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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 $998 Upfront on Optus 150GB $85/M 24-Month Plan (Min $3038) @ Harvey Norman (In Store, New Services)


I noticed someone posted this back in August(expired).

Here is the updated link i have as now expires 7/Oct.

I was looking for a deal with the new Samsung fold 3 and this seems to be one of the best one.
phone and plan over 24 month, gets unlimited national calls and txt, 150Gb/monthly and genuine Optus network 5G capable.

The only downside is the plan didnt include any international calls but if you dont need it, this is pretty sweet deal:

this deal is like paying $2500 for fold 3 (256gb) + $22/150gb/mth to use = yes over 24 month.

The thing is that no other SIM only plan out there is offering >$25/mth with 150gb to use and 5G network.

So in a sense its not bad.

I was going to jump the gun and get it today but when i called them, they said you have to pay the phone first, and then you get put on the waiting list for the next delivery to their store - 2-3weeks…

(I'm not a rep from optus nor harvey norman)

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      really? why?

      please tell me a better deal i am still searching!

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        If you're willing to front cash, buy it outright through any of the posted deals through Samsung direct (trade in offers, school accounts, EPP), then get a cheap phone plan through any carrier ~$10 per month (i.e. Circle has a good deal right now).

        Example: All up for the deal above is $3035 over 2 years. Any of the deals will average you the phone for $1800, or less. Remainder ($3035-$1800=$1235) split over 2 years to calculate the effective cost of the call plan per month ($1235÷24=$51.50). So yeah that's a bit high.. can be done better.

        Depends how "easy" you want things to be in the end.

        • your calculation is wrong?

          this deal for the Fold 3 is $3035 all up over 24 month.
          the phone itself outright is $2499 (256gb).

          so $3038-2499 = $539


          Anyway i wish theres better deals.. please share if there are :)

          Note* Circles network dose not provide 5G coverage.
          -I guess if you dont want to try 5G then this is not a good deal, but if you want to try 5G then this is something to check out.

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    The bigger downside is supporting Gerry Harvey

  • when i saw 24month contract, i lost my interest.

    thanks OPPP

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    The 24 month contract and HN ruins this deal.

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    Just wait 6 months and you'll get the phone at half-price…

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      Well, I never saw the Fold 2 @ 1/2 price (Ed deal aside), if it come sin @ 50% off, I think I am in. Keep us posted !

    • Just wait for 6 months after you buy it and you'll have half a phone.

  • Aren't these folding phones still made with plastic screens?

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    Not to burst anyones bubbble but I can’t wait for apple to release a foldable phone. You just know they will engineer the crap out of it.

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      they dont even have a finger print sensor in the screen yet lets wait till iphone 20 before they finish moving cameras around first

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        Samsung supplies apple the displays

        • Do you know who instructs Samsung on how they would like them built?

          And their version of Face ID is rubbish which is why they went back to the fingerprint scanner.

      • And when they do, they will claim to be first to do it :)

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      Lol, considering they just released the iPhone 13 which is jam packed full of innovation (sarcasm for those didn't pick up on it), don't hold your breath for that.

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      Apple Is No Longer Innovative

      But their M1 silicon is pretty good.

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    Where's deals for Z Fold 2? Out of stock intentionally at Samsung?

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    Bought this phone and pretty happy with it so far.

    Mind you I was using a Realme 6 beforehand so not sure if my opinion is too valid in the first place haha.

    Had 2 weeks. So far not broken. Will keep you posted if things change haha :P

  • I want to like it, but when it was shown to me (opened) it was a small square tablet. Maybe the shock of that will wear off!

  • does anyone know what the network guarantee will work. I was with dodo which uses optus network and i was getting 4 bars of 4g at home, i moved over to the optus network with the fold 3 and it has been horrendous. I get 1 bar and it constantly drops out at home, on the way to work and at work too. I've tried using the optus sim in my other phone and still only getting 1 bar. done sim swap and network reset and looks like its a coverage issue