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Coca-Cola Sugar, No Sugar (Sold Out), Diet 36 x 375ml Cans $24.75 ($22.28 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Lowest price on Amazon since July. At 60c a can it's cheaper than the current half price special at Woolies (67c/can).

Coca-Cola Classic Soft Drink Multipack Cans 36 x 375mL
Coca-Cola No Sugar Soft Drink Multipack Cans 36 x 375mL Back order Sold Out
Coca-Cola Diet Soft Drink 36 x 375mL

Mod Update: Classic Coke back in stock.

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    If you buy it using Subscribe & Save, it is the equivalent of paying $14.50 for a 24 pack. You can always cancel Subscribe & Save after the coke arrives. Don't cancel it prior to the coke being dispatched, as it will cancel your current coke order as well.

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      Unless things have changed I don't think that's true. I've cancelled my subscription straight away many times and the first order has still come.

      • Yeah I always end up paying for my Amazon products using my linked Zip account and if i sub and save a product it cancels straight away as it says there is a problem with the payment for on going sub.They then just send me the first order and no need to cancel the sub.

      • -3

        If you cancel the subscribe & save before they product is dispatched, it will cancel the order. You edit an order before it's dispatched hence why it cancel the order if you cancel the subscribe & save

    • Cancelling subscribe and save doesn't cancel the order. So feel free to cancel the s&s straight away, your order will still be processed. No worries.

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    I don't like the new coke no sugar, not sure why they had to change it. It's too sweat for me. I have been going around trying to stockpile the old ones before they completely disappear

    • +3

      I much prefer the new version, old version tasted worse than pepsi max.

      • +1

        I suppose everyone has their own taste. I was a major coke junkie (2 cans a day) and could never switch to a diet cola. Coke No sugar was the first one I managed to move to and now I cant enjoy the full coke (cant finish a can) and some other sweet treats as well which is a bit odd. I find the new one has more of a sweet aftertaste.

        • +2

          Welcome to being older, sweet things come fast and in low quantities. Kids will never understand 😄

    • +12

      I don't like sweat in my coke either

    • +2

      Totally agree. New formula has ruined it. Have been stockpiling the old one as well.

      • +4

        Be careful stockpiling as I've noticed the taste goes off a couple of months after the expiry.

        • Be careful freezing them too. I did that one time. In the work fridge/freezer. Whoopsie… 😁

          • +1

            @muncan: Yeah softdrink expire. Taste like crap after it expires. Happened before to me.

            • @NeoX: They expire even faster in the freezer, leaving a frozen mess! 💥

    • -1

      Coke Zero > old no sugar > new no sugar.

      seems to me they are determined to drive away drinkers of it, I find coke way too sweet and their desire to perfectly emulate real coke without the sugar means I now drink pepsi max or diet pepsi.

      • +2

        The thing is I dont know why they needed to do it, Sales seemed to be great. I would often go into a supermarket and the boxes of coke no sugar and the bottles of Coke no sugar in the fridges were sold out of low stock when there were piles and piles of normal coke. So to me that makes me think it was a good seller

    • +1

      You'll have to stick to the Caffeine Free No Sugar as that recipe will not be changed. Same with the frozen No Sugar.

      • oh thanks I will have to give that a go. You cant get that in cans tho can you? in the big multipacks

        • Only in the 10 packs. $6.50 on special at Woolies currently.

      • Thanks for the tip.

    • I tried the new "No Sugar" Coke the other day and at first I thought it tasted the same. But by the time I was halfway thru the can I could easily disgtinguish between that and normal Coke. Unfortunately for my waist all of the no sugar variations taste like crap and this is no different.

    • +20

      You're welcome to hold off for 9 months until Prime day next year, otherwise it has a smaller drop every 2 months or so.

      • +3

        I was going to buy 2 but bought 1. I think it usually drops $19ish on Black Friday sales which would be end of next month.

      • +17

        Well first I pull the ring pull with my finger to open then can, then I raise the can to my mouth and start tipping it until it begins to pour into my mouth, the rest sort of just happens automatically.

  • +2

    Thank god. been for ever since its been at this price and I was running low!

    Just a heads up for others, Amazon coke is nearly short dated and it doesn't taste the same past BB. So I personally only order what I plan on consuming in the next 3 months.

    • I got a box delivered last week, expires Mid Jan 2022.

    • +1

      not sure why you're negged lol

    • +1

      I agree, not sure about Amazon, but I can taste it is not right, I look under the can and see ahhhhh close to / past use by

    • +1

      There's definitely a taste difference most probably due to short dated stuff. I bought a 10 pack from woolies just to compare the taste and swear you can pick the either one out blindfolded.

    • Yeah as a regular drinker, you can really tell. They just taste a touch “off”. My cheapness inside me just say deal with it but a box won’t last a month at my house.

      • You have me worried now. I'm very conscious of taste differences with Coke Classic, and I've never bought coke from Amazon before.

        • Its fine, some are reporting recently getting a box dated Jan 22. So drink it by Christmas and it will be fine.

    • I've been getting from Amazon for over a year. Never had a box close to use by date. Knock on wood

  • Yessssssssssss; been waiting for a sale to try out the new zero/no sugar

    • You won't get the new one until the stock of the old ones finish

  • +1

    Just had an EarthQuake here, so weird, house was moving for 2 or 3 seconds

  • aiming for under 50c a can delivered

    • +2

      Good luck. I experienced it over 10 years ago

      • 22 June this year my last order $17.98 was 50c can or 40c after 10c refund

    • with 10c return and earn, make it 50c a can is the cheapest i've seen

    • +1

      It was $17.98 S+S from Amazon last time in June. Basically 50c a can before 10c deposit.

      • i was allowed to buy only 1 at that sale, not sure why

        • Really? Was it Prime day or something? Can't remember.

      • Yep got it twice this year on that deal

  • Thanks. Ran out from the last one

  • Finally!! Thank you. Been waiting for it to go around the $21 mark.

  • +1

    Ronaldo ruined it for me :(

    • -2

      Say no to Coke. Say yes to sexual assault (allegedly).

  • +3

    61c per can @ Woolies for the 30 pack in VIC


    • I think the woolies ones come out cheaper.
      Amazon S&S: $21.76/36=60.44 each
      Woolies: $18.05/30=60.17 each.

      • 0.6044/0.6017**

        So we're talking about one fifth of a cent per can…

        • +1

          But this is OzBargain, brah … where price is everything (and value is left at the orphanage).

      • +1

        I'd pay the .0027c per can to have it home delivered.

    • $10 for a cube of 24 this week at woolies.

  • +1

    Fanta is also on deal: Fanta Orange Soft Drink Multipack Cans, 24 x 375 ml ($14.84 with Sub & Save)

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    Bought coke no sugar last month from amazon. The item arrived with just 3 months validity. I swear they do not taste so great when it approaches or passes expiry. Normal cokes from Amazon do not have the short expiry problem. It’s only no sugar cokes. I had this experience 2–3 times.

    • +1

      …Shelf life is typically considered to be 39 weeks for regular sodas and 13 weeks for diet sodas…
      Only just googled, so the real sugars certainly extend the self-life?

      • Yes

      • -2

        Just another reason why regular coke is still the best.

    • +1

      Yep same happened to me. Mine was 3-4 months. Twice I've had to throw out a 36 pack. Just reading the comment above did not know diet sodas have shorter expiry.

      I've stopped subscribing now. Will just order when required.

      • Can confirm that in coles/woolies the expiry is better than Amazon. But Amazon is good if you consume them fast (in a month). Thanks.

  • If you can consume in a month, this is a great deal for no sugar coke.

  • Nice. Needed to reorder so this is great timing.

  • The new branding looks awesome with the black and red

    • They’ll certainly be saving money on the lack of white print.

  • NQR currently have these for $20

  • isn't this price aldi's normal every day price?

  • +1

    can i clean the toilets with this no sugar version?

    • +1

      Yes, but you will need some "mentos" to compliment the Coke No Sugar

  • +2

    i wish they sold vanilla/vanilla zero coke in big packs like this

  • 24pack for $14.80 at Coles @ $0.62 per can

  • +1

    Received my order and is good until May next year.

    • Classic or No Sugar?

      Both are back in stock.

      • +1


      • +2

        My No Sugar was shortdated. Expires in Dec.

        • Mine was mid next year as well for normal classic coke in new packaging. But recent one I brought from Coles was feb 2022. Again, I guess depends how quick you drink it. A box of 36 wouldn’t last a month in my house.

        • Mine too. I feel ripped off.

  • +1

    No sugar back in stock.

  • Used to be $17.98 on 21/6 with S&S. Pepsi Max 30 cans for $17.50 is still cheaper on Amazon at the moment and in stock!

  • coke no sugar sold out no backorders anymore possible. Get Pepsi Max 30X for 17.50 via amazon….

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