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Claim a 100% Cashback (up to $5) on Praise Flavoured Mayo, Aioli or Whole Egg Products (First 16,824 Claims) @ Praise


Purchase any eligible Praise product from Woolworths, Coles or an independent supermarket, keep your receipt and fill out the online claim form to claim cashback on the purchase price (up to $5):

One claim per household.
Payment via bank deposit or paypal.
Full T&Cs

Eligible products:

Praise Vegan Aioli 250ml
Praise Vegan Mayonnaise 360g
Praise Chipotle Aioli 250ml
Praise Classic Aioli 250ml
Praise Wasabi Style Mayo 250ml
Praise Chilli Jam Mayo 250ml
Praise Chicken Salt Chip Mayo 250ml
Praise Zesty Lemon & Pepper Mayo 250ml
Praise Whole Egg Mayo 335g
Praise Light & 25% Less Sugar Mayo 380g
Praise Whole Egg Mayo 445g
Praise Whole Egg Mayo 670g

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    Excellent. Thanks mate

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    Which one do you recommend? I usually buy Heinz mayo / aioli.

    • +1

      The Chipotle Aioli is really good but at $4/250ml will the Ozbargainer in you accept that over more product xD

  • +6

    Cheers and “Praise” to Katie2014

  • +2

    445g Jar is $5 or the 670g seems to be $6 at Coles for those wondering

  • The promotion commences for purchases in any Woolworths, Coles and independent supermarkets on 17/09/21 and ends at 11:59pm AEDST on 30/11/21 or until all 16,824 Repayments (defined below) have been successfully claimed, whichever occurs first (“Promotional Period”).

  • "Subject to the total number of claims available in Participating Stores, as detailed below in clause 13, every valid claim received will be awarded their ‘cash back’ for the Eligible Product purchased for the amount specified on the purchase receipt submitted, up to a maximum value of AU$5.00" - be warned considering the 670g is ~$6

  • +5


    • +12

      "You've got $85k for this promo, and the website cost $880 to make!!" :)

      • +2

        Hahaha! The maths checks out. Yet people question the utility of high school algebra :)

  • +3

    $5 for full on personal details

    • +7

      Asking for my full name, mobile, date of birth, bsb, account name and number all for some mayo…. yeah no thanks lol

      • +1

        Unless they're asking for ID mobile number and account details are probably the only things that need to be correct.

        • Mobile number is unique enough to be ID.

          I don't think that there is a website that doesn't ask for it either so data processing warehouses have an easy link across all data sources.

      • +1

        there is alternative as paypal instead of bsb/account no. Who cares for wrong value for Date of birth - I think above 16 or 18yrs should suffice (may be in some terms and conditions)

      • What they're getting from me is a first name and an initial, "typo" date of birth, PayPal email and a burner number.

        I'd say that's worth it.

  • +7

    Praise this deal.

  • +1


    Kewpie must be gaining too much market share..

  • Hopefully they go on specials next week

  • +2

    Thanks mate. Only a few bucks back but anything is respite in today’s economy

  • +1

    Perfect! I’ve been wanting a vegan one for my egg allergic kid. If it tastes terrible at least it didn’t cost money.

    • +1

      Try the S&W Vegan mayo highly recommend that one.

      • +1


  • i'll give it a shot

  • Did others get some sort of confirmation once they’ve submitted the form?

    • nope

    • +1

      Submitted this afternoon around 1 and just got a confirmation email that my cashback has been validated and would take up to 4 business days to receive the payment.

      • just got mine now. did it 9pm

      • Got mine at 11pm last night. Now I can squeeze Praise bottle.

  • Feel for those checking 16000 receipts

  • Received $5 cashback through PayPal. Thanks OP!

    • Same, received via PayPal this morning!

  • Bought yesterday. Lodged. Confirmation email this morning. Payment soon after

  • +1

    Are you meant to see anything after you submit? I have the "Uploading receipt. Please wait…" then it goes back to submit without page reloading.

    • It should lead to a confirmation page. No harm of resubmitting the form?

  • anyone notice name on coles receipts differs? mine says praise sqeeze Aioli 250ml i hope it will be ok and accepted?

  • +1

    Submitted my claim Sunday evening with Woollies receipt, confirmation email late Sunday night, and just received my $4 via PayPal (Monday afternoon)

  • Can we purchase 2 eligible items from the list in the same transaction and get the cashback for both (up to $5)?

    • +1

      Yes, can confirm on mine

      • +1


  • +2
    • Can we buy two bottles and claim both? Thanks!

      • +1

        Apparently you can, according to above comment

        Update: Confirm as 1 per receipt.

        • +2

          No I tried yesterday and I received the cashback for one bottle only today. Still good.

  • +2

    Bought 3 for $6. Cashback only $2.

  • Quite weird seeing some getting only cashback for one bottle. Maybe I was lucky?

  • “Remember, you can only enter once per receipt.”

    This is the fine print below the claim submission form.

  • Bought 1 Praise Whole Egg Mayo 670g for $5.50 from WW, received $5.50 in cashback?

    • Same here. Got $5.5 back today.

  • Anyone know of Garlic Aioli 250ml is included?
    Its in the picture but not on the T&C list

  • Never received cashback :(

    • Did you receive a reference number after submitting your claim?

      • -1

        Don't think so or can't remember… I have emailed them now to enquire.

        • How did you go? I'm trying to see if all the claims are already finished.

          • @rynnethia: Never heard anything back…

          • @rynnethia: I just claimed this morning and it was accepted and given a ref. number.

  • is it safe to provide our mobile number and bank account details to get cashback?

    • +2

      You can make up a mobile number. Also you can add my bank details instead if you want.

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