Trade in iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac & Receive up to $1120 Trade-in Credit Towards Your Next Apple Purchase @ Appple


Tech giant Apple has revealed how customers can get up to $1120 off the new iPhone 13, which is being released across Australia on Friday.

Apple users wanting a discount on the new iPhone 13 range can get up to $1120 off the retail price by trading in their current phone, the tech giant has revealed.

The new iPhone 13 range – which also includes the mini, Pro and Pro Max – can be pre-ordered now and bought on Friday.

The iPhone 13 mini starts at $1199 and the iPhone 13 at $1349, while the iPhone 13 Pro will cost you at least $1699 and the 13 Pro Max $1849.

However, if you own an iPhone 12 Pro Max – the top-of-the-line from the previous range – you can get up to $1120 off the new model while the iPhone 12 Pro can fetch up to $950 and the iPhone 12 $745.

Even an iPhone 7 plus, which is five years old, can knock up to $155 off the price of the iPhone 13.

The way it works, is Apple give customers a quote for what their current device is worth online (or in a store pending state restrictions).

If their trade‑in is eligible for credit, customers can put that towards a new iPhone or any other Apple product.

You can also return your trade-in using a prepaid trade‑in kit, by dropping it at a post office, arranging a courier pick-up or trading it in at an Apple Store.


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    Thx for posting but is this a deal?

    • Many people may not be aware of this option of trade-in.

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        Oh, so you agree it is information and not a bargain…

        Should be in the forums then…

        • -1

          I agree but does everyone read the forums? You may move it there if you wish.

          • +3


            I agree but does everyone read the forums?

            That's hardly the point.

            This section is for bargains, not public service announcements

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            does everyone read the forums?

            It's not about how many read the forums. It's about not clogging the deal page with PSAs that have been around for a decade.

      • +4
        1. This best case scenario belongs in forums
        2. Trade ins have been a thing for phones have been around for years. They're also lesser value.

        Its just above putting "sell your phone on eBay and get $1200" as a deal

    • +12

      Nope, can get much better prices selling the phone privately…

      • +1

        exactly, if u have apple care, just get a replacement and sell for 30% off the RRP

        • how one can get a replacement btw?

        • Huh?

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    This has been the case for a decade with iPhones and most manufacturers have similar trade-in offers to upgrade to latest tech. You will of course be offered a value far less than the market going rate but without the hassles/risks of dealing with others. It's a trade-off.

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    title is extremely misleading… and quoting

  • +6

    It's just a regular trade in? Where's the bargain part

    Like for S21 series there's a bonus for trade in so that makes it worthy of a post.

    Btw OP you don't need to neg everyone that disagrees with you. Take the advice on board for your next deal. I've counted 5 negs on this deal so OP has now run out

    • +1

      I've counted 5 negs on this deal so OP has now run out

      It’s like counting bullets in a shootout

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    iPhone 7 plus, which is five years old, can knock up to $155 off the price of the iPhone 13.

    You get more money if you sell it on ebay gumtree or fb marketplace

  • Seems like a forums kind of post… Don't see the deal

  • +2

    That article is pure churnalism. Marketing masquerading as “news”.

  • -1

    Still expensive for a phone without too much innovations at all. Boring!

  • Not a deal, yes some people are unaware of trade-ins, but this has existed forever. Not just from Apple, but also from most mobile carriers. As a matter of fact, some carrier provides bonuses to trade in which make it better than this. (e.g. Vodafone has a +$150 to iPhone 12 trade-ins). Furthermore, selling it privately yields a lot more than this, especially if you have kept your phone well.

    By your logic, here's another "deal" for Samsung buyers

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    get $1000 trade in on your $2000 phone when you upgrade to a $3000 phone

  • Misleading, no discount on RRP. No deal.

  • This is normal, they had this previously as well

  • +1

    This is handy, but it isn’t a deal. Apple has been doing trades for ages, and it’s part of the order process for the new phone.

    That “up to” trade is likely for a 12 Pro Max 512GB too, not your average iPhone XS or whatever.

  • You get more if you sell to Mazuma Mobile (as easy as Apple trade in, plus you get cash) or even private sale.

    • -3

      Quick look suggests I’d get $730 from them versus $680 from Apple. More, but not sure I would bother for a difference of less than 10%. YMMV.

  • FYI: trade in sites like usually offer more.

  • OP, I can get a better valuation / price selling my phone via an online marketplace (yes, there are risks involved if you don't take adequate protections).

    Furthermore, the trade in offer has been in place for ages. So, not a deal.
    If would have to live in a cave if you didn't know about Apple's trade in offer for most of their products.

  • this ain't a deal. this trade-in process has been around and available for years.

  • Trade in not just $1200 off for existing customers. Needs rewording

  • Title super misleading “ iPhone 13/13 Pro - $1120 off (existing iPhone 12 customers)” should have add “up to” $1120 off and iPhone 12 “range/ lineup” I own iPhone 12 and have checked right after the launch event last week at $680. I thought Apple was doing a special promotion for a second.

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    They should give extra bonus and chat coupon like Samsung trade in deal. Otherwise no deal.

  • this is no bargain. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max and this should be in the forums.

  • +1

    What a joke of a deal. Can sell on the used market for 30-40% more than the trade ins

  • This is not a deal. It's just an everyday offer with Apple that has been ongoing for years. Should be a forum post.

  • As an alternative to trading in your phone you could wipe it and donate it to domestic violence victims to escape bad situations.

  • My iPhone X is cracked, so I can spend $899 to have that repaired, then trade it in for $250, to buy a $2400 replacement.

  • I agree it's not a deal, and the trade in button is well visible in Apple's website.