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[Switch] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 $80.37 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not the cheapest this has ever been (by a decent amount) but it's a rare game now that is climbing in price rapidly on the second hand market

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Game is very hard to find. I picked up a pre-owned copy for $78 from EB last year and it doesn't come up very often at all

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    Wtf I'm pretty sure I got this for $30 and never even opened it

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      Same… I bought it and sold for like $45.. had I known..

    • I'll buy it off you if you don't want to play it

      • Sounds like I'd be better off chucking it on ebay

  • Aus stock

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    Can't believe an almost 4 year old Switch game for $80+ is considered a bargain.

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      Nintendo are very smart in their supply and demand price fixing.

      They rather stop producing games than drop prices.

      Business strategy seems to work for them.

      I have a very similar model with my small business, and works for me also. Creates the perception of being higher value.

      Check out the price of the expansion Torna, same thing.

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        Yep, can't argue that it works!

        It does honestly suck though for the more average consumer being forced to spend these high prices.

        I love the Xenoblade games so I've already played this to death and whatnot, but for others who might be passing by and want to check out the series then it just becomes way more difficult to take the plunge.

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          I love the whole series also, but agree it's a bit more harder for people to get into.

          I recommend the following if you haven't played: dragon quest 11, octopath traveler, astral chain, persona 5 (ps4).

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            @Ausdave: I've played all of those actually, only ever beat Astral Chain though, the others dragged on a bit too long for my taste 😆 Though I did enjoy them nonetheless.

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          Sure. But, there's always digital. So even if physical prices go crazy, there's a limit to how much you have to spend to play it.

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            @justtoreply: Oh for sure, it's still only ever gone as low as $60 digital though, but I would argue that there's so much to do in this game so you're definitely getting your money's worth.

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    Anyone know if these are sealed?

    • Pretty sure no switch games are sealed IIRC

      • I have had at least 30 games purchased in the past that were sealed.

        • where from?

        • First/second party Nintendo Australia releases?

          • @Morien: my BOTW is deinately sealed.

            I'd have to go through and check which 1st party is sealed by a lot of 2nd party ones are sealed.

        • I'm pretty sure it's the retailers that seal them after receiving them, not Nintendo?

    • normally when i purchase switch games from amazon its not sealed.

      either way i'd purchase it, since you would still be able to sell it back unsealed in future for profit (if you don't intend to play the game).

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      Nintendo AU never factory seal. I have heard of people saying they have received sealed, but they haven't been exclusives AFAIK.

      • The truth of the matter is if the nintendo game is manufactured in australia it comes sealed - if the cartridges get imported the games are hand packaged (top security btw) at Nintendos head office in Stud Park they are not sealed, majority of first print releases of 'first party' nintendo games are not sealed (except pokemon cause they are printed in QLD)..

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    Wait wtf I got this as a gift 2 years ago, is it worth that much?

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        What does emulation have to do with the cost of the game?

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    Why all sudden they have stocks? Reprint?

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      only 3 left now so I guess they just found some old stock

      • Ah I see. I need golden torna, wish they have stocks for it. And also Octopath Traveler, but at least OT got in pc version.

        • I actually picked up 2 copies of Torna from my local JB Hifi this year.

          Was surprised it was only $59 each

          • @SpeedRunnerLink: Lucky you, I called but they have none.

            • @akte: I actually posted the deal on the Nintendo buy and sell Australia page on FB and i think people went crazy calling around for it.

          • @SpeedRunnerLink: Is there a difference between the cartridge Torna and the online nintendo DLC?

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              @g1: To be fair, its really more a full game rather than a DLC.

              There is no difference in content however the cart version has shot up to $200-300 on eBay as it was extremely limited copies made available.

              so resell value wise its more appealing than the digital one however if you just want to play it then get the digital when its on sale.

              I have seen physical copies for sale on Facebook one in a while but they get snapped up really quickly.

              • @SpeedRunnerLink: Whoa. I remember being unimpressed paying $50 for Torna.

                Still haven't played it.

                • @justtoreply: Demand and supply.

                  I remember paying $100 on special for my Pokeball and Pikachu 2DS XLs and look at them now. over $400-500 !

                • @justtoreply: It was quite good! It was probably about a good 1/2th the size of the base game which is unheard of in modern DLC

              • @SpeedRunnerLink: Thanks, I was thinking of expansion pass that at times goes on sale for $30 and includes Torna. I wasn't sure if the cartridge version of Torna has extra content.

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                  @g1: I dont know why Nintendo called it an expansion pass.

                  you can play the game separately without XBC2.

                  In addition its a full blown game itself.

  • I think they did reprint when the remake of first game was released.

    • There is no reprint.

      Just random stock they found to sell as there was only 3 initially when deal was posted.

  • is this the normal price???

    I'm sure I paid less thant this…

    • Normal Price.

      I was at JB Hi fi this year and they had a handful of copies left and this was the price.

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    lol wtf, guess its better go buy it digital?

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      Yep, judging by dekudeals we'll probably see it on sale for $59.95 on the eShop in November/December.

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        hmm, I see

        well I'll get my OLED in a couple weeks so guess I'll wait for that, meanwhile I'll get the first game lol

        • Good choice, I loved the first game more than this one so you're in for a treat with that one.

          I think it's a bit more reasonably priced, usually hovering around $60 so definitely grab it while you can :)

          • @mangobango: Ah nice

            yeah I saw it $48, any other Nintendo Switch stuff you recommend?

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              @Freestyle: Well that depends, but yes I do! 😆

              I'll skip Zelda BOTW, Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart as I'm sure you would've seen those a billion times (very worth anyhow, but I'll get into other games instead).

              For platformers, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is hands down one of the best I've ever played. Another victim of the "always full priced" nintendo scheme but honestly very worth it in my opinion.

              Action RPG, Monster Hunter Rise or MH Generations Ultimate are both fantastic games with hundreds of hours to sink into (or a lot less, it really depends on how much you want to play). Also for turn based RPG's, Mario + Rabbids is frequently really cheap. Try to bag the Gold Edition at a good price or just any other base game + DLC combo.

              Fighting, Super Smash Bros Ultimate (although again you likely would've seen this a billion times as well).

              Other reccs: Daemon X Machina is really fun if you want a relatively mindless robot game. Overcooked is great for couch co-op too and also Super Mario Party for multiplayer (new Mario Party is out soon though so up to you which one you grab). Dragon's Dogma is one of my favourite games of all time and the Switch port is really great, frequently $20 on sale on the eshop. Kamiko is a cheap eShop game that's really fun too, simple yet challenging.

              There's likely more but this is it off the top of my head, Switch does have a really great library so you're getting in at a good time!

              And just one last part of the essay! For controllers if you're playing handheld mode then I'd recommend either the Hori Split Pad Pro or the Binbok Controllers. I've got the Hori so can't comment on the other brand, but it's miles better than using the joy-cons.

              • @mangobango: Nice thanks for the big reply lol, was always interested in getting into the switch.

                just a question, those controllers, i'm assuming they'll also work with the new switch version yeah?

                Guess I'll get one since I'll only play it handheld

                • @Freestyle: Ehhh Daemon X Machina was just free via club nintendo for a week and frankly it was so-so.

                  Anyone that likes that style of game should try Freedom Wars. Sadly you'll need a Vita. THAT'S how you do a game like this RIGHT. (Ok, technically it's not mecha, but functionally it basically is a mecha game. And the grapple hook is more satisfying than flying tbh).

                  • @justtoreply: Never played freedom wars but I'm enjoying Daemon x Machina. I know everyone has mixed opinions on it but I'm personally really enjoying it.

                    Story is awful and there are way too many characters thrown at you all at once, but as a game about giant robots shooting stuff up it's pretty fun imo.

                    Nabbed it for $39, not sure if I'd spend much more than that but it's been worth it for me.

                • @Freestyle: They will.

                  Hardware so far is identical bar the OLED screen.

  • Digital does drop to $60 sometimes. If people are that desperate Ozgameshop has limited stock for $89.
    Makes me wonder if I should offload my copy as I doubt I will ever get around to playing it🤔

    • -1

      I would hold off before you sell.

      I have a feeling it will spike up even more once Xenoblade Chronicles 3 comes out.

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    aaand that's why I m not buying a switch

  • sometimes you can pickup uk version from amazon uk via amazon au, was like low 70 ish. just keep an eye on it.

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    Might be an unpopular opinion, but it is my favourite game on the switch, and possibly my favourite game of all time. Sure, it's flawed combat, graphics and whatnot can be too overwhelming for some, but the story and world building was worth my hundreds of hours.

    Bought the physical copy on launch day + xc2 pro controller. Loved the game so I bought it on eshop plus the dlc to support them (despite knowing most of the ¥¥ probably goes to Nintendo lol).

    Torna and DE were both fantastic as well.

  • Surely they will bring out a definitive edition that will be cheaper? Right?
    The first one had a definitive edition.

    I didn't get this when it went down to $40 thinking that I would wait for the definitive edition.

    • The first one had a definitive release because it was the third console it was being released on.

      • Oh fair enough, didn't know that.
        Oh well, guess I'll buy a digital copy then, shame, I much prefer physical copies.

        • Just hunt on Facebook and Gumtree with notifications with the keywords of the item you want.

          It'll pop up on your phone and you can try to grab it asap.

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    As someone who owns a lot of rare Wii and 3DS games, I always recommend holding on to your Nintendo games.

    My PS Vita, PS2 and PS3 collections have appreciated in value but it's Nintendo that everyone goes crazy for.

    • -2

      I think because backwards compatibility is rare for nintendo and small supply kind of makes it crazy?

      • the 3ds was able to run Ds games

      • +2

        Small supply maybe but they mostly do backwards compatibility with the previous generation. Wii could play Gamecube, original DS could play GBA and Gameboy and the Wii U could play Wii games and so on.

        I think they're just expensive because they're good games and good for collectors to own. There's a reason games like Super Metroid still go for a pretty penny on eBay despite being available digitally a dozen times.

        • Gamecube could also play gba with an adaptor

          • @Lost-Sons of dallas: That adaptor is near impossible to find unless you fork out hundreds.

            • @SpeedRunnerLink: Point is backward compatibility by nintendo isnt rare.

              And is it really worth that much now. I remember getting a opportunity to get one new but passed up on it

              • @Lost-Sons of dallas: go on ebay to find out yourself.

              • @Lost-Sons of dallas: The adapter itself fetches a decent price on eBay but it's the software to USE the adapter that is worth a lot apparently. Both sold together will go for $200+ these days. I have one myself but I'm never gonna part with it.

                • @Kritter2069: Interesting. I know pc prices are going through the roof but havent been catching up on console stuff. I still have my boxed gc, controller, gba link cable, bongo drums and a few games. I have a lot of fond memories of that generation, it was my fav and i got all the major players in it including the dreamcast. After that gen i found consoles were turning too pc like. Kinda annoying when parts needed to function are split up like that. Theres a soundcard and external box i want to get but the proprietary cable for it is almost impossible to find on its own so i can see why its worth so much also nintendo pulled the gc out of aust pretty early.

                  • @Lost-Sons of dallas: Console prices can be nuts depending what you're selling, would love to know what old games you had stored away. Anyone with Bongo Drums for the Gamecube though is clearly a person of good taste!

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    Worth that price honestly. One of the GREATEST JRPG games ever I've played!

    • couldn't stand the main character's voice, played about 30mins and had to stop.

      • +2

        I downloaded the free Japanese Audio pack, made it a lot easier to stand.

        • Agreed.

          Get the Japanese audio pack.

  • Even do not have a chance to get a deal for Xenoblade Chronicles 1 up to now…..LOL

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    Anyone else pleasantly surprised to learn today that their finished copy on the shelf has if anything appreciated over time/kept its value?

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      I think that goes without saying for a majority of Nintendo's limited release games.

      I can only imagine how much my sealed copies of Fire Emblem on the Wii and Game Cube are worth.

      • Path of radiance would surely be appreciating well!

        • lets say a complete used open copy goes for $300-400. I can only imagine sealed.