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Ozito PXC Brushless Hammer Drill Kit $75 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Probably the lowest price ever. Normally $169. Awesome deal!

2 speed gear box
Powerful brushless motor
Drill, drive and hammer drill
2 x 1.5Ah batteries and Fast Charger included
13mm metal ratcheting chuck

Update: Listing has been removed from Bunnings website but users report to be able to obtain the deal by phone

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      • Bunnings phoned me back after I cancelled entire order and said they found one , they then proceeded to put my whole order together on the spot. Was very fortunate as they had a few days backlog of click and collect orders.

  • I ordered one this morning. Hopefully it can go through. Does anyone know the good tool kit for assembling ikea furnitures by using this tool? Any good videos for explaining the instructions and what are the tool sets are available to be used together. Sorry, just not a handy man. Only fixing tap dripping sometimes.

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      hammer drill is not for assembly ikea, an impact driver will be better

      • I mainly use for replacing my manual screw driver. I assume that I am buying the right product.:)

      • This is not correct. You certainly don’t need a hammer drill for assembling furniture. A cordless screwdriver with a hex bit would suffice, even this from IKEA would do the trick. But if you don’t want to buy another tool, a cordless drill would work.

        An impact driver is too powerful and has too much torque for this sort of task. It could be used, but you’d need to be careful as you risk damaging the furniture.

  • Still no email for me yet. Not looking good.

  • Thanks OP - got my ready for collection notification. My old Ryobi throwing a few internal sparks and the chuck doesn't tighten properly so the bits fall out over time… is 10+ years old so can't complain lol.

  • Does anyone wants one- i am in Revesby NSW- i picked two and also got a collection email for my online order so if you are nearby feel free to PM me. Else i will cancel the order and make it a jackpot for the next person.
    Online purchase was from Bunnings Bankstwon Airport

    • I am not far from Revesby - can you hold it for me just for today in case my order gets cancelled? I ordered pick up from East gardens but no email yet

      • Was going to PM, but cyrax is closer. I'll just hope for a restock

    • Hey buddy can you enable pm's in your account? I'll message you, or give me a message?
      It says "User Max0309 does not accept new conversations."

    • Hi Max, my order from Bankstown airport got cancelled. I'd like to get it from you if it's still available.

      • Did they cancel after they send you the email to collect the order?

        • +1

          Nah, they texted me first to say it's OOS then cancelled

    • Hey Max would love to pick one up from you today if it's still available. Thank you

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      Sorry I boys I called first dibs from Max :D

  • 4 left on the shelf at Nunawading

    • How do you know? I thought it was click and collect only?

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    Good Afternoon,Your Online Order Wxxxxx: Your order cannot be fulfilled due to low stock. The order amount of $75.00 will be refunded back onto the payment method selected at checkout. Thankyou. Rgds Brooke Bunnings McGraths Hill 0245876700. Please do not reply.

  • Ordered a few hours ago from Harrisdale in WA - got a cancellation text message just then. Still showing in stock online.

    Have now ordered again from another nearby store. See how that goes.

    • for Harrisdale, I got a text within 10 minutes from ordering

      the other 2 stores - Armadale and Willeton are very slow in processing.

      • I ordered at 754am , got the text at 1051am saying OOS.

        Nothing from Armadale as yet.

        • got a text from Willeton

          Hi PissLUR due to high demand will not be able to process your order till late afternoon tomorrow will send text when available for pick up. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Just picked up off the shelf from Castle Hill store. None left unfortunately.

    • Oh crap. I ordered two (one for dad) last night. Haven't received confirmation yet!

  • Went to bethania Qld, they had a few. I asked the guy and he just said yes yes, and gets me one from a box full of them.

  • Noob question. Is this good enough to drill into brick walls? Cheers.

    • I am noob too, but I guess that's what it is used for. I wanted it for same purpose.

      • In any case looks like these are sold out near me.

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      Yes, with a masonary bit.

  • Ordered this morning at 9am for delivery, the status says "order taken". Hope it can go through.

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    Bunnings Click and Collect Service is always running behind, so it only works for a person who himself/herself can pick it up from the shelf and give to the staff at the cash register for them to print you an online order receipt. So kind of you are fulfilling your own Bunnings Click and Collect order.

    Not sure what this means in the order confirmation email: "If an item is unavailable, we may substitute it for a similar item of equal or higher value at no extra cost. If there is no suitable substitute for your item, we will refund you. Please note, it may take up to 5 days to process a refund. Please check your order notifications for up to date information."

  • Ordered at 7am.. order just got cancelled. You kidding me

    • That's bad. I am a bit of nervous about my order now. What was/is the order status in your bunnings account?

  • My order got cancelled, got a text.

  • Cancelled from rouse hill

  • Sold out here, probably safe to say this deal is ozbargained given all the order cancellations coming through.

  • I placed an order with click and collect at Keppera and they called me to tell me it went out of stock really fast but that they had another Ozito hammer drill that is priced at 129 bucks that they will sell at this same price. Apparently it comes with only 1 battery but it is 4Ah.

    Can't seem to find it on the website so don't exactly know what it is yet, anyone got any ideas?

    • https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-hammer-drill-kit_p...

      Probably this one. Brushed version and lesser quality drill.

      • Thanks, it's only for casual work around the house and so shouldn't be too much of an issue for me. How often do the brushed have issues and need to be changed?

        • Rarely, I've never actually had an issue and Ozito has a 5 year warranty on these PXC tools. It's more about the power and build quality ie metal vs plastic clutch.

          I guess the question was were you actually in the market for a drill or was it mostly swayed by the discount on this particular drill?

          $75 for that drill and the 4Ah battery is still a decent price and would be fine around the house if paired with good bits, but not as good as this deal was.

    • I got one ready to collect Keperra but that was 10:30am this morning

    • With charger?

      • Yep, just picked up the one that AngryAlfred linked to and it has the fast charger too. Doesn't look to be as good as the original one in the offer but for 75 bucks it will do me.

        • So the one you got the hammer drill doesn't have features of the original one? What's main difference besides from the batts?

          • @Poor Ass: It's the brushed version which doesn't look quite as nice and also has a lower maximum torque (40Nm vs 55Nm).

            Has the bigger battery though and for my light use at home will be ok.

            • @pepto: Nice. Was that you just in the store tonight?

              • @Poor Ass: Yeah, I was there about an hour and a half ago in the tools section. Saw the space on the shelf where the one I got usually sits but it was sold out. Must have offered these to all people who ordered the brush brushless until it sold out too.

                • @pepto: it sold out around 1:30pm I think… as it was still in stock for click and collect. i ordered mine at 10:30am… tonight near closing time I swear someone picked up the brushless must be the very last click and collect

                  where it usually sits says $169 hey

                  • @Poor Ass: Just checked and I placed my order at 9.15 and got a call from Bunnings at 11.04 asking if I was ok to change to the brushed one that is usually 129 bucks.

                    Did you get yours or was the order cancelled?

                    • @pepto: nope I actually just picked it up like 40 minutes ago exact item on this post

    • Keperra called me and said they didn't have anything comparable and refunded me

  • Pretty much sold out everywhere in and around Melbourne metropolitan but managed to order one from one of the outer suburb Bunnings. 2 batteries is definitely a good deal. At the moment I can see Croydon, Frankston, Pakenham and Lilydale got stocks.

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    Spoke to customer service she said they would get some more by next week and this is promo will last till early October… so try again next week lads

    • +8

      they shouldnt have cancelled the c&c orders if that is the case.

  • +1

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of orders get cancelled. They probably sit in a queue for hours or days before a staff member looks at them by which time the stock has already been cleared out by walk-in customers.

    • I bought 1 in store and another 2 clik n collect. Got all three. woop woop

  • Maribyrnong now shows In Stock. When I searched 4 hours ago, there was no stock

  • Guys, irrelevant question but happy to get some advise. So using this drill with a drywall screw to screw into a metal stud. It just won’t go through no matter what I do. Any advise, i would really appreciate it. It’s a new house. Metal framing.

    • +1

      Are you using the right screws for the job? Should be able to use self-drilling screws that, as the name suggests, will drill into the metal stud. However, if they're not self-drilling then you'd need to drill a pilot hole in the metal stud for the screw to thread into. The latter significantly increases the work involved - so go to Bunnings and get someone to assist you to get the right screws for the job.

  • I went to a store that had stock, only to find out they couldn't find them.

    tried my luck with click and collect.

  • ordered a click and collect for regional store at 5am this morning.Had heard nothing by 1pm so went in store and found the last one on the shelf. My order had not been processed so they done it there and then otherwise i probably would have missed out.

    • Online order bit of a joke then. General public can't access stores in VIC and NSW but tradies can.

      • I thought everyone are tradies. how do you prove you are one? dress in fluro?

        • At Oakleigh Vic, I have to show my Powerpass card to the bouncer to get in.

          • @BBF: powerpass can be easily registered right?

      • Yes u can all country stores are open

  • I ordered at like 2am this morning for C&C.

    When I checked at about 10am there was no stock left at the store so I was pretty confident that my C&C order wouldn't be filled.

    To my suprise I just got a collection notice come through just then. Happy days.

    • I bought 3 at 9am. All good on my end. Sorry for your loss

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    can someone please tell me what the difference between driving and drilling is? I'd probably need an impact driver more than a hammer drill but does this do both? sorry I'm kinda new to this '3 mode' thing. I just have a regular drill with 2 speeds but it's hard to get screws in and out of hardwood.

    • +6

      Driving is when you screw something in, it has different levels of force, from 1-24 normally on the chuck head. Its a gear system, that stops you from over-tightening.

      The drill mode is the max mode, it won't have a gear click to stop you from over-tightening, because you are drilling.

      There are 3 settings on this drill.

      Driver Setting - Can change the setting to suit what you are putting a screw into. Softwood or hardwood, etc

      Drill - For drilling into wood or metal, not for brick/masonry

      Hammer. - For drilling into brick/masonry only.

      • thank you @smigglejiggle!

      • I have an ozito brushed drill and impact driver.

        Can this brushless hammer drill (sounds like it has modes for drill and driver) replace both my drill and driver? Plus it can do more (eg concrete and brick to a degree)

        In other words, can I give the other two to my brother and get by with this brushless hammer drill?

        Or is this significantly heavier or any drawbacks?

        • I have a Rotary Hammer SDS drill, Impact Driver and a Ryobi version of this one. I used my Ryobi all the time, as it can do all 3.

          The Rotary hammer drill I only used for demo work and drilling a 3ft long hole into concrete, used it maybe twice. The hammer setting on a drill driver is perfect for small holes in brick. ie wall plugs etc.

          An impact driver is great for hex head, but lacks the finesse that you get from a drill driver combo. I've stripped too many screws with my impact driver, so I use the drill driver all the time for screwing.

    • +5

      Drilling uses a drill bit to drill a hole in material e.g. wood, metal, timber, plastic, bricks, concrete etc. The type of drill bit you use depends on the material you're drilling into e.g. masonry bit for bricks, concrete etc.
      A driver, drives something - generally a screw - into material like wood or metal. Your drill/driver needs a bit that matches the head of the screw e.g. Philips head, hex, bolt head etc. That bit is either put directly into the drill chuck (the same as you do for a drill) or into an adapter that you put into the chuck that allows you to quickly change from one type/size of bit to another.
      A drill/driver does both drilling and driving and the addition of the hammer drill function gives you your 3 modes. Note: this type of hammer drill is nowhere near as proficient as a rotary hammer drill at drilling into bricks, concrete etc even with a masonry bit. Ditto for the driver function compared to an impact driver. It's primary purpose is as a drill (non-masonry) but for small/easy jobs you'll get by with using for masonry and driver work. If it struggles with the latter then you may need to drill a pilot hole in the material first.

      • thanks @bean_counter. I guess my current Aldi drill/driver will suffice until it breaks. then I want to get Makita stuff since I'm in the ecosystem but this did sound like a good deal reading everyone's comments. it's available at my local store but not sure a need a 3rd battery system just for this drill.

      • I've found that I need to bring out my bosch bulldog sds when I'm drilling into concrete, brick or masonry.

  • Thanks, got one. Went to 2nd store stated in stock (first store none left even website says in stock). 1 left after i get 1 for myself this morning. Guess it's all gone.

  • It's the below the same with a bigger battery ?

    • this one doesn't have hammering which is needed for brick and concrete drilling

      Edited: well, you can still drill on brick but it's much harder

  • Just got my confirmation for pickup tomorrow
    Regional Victoria

  • Received text message that this is out of stock in WA state wide.

  • store that cancelled stated it was a clearance of that line and won't be getting anymore in.

    • Hmm, that’s not what this store said

  • +3

    When I picked mine up "we seem to be selling a lot of these" 😂

  • tried to order two stores this morning in WA, they came up with no stock. Now ordered with Delivery for extra $10..hope worth it