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Purchase Outdoor Motion Sensor and Selected Outdoor Lights in One Bundle, Receive 30% off RRP @ Philips Hue


Buy an Outdoor Motion Sensor in the same transaction with a;
Calla Base Kit &/or;
Fuzo Pedestal &/or;
Impress Pedestal Kit &/or;
Impress Pedestal extension

and get 30% off RRP.

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  • the Philips Hue stuff that i want isnt available in Aus :(

    • Out of curiosity, what type of stuff are you talking about?

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        Philips Hue Signe Gradient White & Colour Ambiance Smart Table Light and floor lamp as well and Philips Hue Play Gradient Light Tube White 75 cm
        all in the UK

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          Am checking with Philips disti. Will update you when I hear from em.

        • Just buy them through Amazon UK

          • @abc12345: No warranty and the plugs are no designed for Aus, and im not a sparky ;)

            • @HappyJoyJoy: Amazon will sort you out with any issues.

              Just use a travel adaptor, no need for a sparky.

        • That stuff is coming, just don't know when. Hold on to your wallet when it arrives though, wooooo

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    16 million colors . All the snails in your garden will be trippin balls

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    Not a good deal. 30% discount on crazy high RRPs is poor form. Hue Calla Pedestal is $115 at Bunnings. $240 on your site.

    I feel companies such as Hue should first understand that people who visit OzBargain are not suckers. Either have something worthwhile to offer or don't post.

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      I was going to agree but thought to have a quick look at the product descs first — the one in Bunnings is an "Extension" while the one on Philips site is a "Base unit"

      FWIW to compare apples with apples, the Calla Extension on Philips (which is NOT on special) is $174.95, BUT even if it was on special ($122.50) Bunnings is still cheaper!

      • +1

        Fair enough but I would still caution anyone looking to buy these. These are regularly on special. I got a base kit with the Hue Spotlight under $100 few months ago. Add up to 7 of any Hue outdoor units to those if you like including the Calla extension. The Calla pedestals are regularly on special at Bunnings. Those RRP prices are ridiculous.

        Amazon often has great prices on Hue.

        Stay away from the Fuzo. You need a sparky for those and were selling under $60 on Amazon a while back. Got 2 sitting in original packaging.

  • What if I bundle it with indoor motion sensor, will I get 30% off too?

  • Does the motion sensor have a light on it? I was under the impression it did after looking at it in JBHIFI a few months back, but on second look now on the Philips website, it doesn't seem like it…

    • It does not.

    • No it's just a sensor, it does not function as a light