Hisense 100S8 100" 4K LED TV $6995 with Bonus $500 Harvey Norman Gift Card + Delivery @ Harvey Norman


This 100" behemoth has been sitting at between $9995 and $7995 at most stores for a while. Now it's $6995 virtually everywhere but Gerry has sweetened the deal by throwing in a $500 gift card.

The cheapest ever price I have seen for it is $6396 ($7995 less 20%) in the JB HiFi one day 20% off sale on 17 July 2021….
So if you value the $500 gift card at face value, this price is $99 more than that.

Price tracking here:


It is a 2020 model and Hisense never released a 100" model in 2021.

Comes with a 3 year warranty

Weighs 110kg!

225.5cm wide x 129cm tall

4K max resolution. Not HDMI 2.1 compatible.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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              @Coops1: The panel in the 85" and 100" S8 is different from the panels in the smaller sizes. So is the image processor.

              Although they are all S8 by name, they are quite different beasts….

              For example:
              Hisense UHD TV’s deliver over a billion colours for a more natural viewing experience. With all new Hi-View Engine, Hisense UHD TVs achieve 100% colour gamut measured to BT.709 standard. This means when receiving even standard signals, Hisense UHD TVs can still display true-to-life picture with authentic and vivid colours. *Available only on 85S8 and 100S8

              Also this panel has 200hz motion enhancement vs 100hz in the smaller S8's…

              The panel and processor are really more equivalent to a 2020 Q8 model, but they must lack something hence why they didnt call it a 100Q8.

              Now I am not saying this is a premium panel, but it's not utter garbage either.

              TCL are the other brand that makes a 100". It can be had for slightly less, but I don't have good experiences with TCL whereas warranty support from Hisense in my experience is very good….

              • @TheCandyMan2020: Yeah bro….but still bang on average for $7k

                For $7k most people wkuld buy a 77inch oled.

                I know i did!

                • @subdaman: Yeah 77" is tiny compared to 100"

                  No doubt OLED has a better picture quality (though maybe not in a bright room) - but the size difference is just too much for me.

                  An 85" OLED over this at the same money I would take. The 85" still looks tiny next to 100".

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        This is a better investment, considering the time spent watching it.

        • Regarding the time spent watching, sure, but don't you think you would spend the same amount on an 85" premium panel?

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    seems like a decent price. thinking about options for home cinema. this or UST+ALR screen?

    • Bigger is better! I would go for the UST with 120 inch UST screen. Costs less too.

      • HDR isn't good with projectors unfortunately

  • It's been $5995 before. HODL.

    • Really. Where?

      Lowest price ever in mainstream retailers according to this was $6396 in the 1 day JB Hifi sale


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        My mistake. I was thinking about the short throw projector.

        • No worries. I am glad I didn't miss a good deal on it!

          The projector really dropped in price hard. I think I have seen it for around $4k.

          This has taken longer to come down and hasn't fallen as hard.

          I have had my eye on this for the whole of 2021.

          Missus has approved the purchase too if I can get a good deal!

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    Holy crap what a tv

  • Wow 110kg. Would be a struggle for even two people to hold and move when it's out of the box.

    • Yeah and you would want a very very sturdy wall and mount if you are wall mounting it.

      I have purchased a 2.4m long TV stand in preparation of getting a new TV. Just not sure if it will be an 85" or this or the 100" TCL…

      • I'd be scared to wall mount a TV of this size.
        Then again a TV stand for this would probably cost a mint

      • At 1.3m tall, you're going to be wall mounting it fairly close to the floor anyway, so it makes way more sense just to stand it directly on a piece of low furniture.

        • I saw a pic in a Euro hifi mag years ago and they had a 100" set from some brand and it was in a loft style apartment just sitting on the floor with some retro speakers to the side. It looked perfect.

  • 795 AUD for 70" (4k) from Aldi looks a better investment…

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    Didn't know Hisense made self-display cinema screens (I mean come on, at this point, this is hardly a "TV")

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    I think my mum and dad's old Sony Trinitron weighed 110kgs

  • I purchase this TV.
    Had the walls reinforced during the home being built.
    Will be accepting delivery and install within the next 3 weeks.
    Can’t wait.

    • That sounds great I hope everything works out for you nicely.

      I honestly didn't think we would be in the realm of 100 inches for a couple more years but here we are it feels like lockdown and the virus forcing everyone to stay at home has sped up in house entertainment industries but I could be wrong.

    • Nice Layman.

      How much did you pay?

    • This is awesome 👌
      I'm sure you already have a plan, but don't make the mistake of mounting it too high - you don't want to look up at the screen whilst you're watching it.

  • Patient buyer prayer = wait until this becomes like $1000 in 20 years lol

    • I doubt it will ever be 1000 but I'd say 4 more years this size should be available for 1300 to 2000. Meanwhile buy a decent 4k pixel shifting projector and screen if you have the space for 1700 .. add in audio which can be a 100 to 5000 or more depending on your taste and wait and enjoy. When the prices come down or we all die with climate warming… whichever comes first..chuck the projector and screen, hang up the TV and enjoy..till we all die of climate warming :-D

      • that sounds good although hanging up a screen and installing a projector is not an option at my place.. let us say the ceiling is falling apart I wouldnt hang clothes on it lol..

        I think I am stuck with the TV idea on a stand maybe not even as I can play it on the carpet on my stomach if I have to or sitting down cross legged style.

        • ultra short throw projectors don't need to be ceiling mounted, as little as 60cm of space is all you need

          • @lk0811: Are there any drawbacks to leaving them on idle for hours or using them for long periods of time like screen burn in or heating up or something?

            Is there a fire risk with these units.

            I looked them up and yeah they are very low in space requirements and can be mounted on the floor or on a stand I just need a hanging screen now which is the hard part.

            • @AlienC: no burn in possible. noise and heat profile is generally less than the conventional projector equivalent. brighter also when used with ALR screen due to the lesser distance. really depends on the size and environment. no projector+screen combo will beat a TV in contrast/brightness but if you want screen estate and in a controlled lighting environment it's a good and potentially cheaper option. also easier to mount - ALR screens are much lighter and easier to mount / remove

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          Nah mate .. if you are serious , get a decent telly then or rather save the money and don't buy stuff till you get into a decent place .. preferably mortgage and rent free..More important IMHO… the TV will wait and grow in size and drop in price :-D

  • You can buy a projector + 75" Tv for much less than this.

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      Yeah you can buy a 2 litre bottle of Coke and some movie tickets for much less too.

      • For sure you can.