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Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Brushless One Handed Reciprocating Saw Kit $219 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Been watching for a deal on the Ryobi saws for a while since I'm stuck in their ecosystem. This kit just appeared. The saw is $199 on its own. So for another $20 you are getting a ONE+ 4.0Ah Lithium Battery & 2A Charger. The battery and charger kit is $129 otherwise.

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    Is the battery HP? How much is it normally? I'm keen!

    • I too would like to know as other brushless kits with 4.0Ah seemed to be paired with this battery, but there's no information on whether it is HP, or if HP batteries are still a thing

    • Didn't know the batteries are HP. It's a normal 4.0Ah battery like in the picture. The only battery I can see that's branded HP on the Bunnings site is the 9.0Ah battery. It's the same design though as that 9.0Ah HP one with the diagonal front edge, unlike the older fully rectangular batteries (there's an older one packed with the chainsaw kit if you want to see the picture).

      • Yeh, the HP batteries have an extra connector, same as most of the brushless tools. I say most because i have the brushless chainsaw, and it doesn't have the extra connector.. I saw a review where the HP battery supposedly gave it more power, but I'm still looking for a deal on one to test it myself!

    • No its not. Just a standard battery.

    • It's just a standard battery. Not even a + one


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        Listing does say: ONE+ 4.0Ah Lithium Battery & 2A Charger

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          That's what the part number comes up with.

          One+ is the ecosystem that all the batteries fit

  • Why does it say one handed? Is the non HP version supposed to be used 2 handed?

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      This is their new reciprocating saw design that can be used with one hand. Their previous models needed two hands.

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    I own this and wow its handy in the garden and around the house! I hate saws now even more. Takes out tree roots, garden trimming of anything upto 3-4" branches. It rips through tin too, so can help out in the tool shed too or trim gutters ect. You can even run along path edges at a pinch too.

    • I thought of this for the garden but a small chainsaw isn't much more, of course it's more versatile if using it in the workshop etc.

    • This can all be done with the one blade or do you have to purchase different blades for different applications?

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        Obviously you can't cut steel with a wood-blade.

        Blades are consumables anyway - even if you did have a multi-purpose blade, you'd still need to buy more because the blades wear out.

  • Bought one recently (skin only). Pity I missed this deal.

  • What's so good about brushless? Such a markup for it vs..brushed?

    • Buy first, research later

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      A brushless motor shouldnt wear out. They're also more efficient. They also make a decent chunk power power if they're the same size.

      However, its worth looking at specs, a few ryobi tools use smaller brushless motors for equal power (or less, like in the rattle gun) than their brushed versions.

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    Perfect tool for rabbi's. Skin-only a plus!

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      Username checks out

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    Don't feel stuck in the ecosystem, if you use a few different tools it's a sunk cost fallacy (ala French submarines). I have both Ryobi and ozito, intending to pick the right tool for the job whenever I buy a new tool. But I'm yet to choose Ryobi over ozito. Also, you can buy adapters for ozito/aldi to Ryobi.

  • What are the advantages of HP over non-HP batteries?

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    So tempting.

    I've got the cheapo $50 Ozito Recip Saw and so far, it's fine for my needs.

    Cuts through branches, metal/PVC pipes, timber….

    • Do you use the original or Diablo blade?

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        OEM blades.

        Will replace once I wear them out.

    • 1.5kg for the ozito, do you reckon it'd be easy to prune branches one handed when I'm up on a ladder?

      • I use my DeWalt Pole Saw for that task.

        Reaches up to 4.5m from ground.
        Feet firmly on ground.

      • Ozito works for me one handed. Safer than a chainsaw. Do not use original blade for branches. Much faster cutting through 20 to 80cm branches with these: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/323503341810

  • For garden use is this going to be more useful than the pruning saw: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-18v-one-pruning-saw-skin-o... ?

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      My experience with recip saws for pruning around the garden is that, for thick branches they do just fine, however for small and medium sized they don't do so well as the saw ends up vibrating with the branch you are trying to cut. This resulting is the branch not cutting.

      Not owning the pruning saw, I would assume this is helped with the branch claw to help keep the branch relatively still in comparison to the blade. Which means much more effective cutting.

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    This is standard price for that kit so not a deal. It's also worth noting the full size reciprocating saw is only $50 more (admittedly without battery and charger) which has twice the stroke length and a slightly higher stroke rate so will cut considerably faster. This is only good if you can only manage a one handed tool.

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      "without battery and charger" aka without about 120$ worth of accessories - you're comparing it to something $170 more expensive. You're not wrong, but it's not a fair comparison.

      • Absolutely but on the other hand, how many people are going to be buying a reciprocating saw as their first tool so there's a fair chance they already have batteries and chargers.

    • Was debating that myself, but I decided it was a deal as this kit isn't always available. I haven't seen it in the 6 months I have been looking. Generally stock for these kits with battery are limited in supply too, until they decide to do another "special". Also you are saving $120 getting this than buying separately.

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        The reason you haven't seen it because it's new. The new HP series are only just coming into stock at Bunnings. Good price and bundle but it's not really a 'deal' since it's just it's RRP price

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    Yeah this thing is good. Get onto Amazon to get the 3tpi Diablo carbide tipped pruning blades, either 9 inch or 12inch. Beautiful.

  • I have the brushed Ryobi one bought last week ($99) and it's a great all around tool to have ! Doing a diy backyard garden beds and use it to cut 25x150mm and 35x70mm treated pine. And great too for pruning tree branches.

  • Probably worth while pointing out that if you use powerpass you will void the Ryobi 6 year warranty. Since powerpass is for 'commercial use' and Ryobi warranty states for DIY only. So not worth using it for the 1% (or whatever it is…I've forgotten… It's much less than the 5% discount anyway). Also if you have an ABN you can apply for powerpass. Don't have to be in the trade industry.

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      Powerpass discount on Ryobi is 0%.

    • Pretty sure you can contest this. I know tools that have been purchased through powerpass and some stores will replace it

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    can this tool easily remove Catalytic convertors?

    • Easily, not really.

      • I thought it would just take a few minutes with a reciprocating saw

    • Yah just use the right blade :'D

  • Anyone know what the chinese ebay batterys are like? $40 for supposed 6ah

    Bit turned off by ryobi system since batterys are so pricey

    • sure! go for it if you want them to lat 10 re-charges and always getting warm whilst charging - not worth it.

    • They're literally bulk sourced 18650 cells; so they're usually pretty OK. LiIon is much more resilient than LiPo, so even the cheap junk is usually servicable.
      If you want your dollar to be safe, but Ryobi are out of budget, I'd probably suggest AMAZON sourced batteries over eBay.
      Because that way you have a reliable refund method in case of warranty.


      Also keep an eye on the 2nd hand market, people move batteries on all the time.
      And being Lithium, if they work, then they're good. LiIon specfically don't age severely, and Ryobi has a low voltage cutoff to keep the batteries healthy anyway.
      Our pair of 5Ah batteries stripped several HUNDRED cars (no joke) over a 10 year period, before feeling like their life was 'shortening'.