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Private Internet Access (VPN): 100% Cashback for New Customers @ ShopBack


Original post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/643255

I was browsing the SB website and came across this deal.

People have previously signed up and cashback tracked perfectly.

Make sure not to cancel auto-renew within the PIA settings otherwise you won't get the cashback.
(Feel free to cancel the auto-renew after you withdraw your cashback successfully)

According to the website:
2 Year Subscription + Bonus 2 Months for $98.20 (79% off, New Private Internet Access Customers)
3 Year Plan for US $79 (82% off) - New Private Internet Access VPN Customers.

Happy Sunday.

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$15 for referrer, $5 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • Anyone have any experience with this vpn?

    • +8

      I've been using it for about 5 years most nights, mostly just the windows client. Sydney server has been crap this year but otherwise it's been pretty good overall speed wise and variety of servers.

      • +1

        Same experience here. I generally toggle between Sydney and Melbourne if I notice the speeds playing up. If it gets real bad then I switch to Perth.

        Otherwise generally solid, device count is fairly generous, amount of options and features (exclude apps on Android, port forwarding, API to interact with client, etc)

        Would recommend PIA as a bang for buck vpn. That said, I'm experiencing some annoyance with shopback at the moment so that's a risk you take.

    • You wanting to use it for anything specific? Netflix US etc

      • Fair question haha. I guess maybe Netflix. Used nordvpn before and it was terrible for me towards the end of my subscription (first 2.5 years it worked really well) . Most servers didn't really work and websites kept detecting vpn and insisting it be switched off.

        Also nordvpn failed to work for YouTube premium signup

        I don't know much about vpns but I read some store logs etc. Does pia do this?

        • +2

          They have been proven to not keep logs. Not reliable with Netflix or streaming services. Their parent company (Kape) has had a checked past.

          • @cheaponos: Thanks for the info :)

          • @cheaponos: If mainly wanting to watch oversea Netflix, which vpn would you recommend? I just bought Nord and Netflix just kept detecting it.

            • @OzBed: Yeah. Netflix are quick to block servers etc. ExpressVPN or Surfshark are more reliable than others. Hit and miss though.

          • +2

            @cheaponos: That was before the takeover. The new parent company is well known to include malware in their client and to give up their clients' data faster than a prostitute gives up their clothes. Personally, I wouldn't trust PIA anymore, if you're using it for "less than proper" uses.

  • +2

    Cashrewards seem to be so much faster with cashback IMHO - see the NORD VPN deal

  • Only see 1 year plan and 3 years+2 months when going to VPN website.

  • I used PIA for the last 5-6 years and my subscription was due to run out in a few weeks time. I just signed up to the Nord VPN deal yesterday, see my comment here.

    I decided to give Nord a go because they have a few more SEA location servers which were important to me. I can't fault PIA though, they were really good and I never had any real issues with them over the years.

  • +1

    Still waiting for my cashback from July…

    • Hey @Kio, could you send me a DM with some info & your account email so I can take a look for you?

      • Any deals on surfshark?

        • @ravzter, we've got 90% Cashback for New Surfshark Customers here.

    • My cash back from 29 July is still pending - it says it will be available by 13 October. That was the first time I used ShopBack so I'm not sure whether it's normal.

      • This is perfectly normal.
        As long as you see a dollar value (e.g. $12.51 - Pending) then you'll be able to withdraw those funds by the given date.

        Send me a DM if you have any questions or need any assistance :)

  • +3

    last time it was 110 percent cash back..but only got around 85

  • I'm using PIA for a couple of months now. One of the disadvantages is that Android app drains battery on my Galaxy S10. I have to manually toggle connection to keep the app running only when I need VPN. Does anyone experience the same?

  • So I just got 3 year plan but I will get it for free after cashback?
    Do we know if this gets tracked notification in the shopback app?

    • +1

      I paid $98.20 last night for 3 years and shopback tracked only $73.51.

      would have thought i'd be free since it was 100% cashback.

      • I think that might have been for 2 years coz just paid 109 for 3 years and got cashback of 81.59 pending..
        I have nord vpn so the speed is very bad compared to nord. trying to cancel my order now.

      • Maybe GST isn't included in the cashback?

  • Just want to put it out there for those who are less informed….when you sign up for many VPN plans, they could default to “auto-subscription” unless you choose “manually” not to.

    The potential trap for this is that by the time the plan is up (normally after a year or two), you could simply “forget about it”, and that’s probably where they could get you…..

    For me it’s a rather unethical practice….but probably not illegal by any mean….

    • Can just use a credit card that you will definetly close in a year.

      • Use Zip and generate a once off card that can't be charged again.

      • just cancel auto-sus, they send renewal note month prior almost each week, had about eight in a month, I don't think you going to miss them, do you?

  • +1

    I placed an order and paid $98.20 but just received $73.78 of cashback. Even if you account for GST, I should have received more.

    Shame on you ShopBack, and your 'live' chat is always dead.

    • I believe your bank charged pretty nasty fx cut my friend
      use citi or 28degrees in the future
      its red flag if their live chat is dead :(

      • It has nothing to do with my bank at all. The price of $98.20 is exactly the same as what ShopBack is displaying as the original price on their website. So the fx thing is ruled out.

    • +1

      Hey @web50,

      Thanks for flagging this, I apologize for the error here.

      It looks like Private Internet Access set up the wrong payment rates on their end, so our system was passing on the lower tier by default.
      Our team will be uplifting all orders placed that didn't receive the 100% Cashback as advertised, and we will have that updated in your account in the next 24/48 hours at max.

      Please send me a DM if you don't see the updated rate in the next day or so.

      With regards to contacting support, I'm always here & happy to help our OzBargain community.

  • you sure? just checked dolla to local which is $1.30-$1.38 depend on the bank
    also most bank/eschrow service charges flat amount of transfer fees both ways (when they receive & pay someone), I don't think you get full refund what you just paid to them but you certainly try reaching them out to clarify your concerns, Good luck !

  • Out of interest has anyone recieved anything above 5c from that silly daily challenge game they have had for a couple months? I've scratched pretty much every one thanks to the app popping up a notification to remind me but 100% 2c & 5c so far lol
    Cheap easy to get people checking the app daily I guess but yeesh don't I get a frequent flyer bonus or something even 1x $2 and I'd feel a little satisfied after 5x rounds I think we are up to. SHOW ME THE MONEY! ;P

  • Paid AUD $109 for the 3 year plan (got charged in AUD so unlikely an issue with fx charges etc.) and shopback only tracked $81.79.. doesn't makes sense even after accounting for gst!

    • Hey @ausbuysell12,

      Thanks for flagging this.

      It looks like Private Internet Access set up the wrong payment rates on their end, so our system was passing on the lower tier by default.
      Our team will be uplifting all orders placed that didn't receive the 100% Cashback as advertised, and we will have that updated in your account in the next 24/48 hours at max.

      Please send me a DM if you don't see the updated rate in the next day or so.

      I apologize for this inconvenience.

      • Thanks for looking into this.

        Just to confirm, how much should I be expecting as cb - the receipt doesn't show any GST being charged and the amount USD $79 approx. converts to AUD $109 which is what they are advertising on their site for the 3 year plan. Don't think they are charging anything at all for GST?

        • +1

          With PIA, it should be the full amount paid ($109).
          Let me know if it doesn't come through as this amount :)

  • How does referrer get $40? As per shopback website they only get $20?

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