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LG Nano86 2021 4K TV 55" $1276, 65" $1595, 75" $1916, 86" $3196 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys


Real 4K NanoCell - Nano Colour, Nano Black, Nano Bezel, Local Dimming
Alpha 7 Gen4 AI Processor 4K - AI Picture, AI Sound, HDMI 2.1 features (HFR, eARC), TruMotion 200
ThinQ AI - Hey Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Airplay 2, Apple HomeKit, Home Dashboard, Magic Remote Control
Home Cinema Experience - Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, FILMMAKER MODE™
A World of Entertainment - Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+, Stan, Amazon Prime, Optus Sport, Twitch, VRR, AMD FreeSync Premium, Game Optimiser, Sports Alert

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LG Nano91 65" $2,315, 75" $2,795, 86" $4,369

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    • Is it?

      • Yes

    • Is that good or bad?

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        Is that good or bad?

        [email protected] is good for PS5

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          and xbox series x

        • thanks

        • Also good for pc gaming as some 5600x 3080 builds can reach above 4k 60 fps in some games.

          • @AlienC: The reality is series x and PS5 won't get anywhere near close to 120fps on high end modern games at 4k. Most need to offer a performance mode which lowers the graphics to get anything close to a stable 60 - and even then it won't be on ultra graphics options.

            They're still great value for what your getting though, but 4k 60 is def going to be enough for them unless the midgen refresh somehow manages to get a 3080 equivalent or better in there.

  • Difficult finding stock of some of them. No delivery available for me and nearest pickup is 550km away

    • No delivery available

      Mine said 75" can back order from supplier.

  • Nano 55 about $25 cheaper from GG via eBay if you have eBay Plus

    • $25 cheaper from GG via eBay if you have eBay Plus

      How, can't see cheaper and have to pay delivery, you must have some discount code.

      • -1

        Yeah 5%, I thought all eBay Plus members would get it, maybe it's once per month

        • +1

          maybe it's once per month

          Mine is only $5 per month, no 5% discount code you must have just renewed eBay plus.

  • Isn't cheaper here it is a different version?


  • Difference between tna and tpa version? What good is gen 3 vs gen 4? At costco the 65 inch nano86 2020 version is $1299. Worth the extra $295 for the 21 model?

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    Was looking at this but can’t decide if this or the Hisense U8G are better.

    • +2

      The Hisense has No 120hz no real hdmi 2.1 but backlighting is direct instead of edgelit

    • +1

      The Australian u8g different to us version so can't go off rtings

  • would this be alright for ps5?

    • It's good, I just bought one a week ago right before this sale :s

      The black levels are a bit annoying, turning off local dimming helps but it's super clear.

  • Are these the same models Costco have ?

    $1,249.99 LG 55 Inch NANO86 ThinQ 4K LED TV 55NANO86TNA .
    $1,449.99 LG 65 Inch NANO86 4K LED TV 86TNA

    • TNA 2020 Models

      • Thanks so an extra $50 roughly (depending on shipping) for 2021 model

    • The older version nano86 65 I think was 1299 in store at Ringwood Costco iirc

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  • This or Sony x9000h or x9500h series?

    • +7

      I still prefer sonyx9000h

    • +6

      Not even a comparison.
      Sony LCD’s are far superior than LG.

  • +1

    Shit TV.

    • +1

      Why my man.. Why is it a shit TV.. ?

      • Because LG use IPS panels and they’re absolute garbage for black uniformity.

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          Isn't the C1 ozbargains TV of the moment tho?
          Is that worth twice this as I've been holding out to buy it as soon as it hits $3k

        • I missed out the previous Samsung Q70A 75" deal $2000 with soundbar, what do you think about this Samsung? As I understand no Dolby vision on Samsung.

          May be the LG is good for gaming 120hz @4k and IPS panel.

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            @superforever: Yes, Samsung QLED’s are very good but not quite as good as Sony IMO.

            • @p3r514n: Sony never gone down in price like that, hope mini LED will totally replace LED soon and price gone down quicker.

              • @superforever: If the QN90A wasn’t so expensive, I would consider purchasing one. You get the best of both worlds, high peak brightness and good black uniformity. The only real threat to OLED will be micro LED however.

        • -1

          No, they actually have superior uniformity. Their blacks are not as deep as Samsung, yes.

    • Would you please elaborate more details?

      As I understand IPS panel have their good and their bad and a lot of people prefer IPS on monitor.

      • Yeah, the only good is colour accuracy and viewing angle if that is more important to you.

        • If not use in a dark room, I think IPS is OK, right?

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            @superforever: Nope, because the contrast ratio is also abysmal. And yes, they’re very good as computer monitors.

        • +1

          VA TV generally have higher colour accuracy than IPS as all flagship LCD TVs are VA panels (other than LG).

  • And reviews on rtings.com?
    Cannot find even searching

  • Downside with LG is no Kayo app possible

    • Read some reviews that this tv has new os compared to previous model. would that maybe mean kayo can be installed now

      • Wrong. Kayo is not available on any LG operating system, new or old. Only Android TV OS, Samsung TV (2017 and later models), Hisense Smart TV (Selected 2019 - 2021 selected models) as well as Telstra TV (Roku TV)

        • My comment was a question. Forgot to type the ?

    • Huh really why?? That sux

  • Is this OLED?

    • Nope.

    • No.

    • I wish 86” Oled at this price 😂

      • Not going to happen 😪

  • Nanocell Vs Qled

    same same?

  • -2

    Nanacell v nanocell shame shame?

  • +1

    NanoCell, Nano Colour, Nano Black, Nano Bezel, everything nano… price should be also nano 😉

  • What’s Samsung’s closest match to this tv? Mainly the [email protected]? Anyone know
    Off the top of their head

  • +4

    Huge avoid. Edge lit garbage . Save a bit more and get a Samsung NEO QLED or an LG OLED

    • Sure, I bought the LG oled 3 years ago. When it comes to display quality, no TV in 2021 is better than it

      • I’ve got one too but I’d say the Sony OLEDs are a bit better , cost more though

        • Not much. I bought nvidia shield tv. Lg oled TV + nvidia shield tv combination is much cheaper than one Sony Oled TV but they are much better

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    Thoughts on X90J in comparison to this?


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      X90J without question. LG Nano series is garbage.

      • Thanks I was thinking the X90J looked better but these prices were very tempting. Appreciate the advice.

    • +1

      Have a X90J since a few days ago. Very nice TV. Looks great at 4K120 gaming - very smooth motion. Only downsides are the raised black levels, DCI-P3 and REC.2020 coverage isn’t great and the picture looks washed out when viewing off-axis. For gaming and content watching from directly in front though, X90J is very good.

      Edit: 4K120 does show some pretty bad colour banding and there is no VRR. The VRR is supposedly coming via firmware update, hopefully they fix the banding too cos it’s quite ugly.

      • Yeah I saw the VRR support is coming but I guess no one knows when that'll actually be.

        I'll be using it mainly for gaming sitting straight on so hopefully don't notice too many issues looking off axis.

        Sounds like like it'll do my needs well.

        • +1

          Make sure to update firmware first thing. Gaming mode and some other stuff is borked until the firmware update is downloaded.

  • This or the Hisense 65q8???

  • Does it have Freesnyc?

  • As i was looking for new TV i went to the store to get a good feeling for picture quality. I bought the tv but the local dimming feature ticked me off. It seems like it can be turned off
    LG Local Dimming Settings

  • Damn, they skipped the 43'. Been waiting on a replacement for the 40' in the bedroom.
    Wanted LG to avoid all that Android/Google TV nonsense.

  • +1

    The backlight banding is sooo distracting when watching dark scenes in movies. The slightest bit of white on the screen and a whole section of backlight fires up and drops the contrast. I've played with the local dimming but still disappointing.

  • damn why is it so hard to find decent 4k tv with VRR for ps5?

    • LG C1 is what you want . Although PS5 doesn’t even support VRR

      • +1

        I cant afford oled mate, im looking for just decent 4k tv priority being it having VRR and decent HDR, honest 120hz is great but as powerful as the ps5 is, i srsly doubt it will have that many 120hz games.

        VRR support is promised as a firmware update i think, maybe the end of the year..