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Ear Saver for Face Mask 5 Pack $11.21 (Was $14.95), 10 Pack $14.95 (Was $19.90), 15 Pack $18.67 (Was $24.90) Shipped @ Ear Saver


It's on again - OZ Bargain Exclusive
At checkout enter OZB25
*Update - Shipping $ issue on 5 Packs fixed - Thanks for the heads up :) Yes its free shipping.
Limited time
25% of All Ear Savers
Masks are here for the interim. Be as comfy as possible. Take the pressure and pain away from ears. A better fit for most masks. Ears aren't anchor points.
Includes priority next business day dispatch - tracked and insured shipping
Yes, we are an Aussie business - All stock is Australian based and ready to go.
Update: Thank you for such an awesome response :)
Please check junk mail for shipping updates. All orders up to 9am 18 Sept have been dispatched and are with Aus Post.

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  • Good discount.

    Though i never understood why these took off as a product to buy, when a pair of scissors and a milk bottle is 5 minutes of free.

    Some folk prefer to buy than make i guess :)

    • Have actually tried a paper clip and rubber bands for a 10hr shift :) Still got the scars. Brutal

  • free delivery on all orders?

    • Free shipping. On all ear savers. Correct

  • eBay is cheaper

    • -3

      Dropshipped from china via botany facility. Same with Am-a-zon. Support Aussie business yeah?

      • +1

        Stock is in Australia, but where is the actual product made? Made in China?

        • Apologies. Poorly worded. More a comment on logistics. By the time a dropshipped order is physically in the domestic postal system, our customers orders are already delivered.

  • +1

    I have two officemates who make them using their 3D printers at home.

    They make this and the supermarket trolley "key".

    • Awesome! Love Aussie ingenuity and those getting out there and having a crack

  • 3 for $4.70 slightly different model https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/224521651140

    This one is a different model but even cheaper. 3 for $$3.75 with positive feedbacks from buyers https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/224522312974

    It also says Australian made.

    • Definitely 100% support Aussie home grown getting in and having a crack. Guys if you can follow the link and make a purchase from the rare Aussie sellers on that platform that'd be awesome :)