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10% off Apple MacBook Air Computers + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi / Amazon AU


Apple’s thinnest and lightest notebook gets supercharged with the Apple M1 chip. Tackle your projects with the blazing-fast 8-core CPU. Take graphics-intensive apps and games to the next level with a 7-core GPU. And accelerate machine learning tasks with the 16-core Neural Engine. All with a silent, fanless design and the longest battery life ever — up to 18 hours.1 MacBook Air. Still perfectly portable. Just a lot more powerful.

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    price beat @ OW possible?

    • Yep! But you gotta be quick before the price match.

      • looks like they've already lowered it

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    Cheap from AOC Apple EDU portal and you can customized your specs and pay with the apple gift cards bought from Woolworths:


    • mate, apple store only accept max. 8 gift cards. is there anyway to get around it? thanks!

      • +1

        Did you get the $500 ones? 8×500 limit should be enough for most products.

        • I missed the promotion. but I can find only $100 one left.

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    Thoughts on how far away an M1 refresh / M2 will be? Apple's knocked it out of the park with the M1 but always wary of first gen hardware

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      MacBook Pro / iPad Pro likely to get a refresh first. I’d say the earliest would be next March, unless there’s an “Air Pro” in the October event.

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        Macbook Pros will be refreshed in the next month.

        • The 10% off is pretty standard. I would wait for the new MacBook Pro to be announced. I am waiting for January as I will buy from apple education and get free AirPods. I need to decide by then whether to get just air or pro

    • Not exactly first gen as it's an evolution of the A series SoCs.

  • got a macbook 16" last year, should i get a m1 air/pro? love the big screen for work thou

    • Why would you changed a 16” if you love it? Apple is going to announce new pro soon which might include a big screen. Maybe wait for the event next month. Be prepared to pay much more than the 13” air.

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        M1 is exceptionally faster and has 20hr battery life compared to 8hrs.
        I'm holding our for the new Pro m1x

        • ^ yea battery on the 16 is shit and also heats up super fast

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            @SS625: i used a 8gb m1, with a external screen, works great.
            It was abit slow running a VM cos it doesn't support dual boot.
            I sold it as i need a 16gb version.

            Holding out for the new Pro, they are supose to come out within a mth

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    idk if this is good or not, but the refurb for only 944 seems good, cheaper than apple's own refurb


    • Wow, that is very cheap. I wonder if it has only a little mark though, it says it can have dents?

  • Can buy gift card from Woolworths for extra 10% off

    • You can, I’m not sure if you can order online though as I think there is a limit to number of gift cards?

      • dont think so i ordered iphone online with 20 cards worked ok

  • Only issue is i need 16gb and they don't offer that model unless you order direct from Apple

    • Get apple gift cards and buy from apple education

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