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Unlimited nbn 50/20 $64.95, 100/20 $79.95, 250/25 $99 Per Month for The First 12 Months @ Leaptel


Can't believe this mob hasn't been mentioned on here for a while, but basically Leaptel are offering $10 off for 12 months on their 50/20 and 100/20 plans with $20 a month for 12 months off their 250/25 plan.

50/20 - $59.95 100gb or $64.95 for unlimited for the first 12 reverting to $69.95/$74.95 after

100/20 - $79.95 for the first 12 and reverting to $89.95 a month after, you can bump it up to 100/40 for an extra $10

250/25 - $99 for the first 12 and reverting to $119 after.

CGNAT is enabled by default however you can turn it off in the my account portal (please don't unless it absolutely must be) or you can buy a static for $10 extra.

Local Aussie support based on Melbourne.

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  • Pro: longer 12 month discount

    Con: more expensive for new customer discount

    Worth it? No. (although 250/25 seems to be better value than others)

  • $59.95 for 12 months 50/20 would be a more enticing deal.

    Better than having to change every 6 months to stay on this price.

    • 59.95 if using less than 500GB (speed down to 1Mbps if exceeding limit), and extra $5 for unlimited.

  • +2

    I’ve been on Leaptel for about 3 years now, and they are excellent. Advertised speeds never a problem in peak times, service desk local, responsive and knowledgeable. I know Aussie Broadband gets big wraps, but Leaptel should be in the same conversation. I’m on opticomm FTTH.

    • +1

      Legit contemplating a move to them from SL once my referral discounts dry up. I sent a few friends Leaptels way and they were happy with the service

    • Tempted to try these guys once my aussiebb 250gb discount runs out.

      Been with aussiebb for 3yrs now, no complaints but they are a bit expensive

  • anycost for turn off CGNAT?

    • None but they do ask that you only do it as a last resort

  • +1

    Can someone explain cgnat to me?

    • +2

      It can be a bit hard to explain but this is a basic rundown of what cgnat is: https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/help-centre/nbn/tech-supp...

    • Most people don't know what it is, and won't have a problem with it on. If this is you, then you don't have to worry about it.

      You can't run servers with it, so you can't log in to your home security, or run a Plex server etc. Some games have trouble with it, and won't let you host games or have other issues playing online.

      The main thing that annoys me about it though is that a number of sites see the same IP accessing them and force CAPTCHA and other DDoS prevention measures.

  • I had used their service, you need to input username password to set up wifi (vlan tag).
    Customer Service is pretty good and NBN speed as well (FTTC)

  • +1

    they arent good for Intl speeds, if u want Intl speeds, Go AussieBB/Superloop/Launtel/FBB

    • How do you find info on this?

      • have been with then in the past, they use Vocus for Intl transit, u do get good intl speed but if you are really keen on getting full intl speeds, go with the above

  • Do they use PPPoE or IPoE?

    • PPPoE although they are trialing IPoE at the moment with Opticomm services

  • When you signup for a new NBN service, do you have to formally terminate your old NBN service?

    Or is it automatically done?

    • +1

      Auto (unless FTTP and they chose a new port)

      • +1

        Even if it uses the same port, you still need to cancel your service. Some require 30 days notice. If you don't, they won't provide service, but they will keep charging you.

      • I had to contact my old provider and they stated that they hadn't received notification about the churn over.

  • Or go tangerine or spintel for ~$54 for 6 months then switch to the other

  • I am sure Aqua mobile is better value for money. 50mbps unlimited is at $50. Joined them last week, no problems so far. Happy with the service.

    • $50 for a 6 month introductory offer for 50mbps is pretty good. Their normal price is $79, which isnt so good.

      (I could see the introductory offer on their landing page though).

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