[VIC] HP Micro SDHC Card 32GB $9.60, 64GB $16, 128GB $30.40 @ Australia Post (Diamond Creek)


Popped into my local AusPost and saw these SD cards on clearance.

  • 32gb for $9.60
  • 64gb for $16
  • 128gb for $30.40

If you're within 10kms of Diamond Creek, luck you. If not, maybe try your local post office.

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    You're probably better off waiting for one of those eBay deals for the Samsung Evo Micro SD cards instead, quite a bit cheaper.

  • 128gb $30 is not a bargain

    • it's $30-40 …. LoL

  • Whats with all the sales! I found the Toshiba 32GB Micro SD cards with adapter at my local Coles on sale for $3 each..