRAM, but makes use of a Host Memory Buffer functionality to fill the gap.
      Performance, especially as an OS drive, shown to be very competitive despite the DRAM, even with Gen 4 NVMe drives.

      Article review
      Video review

  • is the ram compatible with


    i.e. if I wanted to add this in for 32gb all up?

    • It should be fine. Do you actually need 32GB though?

      • yes for rendering perhaps

    • Unsure how many DIMM slots are available on these XPS motherboards. If there are 4, you can definitely use these.

      There's no problem with mixing and matching RAM DIMMs, but your PC will run using the slower RAM speeds.

      So if you have two running off of a 3200Mhz frequency, and the other two running at 2400Mhz, your PC would run at the 2400Mhz stick speed.

      • it has 4 slots…

        so the specs are 2x 2933 mhz and 2x 3200 mhz (these ones), so they should be ok?

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          The sticks will function, showing 32GB in your system.
          They will all run at 2933mhz.

      • Problem is Dell doesn't have XMP so will run at SPD speed. These sticks are SPD 2133Mhz I think at 1.2V, which isn't that good.

        Been trying to source good sticks myself haha. Ballistix is the same at CL16 vs factory 3200 CL21 running at CPU 2933MHz CL21. Would rather have 2933 CL21 than 2133 CL16

  • DDR 5 is just around the corner. Don't think they will be intercompatible

    • Ive waited the last 6 months for news on DDR5 and it doesnt ever seem to get any closer. Went with mid range stuff instead of top of the line for my new PC instead. Board, CPU and RAM was $700 via the ebay sales, and ill just replace those parts when DDR5 properly releases.

      • Isn't that basically the whole PC. Those 3 parts are pretty much a new PC.

        • @fuzor Maybe in the past but not now. A 3080, case, fans etc would total $2500+ at the moment.

      • The 12th Gen Intel CPUs are out on the 19th of November. The boards being released initially (Z690 series) are DDR5 only I believe.

      • recent ebay sales did cost me $600 for the same as well :(
        back in the day, there was close gap motherboards, like EDO + SDRAM, SDRAM + DDR1 etc. I had such a one with my Pentium 4, ASUS P4S533-MX


  • Any of the ram in this thread compatible with these? This is what I have now


    Looking to upgrade to 32gb

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      I don't recommend crossing RAMs tho, as it's not stable and not factory-test if they are compatible to each other, even if you get the same speed and latency kit, hell, even if you get the same SKU kit it does not guarantee to work. So you kinda risk if it does not work together as the manufacture doesn't have warranty for it.

      However, it may not be that terrible, I'm just saying that because in case of worst scenario, you are on your own as they don't cover that. Otherwise, I've seen people did that and they work to a degree, not as good as a 4x8 kit for example, but totally work if you want to get 2x8 + 2x8. Just be cautious and aim for the same speed, 3600 in your case, and the same latency, C20.

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        Yeah that’s what I’m leaning towards, I appreciate the write up! I bought the RAM for $110 and now it’s $145! I’ve heard mixing speeds and timings isn’t that good of an idea. I might just have to buy so C15/16 ram to replace the current sticks.

        So I’m not desperate to upgrade and might wait for a sale.

        Thanks for the advice!!

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          If you are not desperate to upgrade, then I suggest you to hold. Subjectively, 16Gb is fine, unless you prefer to leave things open and never want to close Chrome tabs when you play your games. If you don't mind doing those, then 16Gb will suffice for you despite whatever people said. In addition to that, the true upgrade though is better latency, crossing RAMs and C20 don't sound that good of an upgrade, if you do, aim for C16 or if you want to splurge, even C14.

          Another reason is RAM will increase in price from now on to at least the end of the year, when DDR5 releases, that's when they might cool down a bit. You can check RAM state at Buildzoid's channel, he gives insight about motherboards, RAMs and overclocking so you can kinda see what state things are going to be for a foreseeable future.

          You might want to go for DDR5, but keep in mind it depends on the motherboard as well. Personally, I will hold off a year or so as it took DDR4 a good chunk of years to surpass DDR3 so just chill. Have fun with your PC <3

  • Thanks OP. Finally pulled the trigger after deciding not to upgrade my mobo so these RAMs are exactly what I am looking for.

  • Bought the 1tb Samsung 980 SSD, building a new PC & nearly have all the parts I need.

    Got some pretty good deals throughout, $1250 for an RTX3070 & $370 for an i7 10700kf to build everything around.

    Have to wait til next pay to sort out the RAM, case & PSU. Cheaped out on a 2 ram slot motherboard so I'll probably get 2x16GB Ram & because it's a 5xx chipset, the first m2 slot is disabled with the 10th Gen Intel so I went with a larger nvme than originally intended- just as well I would have entirely wanted more than 16gb ram & 500gb SSD so I didn't mind buying myself into a corner.

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    FYI: Parts ordered and delivered all in 22 hrs, for those who raised delivery lead time in comments above.

  • Thanks OP, purchased the 1TB Samsung 980 SSD for my new laptop, double checked and its compatible with my laptop and looks like a great drive with great speeds.

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    OP - I was on fence about building a new system and you pushed me over the edge… OZBargain is painful to my wallet!

  • I'm really on the fence if buying 2 kits of the 8Gb RAM kits or wait for a good deal on a 16Gb Kits :'(