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Reolink Argus 2 1080P 100% Wire-Free Battery Security Camera $88.63 Delivered @ Reolink AU


Price is unreol so decided to buy it and add on to my other reolink cameras.

Key features:
100% Wire-Free Over WiFi
Starlight Night Vision
Two-Way Audio
Live View
Rechargeable Battery
Works with Google Assistant
Works with Reolink Cloud

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  • I'm using Arlo the original one. Is this one better?

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    This is a Camera and not a wire free battery :-) Perhaps incl the word camera in title.

  • What is the pros and cons of this camera?
    How is the battery charged?

    • It's a wire-free, you have to remove it and charge via micro-usb, they also sell the outdoor rechargeable battery solar for this model.

      • Thanks. I want Only 1 rechargeable camera to put above the driveway. Is this a good purchase?

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          Yes, for this price is a good buy.

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      I have two of these set up outside my front door with the solar panels to set and forget. Good for the price, they do the job.

      Pros: easy to set up pretty much anywhere, wireless, affordable, records onto sd card, reolink warranty good.

      Cons: biggest one is that there’s noticeable lag between the motion detection and recording

  • Would it be suitable to stick inside a (very large) letterbox to detect if there's mail?

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      You could do that with a much cheaper and smaller motion sensor.

      Wyze, Samsung, Philips, Ikea, etc.

      • I was thinking that, I've got Echos and a Hue bridge but I wondered if once the mail/package were dropped inside, as it's not a human and it's not moving inside the box then the sensor might not pick up the motion? Happy to be wrong because like you said they're much cheaper!

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          PIR sensor should work fine for that even if it can't "see" the human. Obviously wouldn't be able to view what's inside but could get notified of the event.

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          Bunnings sell some pir sensors. Connects via WiFi

    • Smartthings multi-purpose sensor will work if you install on the mail flap. Detects vibration

  • Tried a few of these battery operated ones (not reolink tho). Found them a bit hit and miss with the motion activated camera.

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Reolink-Argus2E-1080p-Outdoor-Wi...

    Argus 2E with solar panel under $100 delivered. But last time I got 5 of these for $75 each

    • Did you get it when there is an AfterPay ebay sitewide promo going on?

      • Some other ebay promo was on - I dont have Afterpay

        • Okay thanks. Will keep an eye on that one.

  • I'm after something like this being wireless and all, but high framerate, at least 30fps but 60fps is preferable. Any recommendations?

  • Can you just use the camera on it's own?

  • These are decent but need a really solid connection and only support 2.4ghz. Just make sure where you put it isn't too far from the router otherwise you might end up with more notification delays and such.

  • Thanks op - I got one. I have two Reolink cameras already and have been happy with them.

  • I have one and I highly recommend the solar panel, 6 months in and the battery never discharged, always 100%, plus it has 7 days free cloud storage. I have this one for outside and the Lumus (wired) for the garage.