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15% off Adult & Kids Motorcycle Accessory (e.g. Dainese Mike 2 Leather Jacket Black $721.65) & Free Delivery @ AMX


AMX running another promo.

  • 15% of Kids and Youth motorcycle accessories (no code required)
  • 15% off Adult motorcycle accesssories with 'REPCO15' promo code

(Suspect this has something to do with the ownership via NAPA - kinda weird IMO but, was promoted via Repco today via email).

May help anyone that missed out on the recent deal AMX ran last week.

Free shipping on all orders.

Sure, some stuff might be cheaper from OS sites… But… Aussie store…

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    Upvoted bcuz Dainese.

    • Works for everything (minor few exclusions) on site store.

  • Prefer chromeburner

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      Agreed, but free shipping starts from $499 sometimes kills the deal

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        There is a glitch on their site. If you are buying something that is on sale below $499 (rrp > $500) and it comes with discount code, you can get free shipping. I dont know why but it happened to me a few times. I got jacket from them ($389 after discoun + code). Helmet ($450 after discount + code). All free shipping

        • AMX should have free shipping on all orders… Or you guys mean another site?

          • @mickyb80: Chromeburner if you know what you are getting (model, colour, size, etc)

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    Great deal for people that need to show they are willing to spend big money on a jacket. For everyone else just go in to Aldi and spend 1/5 for a decent one

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      Normally I would agree. But seeing how Aldi hasn't stocked the jacket for 2 years now, it's not about the price anymore, but about availability.

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        They have it right now at my local

        • They had motorcycle gear recently, but no jackets. I've been waiting to get a leather jacket from them for 2 seasons now

        • I think you're confusing motorcycle jacket (with proper padding and all) with their puff and casual jacket (which was on sale recently).

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        oh no, Aldi doesn't have jackets. Lets spend our mortgage money on a jacket.

        • Nicely worded sir.

          May your sacrifice this month ensure you live to tell about it tomorrow.

    • Works for everything (minor few exclusions) on-site store, not just this jacket - it was for example purpose!

    • what you don't take into account is it can be worth buying the best gear as if you ever come off (and you'd want the best), insurance does cover it just FYI.

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        These are good jackets, but the Aldi ones are too. I have come off with an aldi jacket twice and the jacket not myself was damaged. Some long slides too

  • I couldn't decide what size to get so I bought 6

  • need a summer jacket

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      I'll never understand motorcyclists who make jokes about cyclists, cycling is a great way to crosstrain for your time on the bike and idiots on the road are just as much of a danger to anyone on two wheels whether they are petrol or pedal powered.

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        Absolutely. I alternate days between a motorcycle and a bicycle when commuting to work and the combination makes me ride like everyone is out to kill me, more so!

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    This store has most sizes in stock, but that probably because it's more expensive than everywhere else, even with the coupon. Can get smaller sizes in stock here for $540, and larger sizes here on back-order for $600, both Australian sites.

    I wouldn't call this a bargain, only slightly below the RRP of $750, but might be the cheapest avialable for larger sizes from an Australian supplier at the moment.

    • Works for everything (minor few exclusions) on-site store, not just this jacket - it was for example purpose!
      Might want to re-read the OP.

  • It looks like that code is a 15% storewide which means you can use it on Shoei helmets which rarely go on sale. Do you know when the discount code expires?

    • seems to be a couple of exceptions on protective equipment, I wanted to get a new set of POD K8s and they appear to be excluded :(

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      Think it expires tomorrow. (21st Sept - so say midnight tomorrow).

  • Might be expired, as REPCO15 can not be added to the cart.
    Might also be what I'm trying to order, (service items)

    • Read up - "Think it expires tomorrow. (21st Sept - so say midnight tomorrow)." :)
      Might be done and dusted now…

  • *** FYI all - this still seems to be working. It may end at midnight tonight. ***

    • Definitely didn't work on any service items I needed to get.
      Maybe just on apparel or helmets or such.

      Wonder what they classified as 'accessories'

      • Not sure, but it's finished now…

        Was still working at 11pm last night, but seems to be over now.