[NSW] Tennis Court Hire $10/hr (was $20/hr or $17.50/hr Members) during 11am-3pm Mon-Fri @ HKDTA Tennis (Hornsby LGA or <5km)


Comparison to other nearby tennis centres:

  • NorthWest Tennis (formerly ETDTA) $22/hr & $16/hr for members
  • Kim Warwick Tennis $20/hr casual & $12/hr permanent hire (only before 3:30pm)
  • Ku-Ring-Gai Council $20/hr & $14.50/hr for permanent hire (synthetic grass), $17.50/hr & $12/hr permanent (acrylic hard court)


  • $10/hr rate is for casual bookings between 11am-3pm Mon-Fri. Surface is synthetic grass.
  • Don't need to commit to a permanent booking.
  • Membership ($60/per year) not required for the special price.
  • Free spaces for the discounted booking are indicated in cyan.
  • You can book up to one week in advance.


Mills Park (Asquith): 4X Stratford Cl, Asquith NSW 2077
Berowa: 6 Boundary Street, Berowra NSW 2081


If you live within Hornsby LGA you can continue to play at either Mills Park or Berowra Tennis Centres. If you live outside Hornsby LGA, you must live within 5km of Mills Park to play there, and you will not be able to play at Berowra. Non-Hornsby LGA suburbs include: Waitara, Wahroonga, Warrawee and parts of Turramurra (see picture).

Full disclosure:

I am a volunteer at HKDTA. I receive no payment from the club, but I get volunteer perks.
HKDTA is a volunteer driven non-profit tennis centre.
HKDTA Full Website with our other tennis offerings

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  • good. will book for coming school holiday

    • Great! You can book one week in advance!

  • Kim Warwick is still coaching? Wow

  • thank you ops for this.

    • Hope you can enjoy some COVID-safe lockdown tennis!

  • Anyone local want to play? I use to play well many years ago but looking to get back into it.

    • Local as in Hornsby LGA?

      • Yes or within 5km of the courts.

      • -1

        You can either be anywhere in the Hornsby LGA or within range of the circle in this picture.

        So non-Hornsby LGA suburbs include: Waitara, Wahroonga, Warrawee and parts of Turramurra (see picture).

        I've updated the post to reflect this :).

        • Wahroonga - that suburb is just a dream. Houses are just so nice around the area

        • +2

          pretty funny how the rules set by the Govt mean that someone from Wisemans Ferry 35km away can play here but someone from St Ives 5.5km can't…

  • +3

    Wonder if I should post local park tennis courts in the inner west where you can play for free as a deal

    • that sounds like a real ozbargain

    • Wow that would be amazing actually. Presuming they have a booking system and it's not one of those you have to chance your luck at?

  • Do you know if max 5 persons or max 2 persons ?

    • +2

      It depends!

      Singles with another from a different household is okay within boundary rules!

      Doubles is okay if everyone is from the same household!

      Doubles is also okay with fully vaxxed people from different households provided you show our volunteer COVID marshalls your vaccination status between certain times of the day. The times are listed on our website!

    • I think you could 5 fully vaxxed people, 4 players, 1 umpire.
      Plus, any number of kids under 12 as ball persons.
      All on the court at the same time.

  • Still using the Vcore Pro HD?

    • Yep. Looking at demoing Vcore 95/ 2021 VCP tho.

      Most people I knew online using VCP HD moved to Vcore 95 with lead at 3&9 (the Karue setup).

  • kind of related but also non related question but anyone know where I can get my stuff restringed in Hornsby LGA (both tennis and badminton)?

  • Arbitrary public health orders are not laws.
    Please educate yourself and stop watching so much television.
    And make sure you wear your little mask.