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LG 65" C1 4K OLED TV (OLED65C1PTB) $2953 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


First deal post so please be gentle. :)

Looks like The Good Guys Commercial are at it again with the OLED65C1PTB priced below $3k!

Edit: looks like it may have been a pricing error or just trying to clear some stock because it’s now showing as $3431.

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial


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    Great price. How do you sign up to this?

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      Your employer (or sometimes member organisation like a union etc.) needs to be a member of The Good Guys Commercial program and then you can follow the process to register for an account and purchase off the site.

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        Ok so there’s not ozbargain loophole that has been exploited to get access to this yet?

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          Not that I know of, but I only found out recently that my employer does this. Check with whoever orders supplies at work, they may be holding out on you.

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          Sunsuper. I think it takes a day or two before your account gets authorised but it's essentially free provided you don't put anything in the super account.

          • @whitelie: Sunsuper ozbargainer super of choice? 😎

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              @Mahalo: No, I don't trust them with my super but have an account purely for TGGC lol

              • @whitelie: I will look into it. Sounds like the account can be closed if no money is going in, but if is just to get access to the GGC and to pay less fees some options can be turned off.

              • @whitelie: Do you need to keep a minimum amount of funds with Sunsuper to ensure your account is active, and thus you have access to all the perks (TGGC, etc.)?

                • @DoctorCalculon: If you put money in there, they'll invest it and hence charge you fees for doing so. It'll likely just whittle away to nothing. I don't have any money in there, so no fees. They send me mail every now and then but that's about it. I've only had the account 6-12 months.
                  No idea if they'll close the account if it's inactive and $0 balance (I'd like to think so) but there's nothing stopping you from opening another.

                  • @whitelie:

                    No idea if they'll close the account if it's inactive and $0 balance

                    I think your account will probably get flagged in their system at some stage. Some funds have a 6-month grace period, and some up to a year.

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          There is a caravan park member site that offers GG commercial login, but I don't like your chances of getting it before this sells out.

          G'Day Rewards https://www.gdayrewards.com.au/

      • Is there a known list of which organizations are part of this? Would help to know which friend I should contact to ask for a favour :D

    • Same I am keen to know

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      Sign up for a Sunsuper account.


      • Thanks

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      I just paid to join g'day rewards, was $50 but there's free ways to do it.
      Took a few days with gday until I got my login details too.

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      I tried SunSuper but realised it's a manual account creation for GG Commercial after 3-5 days….

      After some quick research (didn't want to miss this amazing deal!), I found I could register an account with Rest Super (no need to specify TFN) and in real time I could get account details to login to their mobile app (Rest) , go to Rewards and generate a redemption code for real time sign up of a GG Commercial account! I'm now the proud new owner of an LG 65' C1 :)

      More details here: https://rest.com.au/why-rest/member-benefits/the-good-guys-c...

  • Is there a 48" there behind the wall?

    • There is but it says "Price Pending"/Unavailable so may be waiting on stock?

    • There's a listing for the OLED48C1PTB (same C1 model in 48"), but it says 'price pending' and unavailable for purchase at the moment.

    • Lg 48 C1 Price pending is now $2144 + Delivery $35
      Lg 55 G1 Price $2831 + Delivery $35

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      yes it's exactly $800 better, how did you know?

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      Orders of magnitude better especially if you game.

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      If you're comparing it to "normal" price it's more like $1800 difference, so I'm sure you can guess it's at least a little bit better?

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    Great price! Thanks OP!

  • I don’t play games, For general viewing YouTube, Netflix etc is it worth upgrading ?

    • same here - dont play games - is it recommended for general using - netflix etc…..

      or any other model which is price friendly - without gaming

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      Depends what your upgrading from. I upgraded from a 10yr old pana plasma 55" and it just blows my old TV away in respect to picture quality, wish I had of upgraded earlier. I don't use it for gaming, only fta, foxtel, netflix, youtube etc. Only thing I don't like is webos, I'm not a fan, much prefer android tv.

      • Am using Samsung 65" Q80T

        • If you're fine with your current TV, I'd wait a generation or 2. OLEDs will become cheaper and we will get closer to micro Led which is the future

        • I kind of wish I could have the TV you plan to upgrade from

  • Good find. Don’t know how long it will last this time round.

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    I think I got my access to good guys through REST super if you use them, give it a try.

    Bought my first TV in 10 years, hope it lives up to the hype!

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    I have this TV, but I have to say the OS is absolutely atrocious. I thought a $3000 TV would have a UI that ran like butter but nope. I sold my Apple TV thinking I wouldn't need it with this TV and now I can't wait for a good Apple TV 4k deal…

    • Agreed.

    • Proprietary apps are always either garbage or non existent. Ps4 and tv versions of iview are woeful. Got a google chromecast with google tv and haven’t looked back. It’s great, all the apps are the android versions so lots of seamless updates and bugfixes, plex runs great, aggregated watchlist and recommendations across all streaming services. Absolutely worth the $100 it cost me, to not have to faff around with garbage LG apps. The built-in airplay feature is nice though, and means i don’t need apple TV since I can’t discern between 4k and 1080p at my viewing distance.

    • +1

      I actually like the OS. I haven't been using my GTV since having this TV. I stream a lot of Plex / Nine Now / 7plus / Netflix and Prime. Don't know what garbage LG apps the previous commentor is talking about. I run the same apps as my GTV so now I have two sitting around as spare.

      • Plex and iview are so much better on android. But that’s great if it doesn’t matter to you, frees up another hdmi port.

        • Curious, why are they better on Android for you? I've actually had videos not play through plex on my GTV but plays fine on my LG Plex app. Settings gui looks same to me.

      • There's no Binge with LG

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      Just hotkey your frequently used apps to the number buttons by holding the '0' key to pull up the hotkey menu. I have my most used inputs and apps on mine and I can't remember the last time I had to even deal with the OS of the TV outside of the settings menus which are actually pretty good as far as TV OS goes.

      • I did this but for some reason it doesn't work most the time. I only use media player and the other channel for my PS5.

        Every time I turn my TV on, my PS5 turns on I think because it defaults to that being the only 'input'. But then it also goes back into sleep immediately. I've set my hard drive (media player app) to '1' but it still just goes to the PS5 channel…

        • If you set a hotkey for another actual input on your TV rather than just an app (which is what your media browser is) you can switch to that input before turning off the TV and when you turn it back on, it won't turn your PS5 on.

          The only reason it turns on your PS5 is because the TV goes straight to the last input you had it on and then the HDMI CEC control sends a signal to your PS5 that it should turn on since you have initiated it's input. I just switch to the HDMI input for my Chromecast before turning off to avoid my PS5 turning on when I start up the TV.

    • Google Chromecast with Google TV FTW

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    LG TVs doesn't support Kayo

    • Just cast it from your phone. But yea, bit annoying

      • So I've found I actually can't cast from a lot of iPhone apps to this TV, to either the Chromecast or Airplay, and I don't know why. i.e. Twitch app.

    • Separate to Kayo, does it support the Foxtel app?

      • Yes foxtel app is there, it works ok unlike some others that have issues such as iview and Disney plus.

        • Thanks dodg

  • You legend! I've been hunting this TV for this price for a few days now. Shame I'll have to wait for delivery because of travel restrictions, but it's a great buy.

  • Great TV and great price. Had mine for a month and love it. Managed to negotiate $2950 at the time, good to see it accessible without haggling. This should hopefully keep me going until 4000nit OLEDs are a thing, haha…

  • Fuarkkk what do…

    The comments about the ui is throwing me off… But C1s have such great specs VS Sony oleds. Hnnng

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      Ui as in menus are pretty fine. It’s the actual content streaming apps that may suck depending on your usage. Main takeaway is: try it out, if it bothers you just get a chromecast or apple tv (whichever you prefer) and your problem is solved.

      Apple tv and chromecast continue to do well, precisely because most tvs have terrible / buggy / rarely updated apps.

      • I'm concerned whether something like a chromecast with Google TV will pass Dolby atmos properly. I have a sonos arc and generally native apps pass sound data better. But maybe it does…

        • It passes through fine, I have the same setup, lg CX, Google TV, Sonos Arc, sub and surrounds.

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      Also the LGs are only objectively better than sony oleds if you want the variable refresh capability. Some people prefer sony for the colour and tone calibration, but LG makes all the panels anyway. Plus my last tv was a sony and it died after 3 years and they tried to tell me it only had one year warranty. Was an easier decision to switch to LG on principle.

    • +6

      The UI is fine. Other than Kayo app which is missing, every other major streaming app is available. One thing i really like about the C1 is the speed of access and changing apps. I could switch between youtube, netflix and web browser within a few seconds and continue whatever im watching there. Starting the TV from standby is one of the quickest I have ever experienced. The OS is really smooth and quick.

      If you want to sideload dodgy apps or just prefer the google OS, then probably get a chromecast or andriod tv device. It is not the end of the world.

  • i got access through ANMF.. but not sure whether i really need it or not. currently has Sony Brivia LED 65 from Gerry Norman2 years ago…

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    Nice finally below 3k again… Now to convince the wife to buy it for me 😂😂

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  • Anyone know if you can purchase and delay delivery? Moving house soon (6weeks) so would hate to have to move it

  • Always wondered why they called it c1 instead of c11.. they are going to overlap numbers soon when going c2, c3 and so forth

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    Its showing me $3431 🤔
    Oh.. 77" is tempting $6000

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      Same. We too late?

  • I have this TV and it's fantastic! For people who want Kayo, just get a Chromecast with Google TV. Sorted! I'm playing Returnal on the PS5 (EB pre-order) and the game looks phenomenal. It's a steal at this price.

  • How do I get the 10play app on the C1 OLED?

  • Yep its back to $3431

  • So how much better will the new Evo panels be? Do they limit burn in?
    Am I an idiot for waiting?

    • They say 30% brighter, I have the 77c1 and it has a screen mode after a while of it not being in use, burn in is a thing of the past with these newer models

      • There's an ongoing test for these panels I think. They suggest that burn in is just some diodes wearing out sooner, so dim areas appear if that's getting more use than other areas over time.

      • Hey mate, how much did you get you 77 for? (If you don’t mind me asking)

        • $5450 but I used to work at JB so got it closer to cost

  • I have a pita issue with this TV and sonos beam. When I power the tv on there is a delay in sound coming from the sonos, it can take anywhere from 10 seconds to up to 5 minutes before sound starts coming from the sonos, once it starts its fine until next startup. Anyone else have this issue and a possible fix?

    • cant help but i have a pana oled and using the beam, never had this startup issue, maybe try firmware update?

      • Yes I had the pana plasma before upgrading to the lg, never had an issue with the pana and sonos beam. I've tried just about every setting etc and on the latest firmware, i can find a few other instances of people with same issue but no resolution. It's a real pita for a 3.5k TV, also wife is pissed and giving me a hard time.

  • The price is back to 2953. I just got one. Thanks OP.

    • +2

      Still at 3431 for me

      • Auch, yes they changed it again :/

        • It just went down again. Woohoo finally got one. $2953