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Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinder $100.95 Delivered (or $90.86 with 10% First Order Coupon) @ Bodum


Entry level Conical Burr coffee grinder. Looks like it's normally around the $120 mark in other stores.

I don't have this grinder, but it came up when I was doing research on this other coffee grinder deal and seems like a good deal.

Combine with 10% off your first order coupon to bring it $90.86 Original Coupon Deal

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  • how does this compare to the breville smart pro grinder?

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      Only offers 12 grind settings and can only grind at 20 seconds at time. The smart grinder is definitely worth the extra cost.

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    Only offers 12 grind settings and can only grind at 20 seconds at time. For espresso especially it's not really comparable with the Niche Zero.

  • The quality and consistency of the grind makes all the difference for flavour. Personally I wouldn't spend $100 on something unless I've found many others happy with this over an extended period, otherwise it's likely to be $100 wasted you could've put towards a good grinder.

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    I have tried this grinder with my Silvia and it simply doesn't grind fine enough but if all you were doing is pour overs French press and or cold brew this will do the trick but I would say it's not quite good enough for machine espresso

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    I’ve used one on daily basis for more than a year and a half now and relatively happy with it. There is some static with the ground coffee afterwards, although expected at this price I guess. The 20 sec max grind time hasn’t been an issue for me as I measure coffee beans and add to hopper for each brew, rather than strong the beans in the hopper itself. I use a French press where grind size isn’t as sensitive so YMMV for other brew methods.

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    I have this grinder and got it for circa ~$60 four or so years ago, since then I have upgraded to a Breville SGP.

    This grinder does the job for filter style coffee - think french press, aeropress and also moka pot.

    This doesn't go fine enough for proper espresso, however, having said that I used it with a deloghi with pressurized baskets and still got some pretty darn good results.

    • Second that - perfect(ly fine) for a delonghi dedica. Been using mine for 3 years as a daily grinder of decent quality beans. Also have a 1zpresso q2 hand grinder and compares well enough. Espresso/aeropress drinker exclusively.

  • My Krups burr grinder has just died and I'm looking for a new burr grinder. I think I want to step up from the cheapest of the burr grinders.

    Any advice on what to buy that's value for money? (BTW, Im using a Sunbeam EM7000 espresso machine that Ive been quite happy with.)

  • I’ve found this grinds fine enough for the ozbargain fave delonghi. Needs to be on the finest grind, definitely not perfect as there’s zero room to tweak. I find it’s sometimes a touch too fine depending on the beans, but dialing it back one notch is too far.

    Better for the pour over. Has a few issues, cuts out sometimes mid grind, long cool down period (says to leave it for 5 minutes).

    Pretty sure this is a regular price, I bought it for the same price in June.

  • Disregard this all together, at that price range get a second hand Breville SGP or new or on sale and it is a great entry level machine. This would be a waste of money for filter coffee and definitely so for espresso…

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    Bought this when it was on absolute bargain for $29 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/376902

    As others have mentioned, unless you use pressurized baskets, then the grind is just a notch or two not fine enough for espresso. If you are using pressurized, then it is fine (no puns). I used to pair it with my delonghi dedica with pressurized basket.

    If you really want espresso, then there are mods/hacks to lower the grinder to allow for finer grinds, which of course will destroy your warranty. I have done this, and use it with a non-pressurized basket through the dedica and the result is fantastic for the total price I paid for my setup.

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    Been using this Grinder for about 12 months, it does a suitable grind for my French Press. About the only complaint I have is that it is a bit on the noisy side, but overall I am happy with it.