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[PC, Steam] Free - Battlefield 4 Soldier Shortcut Bundle DLC (Was $24.99) @ Steam


Requires base game in order to add to account.

The Battlefield 4™ Soldier Shortcut Bundle DLC is currently free on Steam. Original price is $24.99, seems like a good pickup if you do have the base game.

With the Soldier Shortcut Bundle, you get immediate access to an armory of weapons, gadgets, and specializations to give you a boost on the battlefield. The bundle includes the Assault Shortcut Kit, Engineer Shortcut Kit, Recon Shortcut Kit, and Support Shortcut Kit – no matter your class of choice, you're covered. Whether you’re new to Battlefield 4 or just want to make up for lost time, Shortcut Kits help you go toe-to-toe with Battlefield veterans by instantly unlocking powerful gear and bonuses that would otherwise be obtained through play.

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  • +6

    How come this never goes free on the Origin store?. It's so unfair because i have the game through Origin.

    • Ah so we Origin users can't get it?

    • Dammit. Got this on Origin as well.

    • It was free once (a couple of years back) on origin.

    • -1

      It's so unfair

      Yes, because the universe owes you free Origin DLC

      • +1

        The universe doesn't owe you shit but when EA gives something out for newer players, it would be nice if legacy players got the same.

    • Same!

  • +1

    No way to purchase without having the game on Steam already?

  • +1

    Yeah… I got this game with origin so cannot get this with Steam.