BlitzWolf BW-MS4 Dual Monitor Stand with Pneumatic Arm 32" US$40.99 (~A$56.43) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Previously shared the single monitor mount and now the dual monitor mount is on flash sale. Like the other it's suitable for monitors up to the size of 32" and can hold up to 8kg on each arm.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate and stacks with cashback.

  • Model: BW-MS4
  • Net Weight: 5.6kg
  • Head Type: Quick Release Design
  • Load: 2-8kg
  • Mount Ways: Clamp Mount
  • Size: 567mm x 310mm
  • Rotation: 360° Rotation, -85°~+90°Tilt, 180°Swivel
  • Screen Size: 15-32inch
  • VESA Standard: 75x75mm, 100x100mm
  • Mounts Desks with a Thickness:10-99mm

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  • +1

    Ordered the single monitor one last week and still waiting. Be warned even if you select express delivery it will still be Aramex (which sucks), dont expect it to arrive quickly or reliably.

    • Interesting all mine come through Auspost.

    • Ordered on the 8th, shipped on the 9th - AU express shipping apparently with Aramex. Got from NSW to Vic on the 15th. No updates since. Not urgent though, so not a big deal. But yeah, don't expect it in a hurry.

    • +7

      Aramex (formerly Fastway) is 110% the worst courier in Australian history. Always a bad time with them from personal experience…

      • +2

        they're pretty bad but I think Couriers Please is worse

        • Aramex "couldn't find my house" 4 times.

          I live in a very visible house, about 20m from a main road.

          Called them after each attempt and was repeatedly assured they'd fix it, but received nothing, and then they returned my parcel to America.

          • @l3wis992: Oh wow yep you win haha. Did you still end up getting the parcel in the end?

            • @InEmbiidWeTrust: Nope, convinced amazon to give me a refund on it and a couple bucks of credit. Ended up buying the product locally for twice the price as I was on a time limit to finish a project.

      • Well, actually it depends on who is your local courier. I had pretty good experience with them until I moved. Since then delaying by weeks of any package carried by them was not really a thing if they did not lose it, so far they were responsible for over 80% of my lost packages.

    • Also ordered single arm on the last deal, ordered mine 9th Sept, Aramex received it on 10th, arrived in Melbourne 16th, delivered on the 18th.

  • The cool kids are rocking 3 monitors these days

    • Then you get a Samsung Ultrawide and put the 3 above it.

    • Genuinely curious why three screens are needed?

      Currently using 3 x 24" at work and my 3rd is basically only for Outlook. At home I have two 27" - one for gaming and another for browser/discord.

      • +2

        If I had the deskspace, I would have a 3rd monitor in portrait for document reading etc.
        Then the other two would be for Outlook/Teams, and browser (need to use web-based applications)
        I just "make do" with 2 x 27" for now. 1440p helps with screen realestate though.

    • +1

      The really cool kids use 38" ultrawides on an ergotron HX stand.

    • Any recommendations for three? Haven’t found any good ones yet

    • +1

      I ran three monitors (3x23 and then then 2x24 and 1x27 in the centre) for about 8 years and moved back to two larger monitors (2x32) and won't go back, I found the third monitor to mostly sit unused, whereas the two larger monitors get fully used.

  • are these any good? Looking to use with 2 x 24" screens to clear clutter of 2 monitor stands.

    • I would personally steer clear of any arms these days that rely on gas struts. Over time they will sag as the gas leaks.

    • +3

      I have been running one of these in my home office with Dual 32" for a few months now, though it definitely works better with the 2x27" i set up for a friend on one of these. The NB f195A's we have at work are a lot sturdier, better made and easier to setup, but also over double the price. Overall for the money I think it is a good buy, and will handle 2x24" fine, just don't expect incredible quality.

      Also, keep in mind that if you like to have the monitors right next to eachother you will likely need room behind the desk for the arm to pivot out.

  • Wow this is a good price, ordered North Bayou's single arm for about the same price. No regrets though, it is pretty well made

  • It's showing up as $84 now for me - anyone else seeing the same?

    • +1

      Try coupon BG2ae773