This was posted 8 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Carnival 8 Night Reef Cruise $608 or VIFP $859 inc Cheers Package (+ $251 for 15x$20 Free Alcoholic Drinks 8 Nights)


Link to the targeted deal: Login to VIFP, edit trip details, select a room then select AU CHEERS (RA1)
I have tested it on a few bookings and it works on multiple dates. I have booked 27th Jan myself but my friend dropped out today so I posted Ozbargains Classfieds for someone to go with me and pay his ticket minus the $250 deposit for the $859 Cheers Package($609 total).

Targeted deal is available for targeted Level 2 VIFP but anybody in the cabin can book for the others in the room at the discount. Past Carnival cruisers is about 10% of Australians I contacted the mods for permission to post, but the main deal is not targeted so should be fine. When I contacted Michelle at ILovecruising and saw the Cheers $859 deal she couldn't believe it and refreshed 3 times as she thought it was a glitch. She said she was even considering booking herself! Cheers usually costs $129 a night so she remarked if you subtract the full price of Cheers it's basically free.

I have linked Michelle's page as it is helpful to call her. She is very helpful and will help you find a cheap cabin that is not noisy and near the laundry or performance spaces. It is $608 8 nights without the drinks package:
Here is the direct link it expires very quickly:

Full non-refundable deposit $500($250 PP due in 96 Hours) then balance a date after ~November 1st. If cruise is cancelled by Carnival this is fully refundable 2 weeks after cancellation.

Here are the ports but there are plenty of options like table tennis, chess, movies, shows, gym, comedy, music shows, trivia, giant slide, swimming, spa to do on board.
ARRIVE 10:30 AM - DEPART 11:30 AM

A bit more about the cheers package here:
What does cheers include?
All spirits, domestic and imported beer, wine and sparkling wine by the glass, hand-crafted cocktails and frozen cocktails with top shelf brands such as Grey Goose, PatrΓ³n and Hennessy at a value of up to $20 AUD per drink.
Soft drinks, frozen mocktails, energy drinks, packaged water and other non-alcoholic bottled beverages.
Packaged Water in the Dining Room and Specialty Restaurants.
25% off selected spirits or wines outside of the program.
25% off beverage seminars and classes.
25% off bottles on wine in Nouveau restaurant.

A bit more about the booking and the Cheer Package deal:
Includes the Cheers! Beverage Package
Exclusive VIFP Rate for Past Carnival Cruisers
Sale ends 01 November, 2021

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    TLDR; $76 p/n for an interior cabin isn't super cheap and IMO $200 average saving (non RRP) is not worth risking your life/your loved one's lives — even if you are a die hard Ozb (not literal tho), as policy and governance is needed across the industry to ensure traveler safety.

    Mate, not wanting to be a party pooper …. but … travel agencies and the entire industry must think that the majority of us are idiots if they believe that offering a $X discount is worth any risk of COVID exposure.

    Michelle at ILovecruising really should be going back to the cruise companies and asking them

    1. What have they done in terms of policy, assurances guarantees to ensure the safety of passengers from exposure to COVID?
    2. Will they only accept vaccinated passengers upon medical evidence?
    3. What is the policy on crew, staff, entertainment, food hygiene buffets, linen?
    4. What penalties or liabilities or mandatory insurances are in place for those who rort/lie or generally DGAF about others?
    5. What medical facilities or evac procedures are there for each port

    Yes, Ozb are crazy and want a bargain — but seriously, is it work placing your own health, or the health of your loved family members at risk if you don't know the person you are sharing a spa with, is a COVID carrier or asymptomatic or not ….

    I personally think it's just stupid, if people are willing to jump at a holiday — these policies and initiatives must be the responsibility of the government to establish and for the companies to manage.

    Yes people are dying for a real holiday, but I truly hope not literally … πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

    FWIW $76 pn for an internal cabin (assuming it's the crappest/cheapest/dirtiest of the cabins) isn't really a "bargain" especially in these times, I would encourage Michelle and others in the travel industry to not think that the general population are idiots who would jump at any opportunity to get on the beers …. maybe I am wrong … but for Carnival and sister lines Princess Cruises, Holland America and Cunard to have an actual plan in place … FFS the execs get paid enough so I would expect an industry wide change, globally —- BEFORE the government just "opens up" without any thought and declare a "free for all" without any policy, governance or management to ensure public safety. Getting vaccinated is piss weak and not enough. Any uneducated idiot can just play that line … time for someone with balls to actually shake up and disrupt the travel industry as there are ample opportunities for anyone with half a brain and enough influence to ensure the collective safety of all travelers.

    /endrant whoever goes, have an awesome time … go fully siiiiiick maaaate 🍻🍾πŸ₯‚ (just not COVID siiiiick 😷 maaate)

    • +2

      unfortunately I think it has been proven that there are enough idiots in the general population that Michelle doesn't need to worry about the people who aren't idiots

      • good point … time to get pop corn eeey 🍿

        πŸ˜‚ ….. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Australian Cruise Ships are alot cleaner and more hygiene then other countries cruise ships, as better OHS policies in place.

      Hand sanitizer at every entry point, People serving food behind glass (similar to local shopping center food courts).

  • +4

    Been a while since I’ve seen a cruise deal… time to grab my popcorn for the comments.

    • Props to the guy who wrote a whole essay…

  • The government has greenlighted International Cruises to start with International Travel for the fully vaccinated only so its no risk to health regarding COVID as 100% vaccination makes it safer than on land.
    The best deal requires VIFP and basically means you get the cruise for free factoring in Cheers package inclusion for $859, but I have posted the normal $608 deal too.

  • -1

    Full non-refundable deposit $500($250 PP due in 96 Hours)

    The two biggest cities are under lockdown and the QLD premier is refusing to entertain the thought of living with COVID.. unlike the two biggest cities
    How is a $250 non refundable payment in 96 hrs for a state you mightn't even be allowed to enter a good idea?

    • It is refundable, I got refunded my December cancelled cruise fully 2 weeks after cancellation in October 2020. It just means you can't decide to cancel for no reason.

  • Ok so our family had it booked and took the risk of getting on board to Carnival Cruise (domestic Syd-Tas) for the first time back in 2019 mid Feb when we first knew about the COVID starting to spread in Aus. Back then very minimum screening took place prior to onboarding (e.g. temperature checks only) and no one really took it seriously. Every moment during the trip we were thinking what if there was anyone who had COVID and we couldn't get rid of it off our mind…at the end of the trip we still think we were lucky. It was our first and I think it will be the very long wait while we will re-consider going on a cruise trip again. Very sad..

    • COVID started in Wuhan November 2019, while this is true about lax security for cruise terminals I think maybe you typed the wrong date?

      • Sorry.. 2020 you're correct

  • Lol, QLD border will still be closed in Jan 2022

  • Marketing opportunity… extend to 14 nights a relabel as a quarantine cruise

  • 1x Carnival Cruise customer. Tried logging in and checking dates but couldn't get the 'Cheers' package :(
    Logged in in with VIFP and no price change or different package options.
    Even tried to edit URL and things to add the 'RA1' code but to no avail.

    If anyone else can get this deal, please let me know.

    Have booked for June 2022, so who wouldn't love to add $119 worth of drinks every day!


    • It seems to be available only for some offpeak cruises like 27th Jan only

      • I tried the 27th Jan and didn't get the "Cheers" package option :(

        • +1

          I spoke to Carnival, it is targeted to VIFP who spent more on board and went to the casino etc.
          Targeted deal: Login to VIFP, edit trip details, select a room then select AU CHEERS (RA1)

          I'm VIFP 23 points, make sure you logged in and filled your VIFP number too.

          • @DisabledUser184253: Thanks.
            I logged in, put my VIFP number but I only got a 'Deals Choice' option which save about $70
            I didn't get the "Sea yourself here" offer either
            I only have 4 'Points"


            Just wondering what your price/offers is for the June 26 cruise out of Brisbane?

            • +1

              @slappy: The same offers. 4 Points is not a lot you probably need 1 more cruise to qualify.

              • @DisabledUser184253: Thanks heaps.

                I still have a dealer's choice offer but is now $50 less than I paid - I might email them and ask to at least match this ($50 is better than nothing).
                I'll also ask to get the two other offers and see if anything might come of it.

                Interesting, for an Interior (which I assume your screenshot is), it is coming up as $846 - but it is showing different options within that offer.


  • Please don't add to my confusion from early onset dementia. I thought it was April 1 April fools day.

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