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Seagate Firecuda 530 1TB $301.50 Delivered, WD Black 1TB SN850 PCIe Gen4 M.2 SSD $242.10 (Sold out) @ Shopping Express


* WD Black SN850 (no Heatsink)

Cheapest price available online at time of post including shipping.

  • Update: Now sold out.

I bought this heatsink for use in my PS5 ($12.89)

Total cost including heatsink and shipping = $254.99

Note: $26.90 discount automatically applies at checkout

Seagate FireCuda 530 1TB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe M.2 (2280) SSD w/ BONUS Seagate Firecuda socks - $301.50 Delivered

PS5 SSD Comparison

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  • Showed $269.00 to me

    • Discount at checkout

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    Any deals on 2TB?

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      if you find any post them.

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        That's under spec & not a deal. I got a Samsung 2TB 980 Pro for $50 more.

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          Sure, it's under spec for PS5 but I didn't realise this was a PS5 thread? Also it's $65 dollars cheaper than the current price of a Samsung 2TB 980 Pro (with eBay Plus)

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          Any PCIE Gen 4 SSD will work in the PS5 if that is what you're talking about, even ones far worse than the one linked by Ema000, this has been proven by Digital Foundry.

        • It's not under spec though, even meets the recommended read speeds. I have the same drive and the PS5 benchmarks it as 5600 MB/s, a little over the 5500 recommended speed.

          Moved all the games to that drive and haven't had issues.

          • @animasoIa: Just cause it passes the dodgy inaccurate 5 second test on a empty SSD doesn't mean it's in spec especially when the manufacturer states 5000MB/s.

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    Very good deal.

    For any non-nerd types wondering if "its worth it"; if you have to ask, its not.

    The sn550 (blue) is much cheaper, and manages well over 1.5GBps with cache available, and still over 650MBps when cache is exhausted.
    Those numbers are hella fast for anyone who 'just games' or 'just uses their computer'.
    For a less nerdy real world reference; even at its worst, thats faster than your 'old drive' (sata) maximum theoretical throughput. Real world would have been slower. And the sn550 is beating a theoretical perfect max!

    If you need fast nvme storage for ingesting fast video or dumping databases to disk or (in my example) calculating rainbow tables: then this deal is for you.

    Very nice drive.

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      PCIe4 NVME are popular now for the PS5 since Sony released the firmware.

      So it's even for non-nerdy types, who have a PS5.

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        So it's even for non-nerdy types, who have a PS5

        Well thats an oxymoronic statement, haha. Welcome to the fold :p

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          People gaming on a console aren't necessarily nerdy types who care about the kind of stuff your post highlights, such as speeds and if it's worth it.
          People will look at what is compatible and best for the PS5 and buy it.

          Which is completely different to someone looking for a storage drive for their PC.
          They're mutually exclusive things.

          And the fold of what? Being able to look at things with a more analytical take and being able to separate "nerds" from console requirements?
          It's not an oxymoron.

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            @newjerseydamo: The fold of nerdery.
            And the oxymoron of suggesting gamers arent nerds. We all are. From my bricklayer mate, to the guy I game with who builds literal race engines; they all know how to game. We are all nerds.
            If they wanna deny they're good enough to be one of us? fine, some like being outcast. But i was giving them the benefit of the doubt.

            And suggesting consumers dont care about price and performance is ludicrous my friend.
            They're on ozbargain because they care about price.
            And the reason they'd upgrade storage is because they're sick of things taking a long time to load/redownload.

            The two metrics you state are null, are the exact use case!

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              The fold of nerdery.
              And the oxymoron of suggesting gamers arent nerds. We all are. From my bricklayer mate, to the guy I game with who builds literal race engines; they all know how to game. We are all nerds.

              Not all gamers are nerds, there's tons of people out there who play games on consoles but couldn't tell you what a terabyte is. They can't tell you the difference between a hard drive, SSD, nvme vs SATA. They don't look up/edit wikis, strive for the most optimal character builds, look up damage range falloff graphs for different guns and read detailed patch notes for every update etc. They just play games. Nothing wrong with just sitting down and smashing out some Mario Odyssey but it won't automatically make you a nerd.

              • -3

                @Agret: We can agree to disagree there; but regardless.

                The type you describe arent the type reading my post planning diy upgrades on their console, forming a purchase decision based around a pci-e generation.
                The type you describe wouldnt even know what the title of this post meant.
                So even though we disagree on who gets to be a nerd, and who's excluded; the type you describe isnt reading (or comrehending) my post.

              • @Agret: Gatekeeping, much?

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                @Agret: I agree with this. I’m nerdy. Some of my mates just have a stab at games. I notice pop up and resolution and draw distances with the resolution being dynamic. It’s different. But you probably both right. It’s on the nerdy scale.. different ends maybe.

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            @newjerseydamo: Let's just call u a ps5 enthusiast then lol

            • @Sammyboy: You dont gotta do him like that bro.

              Im sure lots of non-nerds are trawling internet forums and discussing storage based on pci-e generation….. Right?

              • @MasterScythe: The thing is… it used to be more straight forward.
                A "non-nerd" could just grab an external drive from office works and plug it in to their console to fit more games. I don't think that constitutes a nerd… but understandably that's the grey area we're arguing about.

                I consider myself a nerd (love games and work in IT), but I'm not up to date with storage
                options and performance. I'm sure there's plenty in the non-nerd category that are now forced to research a lil more than they would; never caring what pcie gen 4 ssd is and have simply run outta space on their brand new PS5.

                So i feel addressing the "non-nerds" and saying you don't need this, is a lil incorrect given the usecase above.

                • @telljoolz:

                  but understandably that's the grey area we're arguing about.

                  Agreed there.

                  The idea that someone who plays videogames, spent money on a multi hundred dollar dedicated device, would consider doing DIY electronic upgrades, could 'decipher' this deals title, and spends their time on a web forum such as this, doesnt constitute a nerd, is just something we will not see eye to eye on; but thats OK.

                  Everyones definition if their own :)

                  Back in the day when the ps3 was the cheapest bluray player, i could see normies buying them (and did!) But these days, all the people ive ever met who own a gaming console, consider themselves a gamer.

                  Im sure the exceptions exist. Genuinely. I just prefer to generalise when a large majority exists.

                  • @MasterScythe:

                    Back in the day when the ps3 was the cheapest bluray player, i could see normies buying them (and did!) But these days, all the people ive ever met who own a gaming console, consider themselves a gamer.

                    Yes, everyone who owns and plays games on a gaming console or even if you play games on mobile phone you are a gamer. Automatically assuming all gamers are nerds is just what gets me, nerds are people who are really into a hobby beyond the initial entry-level experience.

                    As another example you can go to the gym and lift and pay someone to give you a workout schedule / tell you what to eat or you can become a fitness nerd and make detailed charts of your own macros / research routines, individual muscle groups, supplements etc yourself really deep dive into the hobby. You can't say everyone who lifts on a regular routine is a fitness nerd but it's a natural progression in any hobby if you start to care about it more than surface level.

                    A nerd is someone that when you talk to them about a particular hobby can 'nerd out' and dump a ton of information on you about it in detail and discuss at length about it.

                    • @Agret:

                      Automatically assuming all gamers are nerds is just what gets me.

                      I was addressing people in this thread, not making a public address to the country or such.
                      I don't expect to find average-gym goers on a bodybuilding forum.

                      In the like;
                      I'm honestly surprised that you consider someone who has not only joined our internet forum here (I mean, forums are a nerdy pasttime in themselves IMO), but can decipher the thread title: 1TB SN850 PCIe Gen4 M.2 SSD not to have knowledge beyond the 'I play mario cart for an hour' types.

                      That's all; It's just a difference of opinion.

                      I've worked 30 years in customer service, despite being an engineer, and my personal view on 'types of people' is a lot more bias toward most not knowing technical terms like PCIe, and M.2. In my world view, that sort of knowledge requires a level of nerdery.

                      My initial post, was purely because as a datahoarder nerd, I assumed some gamer nerds, or Video nerds, might not be as up-to-date with storage tech.

                      I still deal with the public on a daily basis; I genuinely can't stress enough how much I expect the sentence "1TB SN850 PCIe Gen4 M.2 SSD" would cause blank stares.

                      That's all, I wasn't trying to give away our badge to the normies, I just try to be inclusive, but perhaps you're right; I should be more selective.

                    • @Agret: Why are you so fixated on a label? I (used to) play DnD and tabletop, was in a hardcore progression raiding guild, build my own PCs and own most consoles each generation, etc., am I a nerd? I guess so. Is someone who watches Big Bang Theory and MCU movies a nerd? I don't know, but if they consider themselves as such, then… sure. Drawing an arbitrary line in the sand between nerds and normies is pointless gatekeeping.

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      SN550 Blue was a nice drive, but now there is a bit of lottery involved due to WD basically changed the controller while using cheaper / inferior NAND. I guess it explains why it is even cheaper now. Yes, I get the argument sustained write isn't that important for general public. Another problem is, the 1TB SN500 NVMe for less than $120 is sold out now. So, unless there is another similar deal, it is hard to get very excited about that SSD.

      still over 650MBps when cache is exhausted

      Best to let people know only if you managed to get the old model. Current model, it barely beats WD Green NVMe sustained write. It ain't pretty. I don't think there is a way to tell without opening the package. Even if there is a way, are you going to waste time hunting one down?

      Also, clearly, we are seeing a lot of these PCIe gen 4 deals because of PS5. It's fine for people to opt for safer options this one of the Samsung one. It's all relative. The money you saved isn't going to be able to let you buy an iPhone 13 (nor a Samsung S21) to be honest.

      • Thats correct, I did have that slip my mind.
        But, luckily it's Amazon, so if you 'dont like it' just send it back for a refund, no questions asked.

        Australia being a smaller market is HOPEFULLY almost entirely 'old stock' locally.

        • Problem is, that's $133 (bear in mind WD Black SN750 SE @ $144 last night and this morning, which WD also did a cost cutting by using a PCIe gen 4 3rd party controller, instead of its own 8 channel PCIe gen 3 controller (the NAND once again, was inferior on the SE)). Oddly, Sony, for now, allows WD Black SN750 SE to run on PS5, despite it being below specs.

          Another question is Samsung 980 Pro, PNY CS3030, are also following WD's approach. We don't know exactly what Samsung intends to do with the newer 980 Pro, other than the controller will change. Thing is, we've seen that game being played by WD (with both SN550 Blue and SN750 SE), are we going to see another NAND swap from Samsung (PNY did it recently with CS3030).

          Get rave reviews, then release a new revision to reduce cost. Also, we seem to be basing too much on reviews. Isn't that why SN550 Blue was well liked? I remember previously, DRAMless SSDs were no no, but SN550 changed that.

          • @netsurfer:

            Oddly, Sony, for now, allows WD Black SN750 SE to run on PS5, despite it being below specs.

            The console performs a short read/write test to validate if the drive is okay or not, if the drive has a small area of fast cache then it will probably pass since it hasn't exhausted the cache area during the test and appears to be a fast drive.

            • @Agret: SN750 SE technically is not capable of 5000MB/s. The chipset used in the SSD simply isn't capable of delivering it. Anyway, it is the slowest PCIe gen 4 SSD in terms of loading PS5 games and it's slow write speed does slow down game transfer (luckily, write speed isn't something PS5 care about).

              WD did pick the chipset carefully, to ensure it won't impact SN850's market share.

            • @Agret: I think Sony did 0 fill test (for sequential read). With that type of test, these technically under spec SSDs can perform above or way above their quoted speed.

  • this runs very hot even in gen3

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    This deal is for PS5 owners sick of juggling files on/off their internal every time an update comes out. The SN850 (with heatsink) is publicly the lead system engineer's personal drive of choice in his own PS5.

    • Oh well, if that was the case, this might not really be a deal. They should go for 2TB at least IMO. Some games can easily go over 100GB and the so called update may take another 100GB. Considering the space reserved by the system, you can probably 5 or 6 of such on a 1TB drive without juggling files around when there were updates. And that does not even consider the game data saved on the drive.

      And I personally deeply doubt how much difference this can make in comparison with a low end drive can deliver maybe only 600MB/s writing in most of the cases. But yeah, if you do have the budget, then go for the best you can afford.

      • +1

        The drive is an add-on drive rather than replacing the internal drive. That means you get the 1tb internal + the 1tb addon available for use. I agree bigger is better if you can afford it though as games will only get bigger over the generation as devs move to Unreal Engine 5.

  • There is surcharge on credit card purchase, hence I checked out with zip pay.

    Do I need a heatsink if this is for desktop?
    Heard it runs hot.

    If yes, please kindly recommend a few heatsink, as OP's recommendation has approx. shipping in mid Oct.

    Thanks in advance.

    • If you have a system fan that's blowing over the drive it's probably okay without one but a heatsink is recommended otherwise.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought the linked heatsink too both for PS5. Wonder when that update will rollout though.

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    Great deal for PS5 owners and professionals. Not necessary for PC gaming as the speeds are beyond the limits of decompression and throughput without direct storage — But is a good future proofer.

  • OOS


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      $244.79 delivered from Amazon UK via AU if you have Prime @Aayush1995

      Can pay with discounted gift cards to get it slightly cheaper than this deal too.

      • Thanks mate… I have never order stuff from amazon UK what is the difference? Warranty?

        • I'm not too sure on warranty. Might be best to do a search on OzB; pretty sure there's been plenty of discussion about it before.

      • Saw it 2 weeks ago. Been eyeing on it but a bit hesistant because: 1) longer shipping time, 2) waiting for price drop, 3) Sold by Amazon UK "just launched"?

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  • Thanks, bought the WD. Also bought the linked heatsink, then saw the delivery date: 19th October!

    • +1

      It must be because you're in WA. It says that the heatsink is shipped from Australia and dispatched within 3 business days. It probably takes 2 weeks after dispatch to arrive to you from east coast to west coast through good old standard road postal freight. Australia Post is that slow interstate unless you pay for express post which this seller does not offer.

      However those in Sydney would likely get it the next day or after.

  • Thanks op. Good price…I’m just going to transfer the ps5 games to an old 1tb drive and transfer back when I want to play.

    Gives me an excuse to not start hoarding ps5 games that I am not playing and saves money too. 👍

  • Good Deal OP, I am tempted but waiting until a 2TB drops a bit. I don't see the point in putting a drive in that will fill up super quick, obviously the capacity is decent but I wanna make sure I have more than enough storage lol. Is the heatsink good? I don't know if buying a cheap heatsink would put the console/storage at risk, I know that sounds dumb but I guess I want to be extra cautious lol.

  • Hey sorry to ask this but I’ve done my own research and have been left somewhat confused. Yes it’s just a Ps5 upgrade question.

    Is either SN850 or Samsung 970 or 980 pro better? I’m probably going to get a 1 or 2 TB when they drop a little bit more. I can’t justify the cost of the console for a memory upgrade. Honestly considering getting a disc less version and just putting my ID on there 😂

    Also the OPs link is sold out but there’s this…


    Any good?

    • SN850 > Sabrent 4+ > 980 Pro > FireCuda 530 >>>> 970

      note there is only very slight difference between the first four.

      • The comparison is Wrong and not an Apple for Apple comparison, because there is speed differences between 250GB vs 500GB vs 1TB model, for example they used Samsung 980 Pro 250GB which has speed of 6400/2700Mbps read/write. the 1TB version has 7000/5000Mbps read/write.

        • Thank you seems there is a lot to picking a drive.

          I just want a 1 or 2 TB. Does this change the order from Antik?

          • +1

            @BusMan247: I think there will be little to no difference between these four (1-2 TB) for the average PS5 user. IMO get the cheapest unless you are an absolute enthusiast.

      • Thank you.

        • Samsung 970 for PS5? Neither 970 Pro nor 970 Evo Plus is accepted by PS5.

          If you cannot decide (because there is no good deal you like), I suggest you get the heatsink first. Don't get the one posted in this deal, unless you use your PS5 horizontally. That heatsink comes with zero screw. You could use rubber bands if you want I guess.

  • What’s with M.1 deals lately

    • for PS5 users

  • Still think the 2tb gigabyte aorus deal and pny cs3040 are the best for ps5 users as they were low to mid $300's all inclusive (heatsink and ssd)

    • They are, and it is likely because PS5 performs a 0 fill test on the SSDs, so they both were above the threshold (using that test). However, when tested using a default fill test (most PC benchmark tests), neither is capable of reaching the recommended read speed. Anyway, PS5 doesn't complain so we'll take it.

      Cheapest per GB (for a workable SSD), that record now belongs to WD SN750 SE 1TB ($147). Technically, it is under spec, but Richard @ DF tested it and it works. PS5 reported ~5000MB/s for that SSD (despite it is rated 3600MB/s by WD based on the controller used) guessing it benefited a lot from 0 fill test. I wonder whether more SSD makers will release low end PCIe gen 4 SSDs.

      All 3 SSDs use Phison based controller. SN750 SE uses the cheapest PCIe gen 4 controller from Phison. SN750 SE's poor sustained write speed does mean transferring games can be much slower than top ranked SN850, but that's just copying games.

  • PS5 peeps shouldn't forget about the Gigabyte Aorus 7000s 1TB as an option. Comes with a heatsink in the box too… runs cooler than the WD and Seagate but PS5 registers it >6000mbps (I have it, cant remember the number exactly)

    • How much is that one? I think $295 one is out of stock.

      • Hey mate, sorry for the late reply. I got it for $230 on the KoganxKlarna offer a while back.

  • +1

    It's pretty shitty that to add more storage to a console we have to pay for criminally overpriced Gen 4 SSDs. I'd wager all these games will run just fine on an upper-tier Gen 3 like the WD SN750 or Samsung 970 EVO.