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Monthly SIM Only Mobile Plan - 40GB $8/Month First 6 Months No Lock-in ($20 Discount + Bonus 20GB for 6 Months) @ Circles.Life


Found this code for Circles.Life as I was looking for a new SIM only plan, seems ridiculously cheap for no lock-in contract. Just need to remember to look for a good deal in 6 months.

$20 waiver starts for the first full month, you pay full price in the first pro rata month, so remember to switch near the end of the month (this deal runs out end of Sept anyway).

Uses Optus 4G, calender billing months.

Critical Information Summary: https://circles-legal.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/au/cir...

Optional add-ons:
$5 for 300 minutes International Standard Calls to 15 Countries
$10 for Extra 10GB/mth

Referral Links

Referral: random (110)

$10 Bill credit for referrer, referee (new signup) receives $10 monthly credit applied for 12 months.

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  • +10

    Too many horror stories with these guys, especially on porting.

    Would not use them even at this price, especially when I am on an older Optus plan ($40 for 80GB, international calls included, plus 5GB international data in some countries). May suit some people.

    • +1

      Apparently the only trouble with them is porting out to another provider which uses Optus network.

      Porting to Vodafone/Telstra providers seem trouble-free.

      At this price I'm willing to gamble.

      • +2

        It's not just porting
        it's them continuing to bill after cancellation to not cancelling contracts at all.
        shifty billing for entire month's use when you've only been on for a few days

        Just general shonkyness.

        • Can you Bill through PayPal?

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: Hi there mate! For active accounts, we only accept credit/debit card payments. For terminated/suspended accounts, we do accept payments via bank transfer. Should you have other questions, please feel free to contact our live chat support channels for further assistance. Cheers

        • Yes, plenty of reports of non-cancellation too. It's called Whingepool for a reason but there are some cautionary tales over there for sure.

        • Hi Drakesy! We're under postpaid service so as soon as the 1st day of the month starts, you'll already be billed for the whole month so if ever you're planning to port out your number, it would be best to process this 2 - 3 days before the month ends to avoid being charged for the following month. Regarding the port in process, you just have to make sure you'll be able to provide your account number and tell your new preferred provider that your service with us is under postpaid and it should go smoothly from there.

      • Also horror story of people using 1MB but they charged you as 1GB.

        Nek minute you're over your limit and have to pay excess.

        From what I read. Good luck

  • +2

    Sticking with Boost thnx

    • Any boost deals you're aware of?

  • Got mine delivered today. Planning to use for data only in a portable 4G Wifi modem

  • +3

    60GBOBS code still active

    • Bill Waiver $10.00 (12 months)

    • Bonus 40GB (12 months)

    • 48GB for $8.00/mth

    • The code still works, but how is that $8 per months? $28 -$10 is $18 right?

    • +1
      • +1

        Code: SUPER38 = 1 month free on 100Gb plan
        Code: 100GBOFFER = $8mth off for 12 months any plan
        Code: 50GBOFFER = $12 per month 38GB 12months

        Not sure anyone would ever pay full price for circles. New codes out every month, only downside is that you can't roll the same number from promo to promo.
        *Tip - preschedule disconnection request for the day the promo ends to avoid billing issues.

        • Yeah, agree about full price, too many codes/deals and NO option to switch to a new deal even if a new plan pricing changes 2 days after signing up prior, for example.
          Talking to them, they refused to change my plan.

          But I had no issues porting out from them the 2 times (to Kogan, I think it was), or any billing problems, from what I could tell.
          Although this deal is tempting, hard to decide if I should switch another time to them.

          If I wasn't with IInet (40Gb/$15) atm & just started using the AGL promo (50Gb/free 3 months) I would switch to them again I think.
          If they do a similar deal to this after the 6 months are up with IInet, I might reconsider, who knows.

  • +1

    Apparently they do a credit check on every service?

    • Yes, you're correct on that pennypicher98! We're under postpaid service where credit check is a standard process so its being done on each sign up. Should you have other questions, please feel free to contact our live chat support channels for further assistance. Cheers

  • I'm confused. How much per month and for how long?
    Looking to ditch Vodafone $36pm 40gb but with 5g.

  • These guys are absolute rubbish, did try them out, never again.

  • +3

    I signed up on Sunday with code 60GBOBS, gives me 48gb p/m, unlimited calls/texts, for $8 a month (discount lasts for 12 months but no lock in).

    Received my sim card the next day on Monday, ported from Optus within 5 minutes.

    So far so good, will see how it goes.

    • +1

      How did you get $8 per months? I am getting $18 per month after $10 discount.

      • +1

        Go to their homepage and choose the $18 plan, not the $28 plan.

        • +2

          Oh right, thanks mate

  • Steer clear, had to go to the TIO ombudsman to get these guys to stop billing and refund me after numerous attempts with them saying that everything was sorted only for it to happen again the next month!

  • They’ve been fine for me. I’ve been with them for the last 6 months on another deal which runs out this month. I was going to port out but I’ll contact them first to see if they want to honor this deal.

    • Good luck, they refused me.

    • Hi Mboy! My apologies since this promo is only available for new customers but you can always contact us via our live chat support channels so that we can provide you the available promotions that you can take advantage of!

  • +2

    Caution ⚠️ don’t get it.! Ozb need to stop posting this.! Not in favour of ozbargainers.! Credit checks , chasing for payment which is not legitimate.! No phone call support.!

  • I have never had any issue with Circles.Life. Always had reception, never any issue making calls/sending texts and always found customer support friendly

    • Thanks for sharing your awesome feedback about our service, Goliegosh! We truly appreciate it!

  • I'm in my first month of 130GB for $28 and despite the bad rep it gets here I have no complaints so far. Speeds are like any other Optus based provider and the data usage whilst is slow to update, is matching my phone.

  • +1

    There is also the option of SEPTSTEALS100 for $20 off for 6 months on the usually $38 plan

    Start here:

    Choose 100GB or 40GB plan with the $10 off… "Get a SIM".

    Enter either SEPTSTEALS100 or SEPTSTEALS40 (change promo).

    Then you'll have the $20 off for 6 months instead of $10 off.

  • Does the plan come with the sim card? also since it is a no lock-in contract, can someone confirm that we will receive 40GB per month for up to 6 months at $8 (since the promo lasts for 6 months)?

    • Hey noobmeister, thank you for showing your interest in joining us! Yes, you will receive a new sim card (you have the option to transfer your number or get a new number) and the data allowance that you'll receive will be refreshed each month. Should you have other questions, please feel free to contact our live chat support channels for further assistance. Cheers

      • @CirclesLifeAU
        FWIW … what I want to know is when you will have Optus 5G here? And not just 4G / 4G Plus.

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