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Elia Grey Tie $15 (RRP $79) Delivered @ Politix


It's decent for $15. I purchased the blue one for $10 a month ago.

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  • +1

    even though this is a brand for cashed up bogans, still not a bad deal.

  • Thank god for WFH, no more formal wear required for work.

    • +2

      Who was wearing ties to work pre pandemic anyways?

  • I like the blue colour more :(

  • That's a really big tie by the looks of the metal piece

  • Very stylish,and 6cm.is the right size unless you're looking for a Blues Brothers PWT look….lol

  • Thanks. Bought one because it was on sale, no idea when I'll use it though haha

  • +1

    I have not had to wear a suit or tie for 18 months - covid does have some blessings.