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[Switch] Blockbuster Sale (eg Mario Odyssey and Link's Awakening $53.30 each) @ Nintendo eShop


Spotted over at Vooks, sale starts Thursday 11pm AEST.

Some good savings coming up on some good titles, up to 75% discount according to the Nintendo AU tweet.

Over 300 titles apparently but only the below has been revealed so far:

Sale started, have added new notable games to the list, will add more as I see them

Title Full Price Sale Price Discount %
Super Mario Odyssey $79.95 $53.30 33%
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening $79.95 $53.30 33%
Splatoon 2 $79.95 $53.30 33%
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX $79.95 $53.30 33%
51 Worldwide Games $59.95 $41.96 33%
BioShock: The Collection $79.95 $35.98 60%
Borderlands Legendary Collection $89.95 $35.98 60%
DOOM Slayers Collection $77.95 $46.77 40%
Metro: Last Light Redux $36.95 $12.94 65%
Mortal Kombat 11 $69.95 $27.98 60%
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch $89.95 $17.99 80%
Ori and the Will of the Wisps $45.00 $29.95 35%
Overcooked Special Edition $26.00 $6.50 75%
Persona 5 Strikers $99.95 $64.96 35%
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 $54.95 $27.47 50%
Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster $69.95 $46.87 33%
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove $57.99 $43.49 25%
Sonic Mania $26.95 $13.47 50%
STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town $59.95 $35.97 40%
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt $59.99 $35.99 40%
God Eater 3 $84.95 $16.95 80%
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition $79.95 $19.95 75%
Axiom Verge $27.00 $10.80 60%
Sid Meier's Civilization VI $47.95 $14.38 70%
AI: Somnium Files $60.00 $24.00 60%
Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling $45.00 $27.00 40%
Hades $37.50 $26.25 30%
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze $79.95 $53.30 33%
Just Dance 2021 $79.95 $31.98 60%
Luigi's Mansion 3 $79.95 $53.30 33%
Monster Hunter Rise $79.95 $59.95 25%

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  • +46

    Is this real?

    Nintendo and discounts? What?

    • +85

      Not only that, but Nintendo discounts, on first party titles.

      First there was the earthquake in Melbourne, and now this.

      The end is nigh…

      • +2

        everything's coming up millhouse

    • +9

      The difference being for Sony or Steam it's usually the 60~80% discounts that only really pique my interest, whereas 33% is considered a lot for Nintendo :P

      Not going to lie, thinking of grabbing Link's Awakening myself.

      • +1

        Links awakening is pretty average.

        • +2


          Never really played any Zelda game to be honest, thought it looked like a cute little entry point and it seemed to have good reviews. Oh well.

          • +5

            @Stoibs: It's… fine.

            The visuals are nicely redone but the mechanics are lifted straight from the original Gameboy release with minimal improvements. I played it for the nostalgia and enjoyed it, but even for me it wore a bit thin about 2/3rds through.

            • @toomuchdogfur: Fair enough. Thanks!

            • +1

              @toomuchdogfur: That's a shame, I played through the GBC version recently and loved it, but I think I loved it more because of that old school charm (the graphics, chiptune music).

              Sounds like you'd just be better off emulating the GBC one then.

            • +1

              @toomuchdogfur: Can you still steal stuff from the shops?

            • @toomuchdogfur: Yeah, I agree with this. Was good, but wasn't like the first time I played it.

          • +2

            @Stoibs: It's a reskinned Game Boy game with all the mechanics that could muster given the limits of the hardware.

            If you liked things like ALttP on the SNES then you'll probably like it. Other than the performance issues I really enjoyed the game and graphics, but then I'm a fan of older games.

            • @unique452: Performance issues are overblown. The swamp only lasts like 30 seconds then it's over.

          • +3

            @Stoibs: It's great fun. Very very short though, you can beat the game in a few days

          • +9

            @Stoibs: It's a good game, don't listen to them. I loved it

            • @ONEMariachi: Reskinned though it may be, I find the orchestral soundtrack to be the most impressive thing. It is quite charming and I'm using it to fight the urge to use the internet to get through its short play time, knowing that as a kid playing it on GBC in the 90s I eventually worked it out.

          • +6

            @Stoibs: Hm. If you've never played a zelda game I wouldn't start with Link's awakening. It really is a bit basic.

            The first magic for me was Ocarina of Time (Not available on switch)

            Everyone raves about BotW but.. it lacks the classic puzzle solving (except some of the shrines) which is what I enjoy most. I was disappointed that Zelda became another 'me too' open world. Not that it didn't have some good things in the world. The weapon durability and need for kokoro seeds to get more inventory slots also made a huge mess of the early game. The number of times I had to avoid a fight because I didn't have a weapon at all…

            I'm looking forward to Skyward sword though, to see if it's got the magic. But there's certainly a risk that the games from the N64 to gamecube era have dated badly. I guess I'll see soon.

            You really need the 3ds and Wii U virtual console to play most of the zelda games.

            • @justtoreply: I half lied, I have played about an hour or so of BoTW but I didn't really like it, which is why I was looking at one of the previous entries that also seem to get rave reviews but are of this more linear/non openworld style.

              I'm keen to check out Skyward Sword Remastered one day also but it seems doubtful it would be part of this sale :/

              • @Stoibs: I'd recommend starting with skyword sword.

                But the main thing is you should buy physical instead of digital. It'll allow you to cut your losses.

                If you don't like the digital Link's awakening, you're down $53 and it might put you off trying the 3d linear world games.

                • @justtoreply: Yeah good point. I've just generally always had a digital library, but for things I'm unsure of it'd be good to resell I suppose.

                  • @Stoibs: Yep. Link's awakening is also short and like all Zelda games has no replay value. Zelda's are not good games to own digitally unless they're really long like BotW and you think your switch might get pinched from a work ute or something.

                • +1

                  @justtoreply: Skyward Sword? The literal worst Zelda game? Really? Links Awakening is a perfectly great game to start with. It's what I started with and started my whole love affair with the series.

                  • @ONEMariachi: Haven't played nor heard about SS as I missed it at time of release. But the dullsville of LA and change of direction in Botw… Man I just want early 3d Zelda. Surely SS is the closest I'll get.

                    SS can't be worse than spirit tracks. THAT was HORRID.

                    • @justtoreply: Why would you recomend a game you haven't played?

                      • @ONEMariachi: Because there's little choice on switch. Simple process of elimination:

                        2d Link's awakening - In my opinion, dullsville.
                        3d Skyward Sword
                        Open world - BotW which they said they don't like, and I agree with

                        If switch actually had OOT or Majora then you'd have a point. But it doesn't.

                        Now to reiterate - if he/she buys physical like I suggested, he/she can try both. It's not mutually exclusive nor is it going to cost much.

          • @Stoibs: I really enjoyed it. But I also just couldn’t get into BotW (tried twice), so obviously I’m the strange one…

        • +5

          Hard disagree, thoroughly enjoyed it

        • Really enjoyed it when i played the original, although that might the nostalgia talking. I never could get into the 3d zeldas. That penguin though…

      • +1

        Link's Awakening is great fun

      • Fun game with a "kawaii" animation.
        Picked it up from Harven Norman a few months ago for $49 - still cheering for getting it at that price.

  • +6

    Seems like a late April fools joke..

    • Hey, are you that guy from the Diablo Immortal reveal?

  • +10

    Blockbuster Sale

    Are they still trading ?

    • Yes.. Nintendo bought them

      • +15


        I still have 2 VHS movies I need to return to them.

        • +4

          Make sure you rewind them first.

          • +2

            @RDY4ME: Will do, as soon as i can find a VHS player.

            • +2

              @jv: I'm sure there's plenty on Facebook or Gumtree. And remember, cash only!

            • +2

              @jv: Use a pencil.

  • Is Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch actually available in Australia on the eShop?

  • +9

    yeah I have got them cheaper with physical copies.

    • +6

      Yeah, much cheaper & you can sell them :-)

    • +1

      Yeah 33% discount… for those silly enough to pay $80 for digital download when even physical is a $20 cheaper.

    • where are you getting physical copies from for so cheap?

      • +1

        sales for eb games, jb hifi, big w, even harvey norman, Amazon, gamesmen even ebay, if your hunting for bargins they come in waves at any time to the year you just need to be sharp and keep and eye on it.

        • fair enough, only bargain I got since owning the switch was Links Awakening for $49 @ Harvey Norman. Haven't been able to find anything like that again.

  • +3

    Haha 😂😂 never grabbed my switch so fast to buy Zelda, Doom and Witcher. Then I saw the "starts Thursday".

  • +6

    Chances Amazon price matches?

    • +1

      Would be nice! There's a couple I would much rather own physical copies of!

    • +1

      They don't price match digital prices.

    • +1

      Definitely prefer physical copies - can sell later on.

  • Shovel Knight is cheaper on ozgameshop in hard copy (ok $1 more with shipping)
    I know not many care about it but I loved the first one so pretty geared up for this!

    • +2

      Shovel Knight is not a good deal in this sale… has been cheaper before - https://www.dekudeals.com/items/shovel-knight-treasure-trove

      Also you know it isn't a sequel or anything right? It's the original game with added modes…

      Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope – Steel your Shovel Blade and start digging through the adventure that started it all! Jump, battle foes, and discover treasures as you quest to defeat the Order of No Quarter and their vile leader, The Enchantress.

      Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows – Prime your potions and become the maniacal alchemist Plague Knight in his adventure to brew the ultimate potion! Combine bomb parts to create custom combinations, discover new items, areas and bosses, and maybe even discover a bubbling romance.

      Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment – Summon your scythe in the prequel to Shovel Knight! Take control of Specter Knight to dash through completely redesigned levels by climbing walls, mastering a new arsenal of weapons, and slashing your foes to ribbons. Become the reaper, discover your melancholy past, and recruit the Order of No Quarter!

      Shovel Knight: King of Cards - Step into the gilded boots of King Knight in the biggest and most regal Shovel Knight game of them all! Leap, Shoulder Bash, gather new subjects, and strategize your way through this prequel in your quest to become King of Cards!

      Shovel Knight Showdown - Duel with up to 4 players locally and scramble after gems, or take control of your favorite character and dig into Story Mode! Master every move, explore a vast array of items and locales, and discover new revelations in this platform fighting game.

      • From what I can gather, the original Shovel Knight was removed and this treasure trove one replaced it, hence why it's much more expensive now.

        Good for people who haven't picked up the original game.

      • this is very disappointing news for me, guess i'll play it through again anyway!

        • My understanding is the extra content adds A LOT of extra stuff to the game, and I have the impression combined it’s longer than the base game. If you haven’t played the add ons there should be stacks of content

  • +10

    Prices aren’t that great. Most of these are old games and I prefer to buy physical copy (which have been on sale for cheaper in the past).

    • +1

      I checked DekuDeals and a few of these have been cheaper on the past for sure, but a vast majority are matching previous lows at least from my searching.

  • +2

    Still waiting for a decent discount on Ori. This is not it.

  • +8

    Would only ever recommend Mario Kart as a digital title for Nintendo

    The ease of access for a game that you will constantly go back to is unmatched.

    • I hope Mario Kart's part of the sale!

      • +3

        Don’t put the Mario before the kart.

        • But ok with Luigi?

    • +3

      I say the same for Splatoon 2 and Animal Crossing.

    • +4

      The ease of access for a game that you will constantly go back to is unmatched.


      I really wish that physical games could be downloaded completely onto the Switch so that you could switch games without having to switch cartridges. Granted there are obvious arguments about how they'd validate that you didn't just sell your physical copy after downloading it, but it's not like exactly as if it's a new problem.

      • +1

        Wish I could upvote this more than once.
        I really like having the physical copy of some games, but really don't want to faff around with changing the cartridge

  • Witcher 3 is a good deal, but I guess steam deck will make it obsolete if you can get it.

  • +3

    But Diablo 2 Resurrected is coming out tomorrow night on Switch, none of these titles would stop me from going back to Hell.

    • +2

      I hope they will release the Prime Evil Collection, too. Can't wait.

      • Agreed. I don't need this temptations the day before D2 releases.

        The prime evil collection is available for $80. Are you talking about a physical release @ken?

        • +1

          I've just tried to preorder it from nintendo eshop and it gave me an error code, so I am assuming it's not released yet….

          • @ken70657: Ohhhh right, weird.
            Hope that's sorted by the weekend!
            There's some demons that need slaying

        • +1

          Prime evil collection price has gone up to $99 post launched. FML

      • +2

        Just purchased and pre downloaded.

        Not able to play diablo 3 right now on it though…

    • Farewell cruel world! (I'll be hiding in the office)

  • FWIW, The Metro collection runs great on Switch. I can't compare it to the PS4 version (which I have, but haven't played, because it was cheap….), but Last Light at the very least feels so much better on Switch then it did on X360 when I played it there.

    • Agreed, Last Light is very smooth, stable and looks great in handheld mode. Honestly on of the best looking games on Switch.

  • +1

    Might actually get 51 Worldwide Games now!

    • That’s a lot of games.

    • I love it, fun to kill the time unfortunately I got it in the physical copy when it was cheap and wished I had the digital instead so i don't have to go swapping out the game.

    • Is this the new Action 52?

      It better have Cheetahmen.

    • that's the one im waiting for too!

  • will the L10 pro restock before deal is over?
    wanted to order but slept on it lol

    • Wrong thread?

  • +1

    51 Worldwide Games $89.95 $41.96 33%

    Something is wrong but I can't quite put my finger on it

    • +1

      Oops, that one slipped past. Updated now, thanks for pointing that out!

  • +2

    Hi op and ozbargainers.

    On my old nitendo 3ds lite i had two games I really like Anno 1401 and Sid Meiers Civilization.

    I saw I can get Sid Meiers Civilization IV, which I will.

    Now for Anno 1401, I can't see anything too interesting. Any suggestions? Northgard?

    Thank you!

  • Noob question.
    Can I use my Nintendo account and get my daughters to play my purchased games on their switch lites?
    Looking at a few of these games that they'd love and I would love to have in my library.

    • Yes, but you can't online at the same time. Digital copy might require you to online to verify you are the owner of the game.

    • +1

      Can only share between 2 devices

  • +1

    Hoping for super smash bros ultimate as part of the sale, but don't think it will.

  • Is Mortal Kombat any good on switch?

    • +1

      Not really. The graphics are quite bad even when docked. I'd avoid and play it on PS5 or PC.

  • What's the likelihood that Just Dance Unlimited sub is on sale? Any other ways to get it cheaper?

  • hoping for Katana Zero to go on sale, looks like an awesome game

  • +1

    Would not recommend Metro on Switch. Bought it during a previous sale and had a horrible experience with the poor frame rate and unresponsive controls. Not a pleasant experience.

    • Which one did you get? One of the comments above was recommending Last Light

      • The frame rate is a locked 30fps and controls are fine. Digital foundry picked it apart.

        In saying that, there's no brightness slider which sucks.

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