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Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Keyboard $71.40 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


Take gaming to the next level with the Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Keyboard 3615706. The Romer-G mechanical switch offers high performance responsiveness and durability, while the backlit keys making gaming in low-light situations easy.

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  • How much is it normally?

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    good price
    not available for pick up or delivery in my location :'(

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    Good price, I paid about $110 from memory. My wife uses it daily for work.

    However the Ctrl key fell off as the little clip that holds it on broke. So it left me questioning the quality. Wasn’t due to impact either. Some other keys have popped off but just had to clip them back on. I like my CM Storm XT Stealth more.

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      Yeah same, and finding replacement Romer-G gear is really hard.

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      I have another mechanical Logitech keyboard and my Ctrl key also came off in a similar fashion. I replaced it with another, keycap from the same board (an unused macro key).

      This key also broke in the exact same way. I replaced it with yet another unused macro keycap and that one has been going for a few years now. Not sure if it is me or Logitech is doing something funky with their keycaps

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      I really liked this keyboard for the 3 weeks I used it before encountering the same very very common problem.

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        Isn't it still covered under warranty?

        • I am sure it would have been but I put it aside as I couldn't use it that way and then a year passed. I've since moved house and threw it away. A shame too, besides the fault with the left ctrl key switch it was nice.

    • Same. The left one snapped, bad design with the bits that clip into the switch and some parts are stuck jammed in there - Lasted maybe 18months in the office.

      Replacements seem to be available from Amazon US but seems to be ~$30 and I haven't decided if it's worth buying the replacement.

      Losing the left-ctrl has had a surprisingly large effect on productivity.

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      I experienced the same with the G710+
      I think the key caps are a cheap plastic.

      • Yes! This was the same model as mine which had the same issue. A quick google search shows that this is not an isolated issue.

      • Our friend's kid is autistic and he hammers it (G710+) quite often. Keys have fallen off and he just puts them back on. Still not showing any damage. I'm quite surprised how well it handled the abuse.

        • This happened initially, but eventually the plastic at the back of the key cap fractures and then it won't have any grip when reattached to the KB.
          When I looked into getting replacement key-caps, I just ended up getting some HP Omen KB on sale for $100 (thanks OzB). I was shocked at how expensive key-caps are.

    • G910 here, same thing!

    • The exact thing down to it being the control key happened to my G512.

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    review on amazon saying the keycaps are very crap

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      Logitech tens to use ABS key caps instead of PBT so they break easier.

      Not only that most of the switches they use in their boards are proprietary so it’s not easy to find replacement key caps.

  • I have two of these, they have been fine! My only gripe is the lack of a light for "num lock"

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    Tecware Phantom is better in every way.

    • I have G413 at home and Phantom at work, and I prefer G413.

      • I guess it depends on the person but having a G512, which is better than the G413, I can say that the Phantom is just better. It doesn't use Logitech's proprietary switches, it doesn't need software and it feels better built.

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    I have this at home and I love it. The only thing that bugs me a bit is that this keyboard uses 2 USB ports.

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      Does the keyboard require both USBs to function? My Logitech has 2 USB ports but one of them is simply a USB extension (if I wanted to connect a mouse, or thumb drive to the keyboard without reaching to the desktop).

      This 2nd USB can be ignored if you're not using it.

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      If you don't use the passthrough port you can just leave it unplugged.

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    Probably never going to get a Logitech G keyboard again, the 2 (G810 and G613) that I've owned have both had key chattering problems. The switches themselves aren't too good either.

    • Mine too and Logitech's warranty sucks.

      My G613 has repeated problems (clatter, wireless not working), and i got a replacment device but that failed too.

      Logitech links the warranty period to the orginal device, so it doesn't start again when you get a replacement (unlike most retailers like Apple etc.).

      If you do get problems i recommend returning for a refund and buying again so you get a new warranty period (or just buying something better with replaceable switches).

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    I appreciate both the deal listing, and also user feedback on its quality
    "this is a good deal, and I need a keyboard! hrm… but I dont think it will be this one."

    thanks all

  • Agreed I have the same and I regret it. Rgb is cool but there is no way the keys/switches are near the quality of other boards. Waiting to get something else and then I’ll give this one to the kids as it’s all it is suitable for

  • The G413 was going to be my first foray into modern mech keyboards if the price and availability worked out. From all the reviews it seems that I dodged a bullet. Thank goodness I wanted actually cherry keys and white LEDs (which ultimately swayed me against purchasing it)

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      Trust me, there are much better switches than Cherry Reds or Browns. Try to avoid proprietary switches from companies like Razer or Logitech, they normally aren't the highest quality and you most likely won't be able to replace the keycaps too.

  • Was really considering this keyboard as it does not bleed (minimal backlight) but looks like the reviews are not that great.