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Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water (8x500ml) $25.20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Great price on one of my favorite tonics. This is a much sweeter tonic than traditional Indian tonic. Great for cocktails etc.

$3.15 a bottle or $6.30 per litre.

Refreshingly Light version also $25.20 but has a delay on shipping.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Cheaper at Woolies, $3 a bottle at my local.

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      You're lucky then.

      $3.15 at my woolies, but not delivered to my front door :)

      • $3.15 is currently on special too, down from a regular price of $4

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    Yeah, $3 is the lowest price according to price hipster (coles). It's great for Amazon price matching supermarkets :). Stock up lads.

  • Great deal, but both are showing as 1-2 month dispatch time for me. Guess good if you don't mind the wait

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    Wish fever tree would release a concentrate for Sodastream etc!

    Edit: actually, anyone had any luck finding one that tastes similar?

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      Try this - a bit less sweet that the fevertree but very pleasant https://tasmaniantoniccompany.com.au/Mediterranean-Tonic-Wat...

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        Cheers, that's awesome!

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        I'm also a fan of this syrup. Their other tonic syrups are stronger and can overpower some gins, but can be great for a interesting G+T (or mezcal + T) if you get all the ratios right. The soda flavours are also pretty good quality.

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      I haven't had fever tree in a while, but the Tasmanian Tonic Company does a tonic syrup that's pretty standard and delicious (their Mediterranean one).

      There's a lot of tonic syrups around these days and a bottle tends to last a while as you're just throwing a splash in.

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    Capi tonic is $39 delivered for 12x 750ml for those that missed out, with 10% off first order:

    • How does this compare to Fever Tree?

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        I find Capi tonic comparable to Fever Tree. Slightly less sweet on the finish.

  • I buy the Capi Dry tonic from dans. it has a bit less flavour so it doesn't overpower Gin flavour.