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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 128GB $949.20, 256GB $1029.20 Delivered (Using $50 Code and $200 Trade-in Bonus) @ Samsung Education


$80 more for the 256GB seems to be the better buy:

$1,279.20 - $200 trade in bonus - $50 newsletter code = $1029.20

Managed to buy one at this price, not sure if there will be an admin fee of $60 if the trade-in is not returned as someone mentioned previously, but even then it's still a good price. Newsletter code didn't come through all the emails I tried, had to contact them to request it. Managed to get a $100 EDS code from chat but it didn't want to stack, probably not compatible with the EDU store.

[Code Request Megathread] Samsung Shop Vouchers

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    how much for the fold ?

    • $300 trade in bonus

  • They no longer give out $200 code. Only $100 now

    • There is a $200 bonus via the Samsung trade up app for eligible phones.

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        I feel like the only person on OzBargain without an eligible trade-in phone.

        • Nah, they won't take my Find X2 Pro.

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            @spirrowhack: Pretty sure they won't accept my 4 year old Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact. LOL

    • They do if you have a s20 or newer device

      • Got the $200 with an S8+

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    By the way, for anyone that's interested…..Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE back in stock (white and Black)

  • I don't get it… are people adding fake trade up details, pay the $60 'not return' penalty but still end up with a $160 discount?

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      something like that someone said just tick yes i want to trade in. you get $200 off straight.

  • Is it $200 bonus + value of trade in?

    Recently seen trade in values drop a bit.

    • That's right. I was offered $200 bonus + $180 as a trade in for my pristine condition, 1.5 yr old S20. Will be selling it privately, of course.

      • Yeah except for when they have those big trade in bonuses of like $500 + the actual trade in value of your phone (whatever that is even if its a very old iPhone or Galaxy worth almost nothing), you're better off selling privately.

        I think when I took advantage of a deal last year, I traded in an iPhone 6 worth $150 or so based on eBay sales and got about $600 off the cost of my new phone because of the $500 trade in bonus.

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    Never experienced a newsletter that's so hard to subscribe to. Haha

  • I think you can also get loyalty credit for s21 and zflip range phones..

    Just need to login to online chat and request.
    I think it's $50 as well.

  • The loyalty vouchers are only for the general online store in my experience, I tried it with the Aus Post EPP and that's what they told me when it didn't work

  • FYI the chat code will not work on the EDU store and EPP store.

  • Cant decide if i should get s21 ultra or flip 3…

    • S21 ultra no doubt. You will pay almost same price for ultra after trade-in bonus and much better in daily use with more ram, great camera.

  • Ran the samsung tradeup app on my note 8. Got $65 and $500 bonus if trading for Fold3

  • That Samsung site is atrocious - I gave up waiting for a chat code and am ready to make a purchase but now the trade in code validation stopped working

    • email them for the code, you'll get it the following day. If the validation stops working it's probably due to not selecting "online" and filling in your CC details.

      • I got a trade code, but it throws out: "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment"

        On my phone using the TradeUp app, when I choose online, and capture the CC details, it says "Card validation failed. Unable to validate credit card info"

        I'd like to give up, but I can't

        • Check your card details or try another card?

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            @highon2str: I tried a different phone and it ended up working. I did drop an email to request a discount code so hoping it comes through overnight

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              @MarketersDream: good stuff, the turnaround for codes is usually a day after you email them!

              • @highon2str: If only they worked on Sat. Looks like I may need to wait till next week now to get a voucher code