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Samsung 8kg Heat Pump Smart Dryer and 8.5kg Front Load Smart Washer $1577.96 Delivered @ Samsung Education Store (Members Only)


Both are well reviewed, washing machine is choice recommended. Good bit lower price wise compared to elsewhere plus free delivery.

Model no's are DV80T5420AW for the dryer and WW85T504DAE for the washer.

Bought separately the Washer is $611.23 and the Dryer $1146.73

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  • 8kg Dryer, 8.5kg Washer

    So you can’t dry all your washing in one load?

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      I reckon you’d be able to fit all your spoodge rags in one load even though the amount you’d go through must be a shitload.


    • That's not bad given most other Comho washer/dryer from other brand are 8.5kg/6.5kg drying. I would never buy combo washer/dryer, only good for space saver living like an apartment or town house. Once the machine break down, both are out of action.

  • I have this washing machine. Excellent machine. We do a minimum 2 loads per day. The AI function will send me a message once washing is done. Had another samsung washing machine before this one. Good value and does the job well. Highly recommended 👌

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      We do a minimum 2 loads per day.

      Yeah, it does look a bit small. Probably better to get the Fisher & Paykel.

  • can we use the Code for mobile phones ?

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      Maybe if they are water proof.

  • In SA : SA REPS might get you some hundreds $ back on the dryer


  • Can't visit edu store saying some 500 internal error.

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    How did you achieve the $521.23 price for the washing machine?
    I'm getting an advertised price of $679.15 less 10% totalling $611.23.

    • Oh you’re correct, when I was doing the sums I had both the dryer and washer in the cart. Turns out there’s an extra discount if you buy both at same time. Having them seperate produced your number. I’ll fix now

  • Is there any way to access EDU Store without being a student?

    *asking for a friend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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      If you've ever studied at tafe/uni chances are your student email still works, thats how I did it

  • Can you stack the dryer on the washer? And or vice versa?

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      Dryer would always go on washer, not the other way around.

      • Are you sure about that, with a heat pump?

        • i'm also keen to know!

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            @roby21: We bought a Beko heat pump and they said no issue to stack it on a washer - but as placard says, never a washing machine on a dryer.

            I believe the confusion comes because only vented dryers can be wall-mounted (slight doubt that maybe condensers can too, but heat pumps were definitely too heavy to wall mount)

  • Anyone in Brisbane want a washing machine? Im keen to get the dryer but dont need a washing machine.

    • Sent you a PM

    • Brisbane. I also want the dryer only. Please PM me if you want a washing machine.

      • PM Sent

  • anyone in melb needs the washing machine pls PM me as i need the dryer

  • anyone in Perth needs the Dryer pls PM me as i need the washing machine

  • When I select my payment method to place the order, I get an error message:

    ❌We are sorry but your transaction could not be completed at this time.

    Anyone can help? Thank you.

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