This was posted 10 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bonsoy Soy Milk 1 Litre $3.90 ($3.51 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


OzBargain's favourite soy milk is back on sale again at Amazon. Price matching Coles this time.

9/10 Update: Back in stock with a 10 cents price rise.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks op! Been waiting for this again, just ran out of my other 6 from last sale haha.

    • +1

      I know. Just in time for me as well lol

      • Solid milk for the frother for my morning coffee!

  • Thanks OP, almond has also been reduced.

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    isn't vitasoy bettter?

    • Why don't you try it and make a decision on what you like?

      Bonsoy has a nice flavour and works well with coffee without splitting (darker roast coffees) but the container is a pain in the A$$ since you need to cut it and it doesn't have a cap to seal it.

      Though for those looking for an alternative milk that is closest in consistency with Full cream when steamed Oat milk from Alternative Dairy Co Barista and Minor Figures are pretty decent.

    • No it's not :)
      Agree try it and you'll see which is the best for yourself. Depends what you like though, and price. Only worth getting it on sale.
      Been using Oat Milky instead recently, since they were $1.35

    • I prefer the taste of Sanitarium.

      Also I think the "fresh" soy milk in supermarket fridge cabinets is just long life; its marketing. You can get fresh soy milk from Asian grocers.

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    Pretty much same price past 9 months,,, having done every 2 months or so… cant beat anything else on the market for coffee

    • im sure no one will disagree with you that soy is the best milk for coffee >_<

    • +1

      Personally, I love Bonsoy with Chai - best thing ever. Coffee wise, Almond or Oat is the way to.

  • Coles currently have this at $3.70

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    If I want to buy more than 6 using S&S, do I just put 2 orders in?

    • I tried doing this and it wouldn't allow me. I'd be interested to hear if someone was about to.

      • Ah I see, I never use S&S before. That's why I asked the question.
        Thank you very much for that

      • +1

        handy to have a spare account in such instances

  • +3

    If anyone is around the Prahran area, these are $23 for a box of 6 ($3.83 each) every day of the year at Cato Fruit & Groceries. 3c per carton more than Amazon and Coles, but you're also supporting a small business!

    • Ah nice, I'm not far from there. Do you know if they stock Happy Soy Boy and if so, how much?


      • +1

        Not sure sorry! I do know they also have Bonsoy almond milk if anyone was curious

        • All g, thanks

  • Any way to buy more than 6?
    6 doesn’t cover until next time Sale

    • Maybe place two orders, or at least just get six. Doesn't seem to be on sale that often now but comes up

      • 6 limited normally for a sale like this. 6 per account

        • Oh ok, well assume you have prime so six isn't bad anyway

  • Back in stock. Grabbed 3.never try before

  • Will wait to see whether $3.35 happens again…

    • Hope so! Won't hold my breath though. Only happened once and just a few months ago. I guess it all depends on what Coles or Woolies does.

    • Got $3 once, that was a great price

  • With all due respect to Bonsoy, I can buy 2 Sanitarium soy milks for the price of the reduced Bonsoy ($1.90 each).
    Undoubtedly the most overpriced soy milk in the world.

    • +1

      Compare the ingredients, the cheaper ones are a bit nasty with soy protein isolate and other crap.. not the same % from soy beans etc.
      Agree that Bonsoy isn't cheap but it's regarded as the best/

      • -2

        It’s just soy milk after all mate there’s no reason to charge almost 5 bucks for 1 litre of milk, that’s just unacceptable

        • +2

          Read what i said and compare the ingredents :)

          Aggree, Who pays 5 bucks anyway.. $3 to $3.40 is fair

  • Anyone have an issue where no matter what happens to S&S, when you add a new S&S it used your gift card, but later months charge your CC? Also it always defaults to a different CC than what you set. No matter how many times I change the defaults it still does that.

  • This is now down to $3.51 S&S.

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