Kewpie 300g Varieties $3, Heinz 500ml Ketchup/BBQ Sauce $1.60, Heinz 295ml Mayo Varieties $2 + Post ($0 w Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon


Amazon price matching Woolworths on the following condiments;

Kewpie Mayonnaise 300g Varieties $3

Heinz 500ml Ketchup/BBQ Sauce $1.60

Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise 295ml Varieties $2

Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise 500ml Varieties

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    Thanks OP. I wish Amazon had the Kewpie Sriracha

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    kewpie is the best mayo on planet earth dont @ me

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      • i dont want to hear ur inferior opinion, kewpie is the best !!!

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      Yeh when it's not made in Thailand! Thommy is great too

      • Where do you get the Japanese one?

        • Asian specialty stores

          • @Dezeption: I thought Japanese ones weren't allowed to be imported into Australia because of the "high" yolk content or some other bullshit reason?? I've never seen "made in Japan" ones in any aussie supermarket, not even asian ones. I've only ever seen "made in Thailand" ones. Shame because as a Kewpie connoisseur and having had the privilege to taste the real deal in Japan, there's a pretty substantial difference IMO. All Kewpie lovers should organise a petition to get Japanese Kewpie imported into Australia!!! People don't realise how badly we are getting shafted with the shitty Thailand Kewpies, but tbh even the Thailand Kewpies are still miles better than every other mayo brand, that's how good Kewpie is. Everyone should invest stock into Kewpie. Kewpie is the best!!!!

  • Dang wanted to try heinz Smokey bbq. Sold out

    • It's back in stock on back order

      • Thanks. Ordered. Hopefully before Christmas

  • Minimum of 2

    • Wasn’t for the tomato sauce

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    I tried couple of times but couldn't adapt to kewpie taste. Aldi brand Colway tastes way better.

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      i dont want to hear ur inferior opinion, kewpie is the best !!!

      Quoted from a guy above

  • Kewpie is great except in potato salad. Much prefer western style Mayo's in potato salad.

    • I've found 1/3 kewpie 2/3 US Hellmann's goes quite well for potato salad

  • kewpie yuzu flavour is also good.

  • 500 ml aioli unavailable

    Ketchup unavailable

    Per peri unavailable

    • when i think peri peri i think nandos, not that spicy mayo from hungryjacks lol

  • I much prefer Rosella over Heinz for tomato sauce

  • Kewpie mayo sold out now - no back orders being taken.

  • I put kewpie on everything

    • it's not good for person lubricant

      • How do you know that?

        • a friend of mine told me that!

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    Heinz garlic aioli is really good, pity it's sold out

    • Peri peri mayo for me. I snagged some last night. 👍

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    Thanks brandogs, legend. 👑

  • Peri Peri is back in stock on back order

  • For anyone that missed out on the Heinz sauce deals, there's still plenty at your local woolies.

    • yeah Woolies wont run out lol, its just more convenient for those with prime and for those in lockdown. Unless of course woolies is your weekly shopping destination.

      • Brando - I'm the biggest advocate for prime here, but, it's still sold out. I just wanted to point out its still available at this price in store.

        I wanted the smoky BBQ sauce for my Mexican beans and eggs bad enough that I walked there to get it.